Hey guys, I am a forum regular and company rep for neogenix over at bodybuilding.com and I had a great time with some PEA... just wanted to share my experience over here as well

ACONRAD00 reviews PEA by Unique Nutrition!

Okay so I was gonna do a review the standard way, but I?ll just write out the highlights because I think that?s the best way to review this non-traditional ?supplement?

1 ? It?s a great pre-workout enhancer! I took it primarily pre-workout (1000-2000mg) with 2 scoops of cryoshock and I think it REALLY enhanced my mind-muscle connection. I took it solo many times before a leg workout (where stims make me feel sick) and really enjoyed the pick-me-up that I normally lack on leg day!

2 - I think this really would be an excellent replacement for a stimulant pre-workout supplement as it almost has a stimulant type effect with intense focus and great concentration. Perhaps PEA coupled with a bcaa/beta alanine drink would be a great combination for someone looking to cycle off of stimulants.

3 ? Be careful with your dosages and remember that an empty stomach is key! I felt nothing at all taking 2000mg an hour after eating but felt 1000mg on a completely empty stomach. Also, 2500mg made me feel sick to my stomach while I never had any adverse reactions to 2000mg. The magic dose was between 1000-2000mg.

4 ? This mixes fantastically. Some things I experimented with: L-Theanine, Yellow Neuphoria, PowerFULL, nicotine, cryoshock!

I enjoy a cigar once in a while and PEA really enhanced and elongated (no homo) my smokers high which normally lasts around 10 minutes.

2000mg l-theanine, 2000mg PEA, and 2 caps either Yellow Neuphoria or PowerFULL led to a full body high that lasted about an hour. I took it post workout before work once and it was really interested to be so calm, alert, and FUZZY while at work. Eating dissipated this feeling within a few minutes.

2000mg + 2 scoops cryoshock (or another LIGHT preworkout (in terms of calories)) --- I love PEA + stim pre-workout as it really gets me going and I get lost in my workouts.

5 ? Cost/ratio ? 120 capsules lasts a LONG time and it really is worth the money if u have a few bucks to drop on something a little bit different.

---- OVERVIEW ----

is it going to add on any significant amount of muscle mass? NO way. Is it something fun to experiment with and add to a cognitive cocktail or pre-workout blend? You bet!

I recommend 4/5 --- very interesting and exciting, although REMEMBER THAT THE EMPTY STOMACH IS CRITICAL! I keep it away from 5/5 because I am always eating and it was hard to find a time when I wasn?t a complete empty stomach. VERY NICE!

Here are two observations from my log:

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dosage --- 2000mg PEA, 2000mg l-theanine, 2 caps yellow neuph

effects --- I took this on a very empty stomach (post cardio) on my way to work with 16oz of water, and literally had a full body high as I got there! I can honestly say I never feel much from l-theanine and yellow neuphoria solo, so it most definately had to have been the PEA. I had a buzzing feeling on my face and arms and I felt like I was able read what people were saying in their face more then ive ever been able to before. I was sitting in the breakroom making food and talking to people and it was funny the way I focused on one person at a time, instead of just randomly talking to everybody at once. Hard to explain. I felt kind of relaxed, definately alert and no drowsiness or anything. Anyways, the buzzing went away as soon as I began to eat, but the focus remained for a little bit into my shift. we were slow at the beginning so hard to tell about concentration, mental alertness and how it effected my work shift.

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6/13 --- third dose - PREWORKOUT BABY

dosage - 1500mg 45 minutes preworkout (along with 1 scoop cryoshock, 1 cap powerFULL, 1 cap velocity xt)

effects - I literally had the most intense workout of my life! My mind-muscle connection was off the charts, I was so engaged in my own workout that I had to stop about 20 minutes in and just sit there and catch my breath. Drenched in sweat, muscles engorged, GREAT workout. I usually have a hard time feeling only one muscle working at the end of my arm workout (single arm pushdowns, cable curls, etc)... but i was able to get exactly what muscles i wanted to hit... unusual but wicked

NOTES - taking PEA before a workout increases mind muscle connection, and is a sweet addition to a preworkout supp.... I'll try it solo tomorrow on leg day where i dont normally take a stim preworkout