P-Plex Log (First Timer)

  1. P-Plex Log (First Timer)

    Tommorow is my big day.
    Beginning of the Pheraphlex cycle.

    Heres how its going be.

    195 Lbs

    Saw Palmetto 800mg a day
    Hawthorne Berry
    Multi Vit

    On Cycle:
    P-Plex dosing
    Days 1-5: 15mg
    Days 6-21: 30mg
    From Then On I'll See How The Progress Is.

    post cycle therapy - Nolva 20/10/10 with 6oxo.

    Additional supps:
    Whey - 200gr a day
    Fish oil - 4-6gr
    And E-Form On Hand

    Tell me how it looks, anything else i need

  2. izza:

  3. agreed, food would be a good idea, before cycle. how long you been working out for? age?

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