Bravo's Prime/Ether Tabs/DTH - REVEIEW!

  1. Bravo's Prime/Ether Tabs/DTH - REVEIEW!

    Well, I wasn't gonna do a log on this because when I got all my supps in I was evacuating from Hurricane Gustav. when I started I was in Austin during the evacuation of Ike. Figured it would be pointless to do a half-ass log.

    But I will give you my take on the supps while on them!
    This is a 4 week stack and I have completed a 2wk run so far.

    DTH - 4 a day! taken before and loved it.
    Ether Tabs - 5-6 a day! off on sunday. never taken
    Prime - 5 days on 2 days off type deal. never taken

    Workout routine - I was on the DC routine for 3 weeks before I started this and now I am sticking to a mon-fri type workout. one body part a week. with abs and calves more than once.

    Diet - Just a healthy diet. protien is high and cals are around 4000. taking some Xtend and whey throughout the stack.

    Weight - Up 6lb's.
    Strenght - haven 't noticed much increase.
    Stamina - Is great, especially after a DC routine and then takin some primed ultra before with my Ether Tabs. Gets me jacked.

    I have a full feeling all day. Feeling alot thicker and bigger than the weight I have actually put on. my muscles are tighter and my abs have been real tight lately. Feeling good.

    Any questions go ahead and ask. I will update soon. I give the stack a 7.5 so far!!!!!! and only half way in...


  2. Interesting...

    I planning to stack JP8, Ether Tabs, DTH, and Prime in about a month or so, so I'm interesting in finding out how this turns out.

    How are you dosing the Ether Tabs?

  3. 2 ether tabs in the am. Before breakfast. 3 tabs pre-workout with 2 primed ultra caps.

    When I workout early. Around 6am. I take 3 preworkout and 3 in the evening.

    I've been feelin great on this stack. My wife and friends notice as well. More of a bulker/recomp for me!

  4. Cool..

    I'm in on this one..

  5. well, it's day 17 and haven't seen too much change in appearance since day 13. my workouts have still been intense and my sleep has increased alot. I probably need to increase my cals. because this is starting to become more of a recomp than a bulker but that's still fine by me.

  6. Weight - staying around a 6lb gain although i feel and look like 10-12lb gain.
    Stamina - absolutely great.
    Focus - damn good when I hit the gym.
    strength - haven't noticed much of an increase still.

    Im still takin the supps the same way. Although I did skip my primed ultra yesterday (Arms routine) and I took some VPX NO Shotgun v3 pack pre-workout and I took the Synthesize during and after my workout. Add that to my Ether tabs and WOW. My pump was huge. Not as much energy as with the primed ultra, but for sure a huge pump. Fixin to hit he gym now for a leg day. I'll keep you posted on the results.

    Overall - so far still graded @ about a 7.5. If my strength were to increase I could give this an 8 to 8.5 but holdin steady @ the current spot.

  7. Well i'm beginning week 4 and I feel as if I have gotten the best that I am going to get out of this 4 week stack. My weight has gone up 2 more lbs. but i feel most of it is just due to my calorie intake and not as much the supps.

    weight - up 2 more lbs from 5 days ago!
    strength - no increase noted.
    stamina - Oh yeah! Up, Up
    size - Increased quick for me, but now staying steady.
    intensity in gym - really great!D
    Pump I get in gym and throughout the day is rediculous. i feel great workin out while on this stack.

    We will see how the next few days go and i will report.
    I did chest today and it was a great one. Felt huge during it. even just after my second set of flat bench I felt tight and muscles swelling.

  8. Odd that you haven't been noticing much of a strength increase with all the weight gain. Overall it's been what, almost 8 lbs?

  9. Yeah, i mean I can't understand it. I wanna question my workout routine, but **** i'm pushin till failure and gettin blowed up. no little routines either.

    I would say i've noticed about 10 lbs. total in my lifts maybe.
    I don't max out which might be what i need to do, but i can tell when i start my routine where i'm at usually. and I would say total weight has been around 7-8lbs. that's about right.

  10. Today was leg day for me! I had the best leg workout in about 2 months. slowly increasing the weight for me since my lower back problem, but it was a great one. Jumped on the scale today and I am stayin steady @ an 8lb increase. Not bad actually. The prime probably does need to be run for about 6-8 weeks. I am feeling alot tighter than before and i have lost a pretty good amount of fat in my abdomen area. Didn't sleep to good last night, which is the first night since on this stack. everything is pretty much the same for me on this one. I have till Friday until I am done so I will give you guys the final verdict. thanks.


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