The last 4 years as being a Biochemistry undergrad and a pre-med hopefull has taken me out of the gym. I went from bench pressing 375 and being at a weight of about 198 lbs, back to a sickly 158. Which for a 5'7" isnt horrible, but this new skinny me is really irritating. After having the mass before, you start to miss it. Ergo, I am going to kickstart my gains with an all out bombardment of changes.

1) Get back in the gym 3 days a week
2) Ramp up calories
3) A new supplement Protocol

Workouts will be as follows

Monday : Shoulders, Low Back, Bis

Wednesday : Calves, Quads, Hams

Friday : Chest, Lats, Tris

The workouts will consist of about 8-10 working sets per body-part and a rep range of 8-12, taking each to failure. I will also be incorporating X-reps for increased intensity.

My diet will be based on what is going on visually and on the scale. I will start with my protein levels at 1.81 grams per pound of body weight. Also I am one those people who only eats organic foods, so everything I consume with the exception of my supplements will be organically grown.

Protein: 275 grams
Carbohydrates: 300 grams
Fats: 60 grams

After this baseline I will add or subtract calories based on changes already stated. I would really like this to be a lean bulk. Keeping my bodyfat less than or equal to 10-12 percent.

Proteins will come from a variety of sources to ensure a proper distribution of amino acid residues.

Carbohydrates other than post - workout will be low glycemic index carbohydrates.

Fats will try to be mono and polyunsaturated. Consisting of Omega 3, 6 Fatty acids.

As for supplementation I thew together a stack. Feel free to criticize, I will respect your opinions and make adjustments based on a combination of our ideas. I am never be arrogant ignore good advice, especially from iron warriors like yourselves.

Muscle Link Profusion
Muscle Link RecoverX
German American Technologies Glutamine Peptides
Gaspari Plasma Jet
VPX N.O. Synthesize
ErgoPharm 6-0X0
Whole Food Multi Vitamin

The reason I picked the Protein supplements I did, was because after reading "Building the Perfect Beast" he stressed the importance of taking between 50-100 grams of Glutamine Peptides. I also bought lbs of Wheat Flour that I will be using as a source of Glutamine Peptides.

As of right now I weight 158 lbs.
Arms (cold) 14.5"
Chest (cold) 41"
Waist (morning) 30"
Calves 14.5"

My goals for this first month may seem a little high. However I am just getting back into it and I know gains come back faster when you first start up again.

I would in my first month of lifting eating and supplementing to gain:

5lbs of LBM
1 inch on all previously measured body parts with the exception of my waist.

So, my supplements should all be here HOPEFULLY by Monday 29th, so I will plan on starting this protocol then.

Comments are welcomed, in fact encouraged. I am eager to take advice from you all.