BiggerGeek to LeanerGeek - Levi/DCP/Napalm

  1. BiggerGeek to LeanerGeek - Levi/DCP/Napalm

    The supplements: (am/mid/preworkout/pm)

    DCP (2,2,3,1)
    Leviathan (2,2,2,0)
    Tea-GCG (1,1,1,0)

    already on:
    CLA Ethyl Ester (4,0,0,4)
    1-carboxy (0/0/1 gram/2 grams)
    Naplam + clen twice a day alternating weeks with normal napalm
    citrulline malate 15g/day
    beta-alanine 10g/day
    creatine mono 5g/day
    sesamin (1.25 ml am and pm)

    Duration of cut: 60 days


    Not gonna get real specific right now, maybe when I have more time...
    Weight days 50/20/30
    cardio/off days 50/10/40
    2500 cals/day

    I know the protein is kinda high but oh well....I'll adjust if I need. All the carbs are coming from veggies except pwo on weight days....if weight loss stalls I will adjust those carbs as needed.


    3 days of the following format - 2 lifts of 5x5 supersetting antagonist muscle groups with 1.25 minute rest between sets followed by circuit training. All the circuits are crazy combo lifts...chad waterburry style. Followed by some HIIT

    3 days of steady state cardio - half an hour for now. I also may do some arm work (since I have no direct arm work in my weight days) + some core...these days will depend on my energy as the diet progresses...but definitely cardio

    6 days a week of fasted low intensity cardio.

    Starting stats:

    (this is actually transitioning into the diet for one week, and one week of the above training)
    age: 24
    weight: 195.4
    Waist: 33 inches (ouch...that went up since last time I check)

    I have some cheapo plastic calipers...I did a three point reading myself and it put me at 13.5% BF. Don't know how accurate that is but at least it will help me judge my progress. Waist to neck ratio puts me at 13% BF so........

    Day 1:
    weight 195.4:
    Started with 1 Levi x3 a day... can't say it really effected me much. I was a little sweaty throughout the day....but I am usually like that.
    I also decided to start the naplam with clen right off the bat. I can always buy another bottle to make it last the 60 days.

    It makes my tummy feel all cold. I only added 15 ml of 200 mcg/ml clen to the bottle. I didn't have a spare empty bottle so that is all that could fit.. I don't think adding more would be a good idea though because it is already very liquidy.

    Did 30 minute walk this morning + weight training in the afternoon. Felt good all day. My energy is not down...but I do get hungry. I am such a fat ass.

    Day 2:
    Just got back from my 40 minute walk. Took 2 levi this morning. Felt good, but nothing special. I am not truly expecting to feel all that much, but we will let the fatloss decide.

    After eating my eggs I jumped on the scale (I can't resists....I do this compulsively ever since I bought a scale a week ago). weight 194.0 after eating eggs and drinking water....I guess I am still depleting my glycogen stores. More to come....hopefully pics too.

  2. so I know I shouldn't be jumping on the scale every day....but I just weighed in at 193 after my shower.....

    Did 45 minutes of cardio today. I took some geranium today....think I'm gonna lay off other stims for awhile. I was running and I checked my heart rate. 180. Even with a fast walk it wouldn't drop below 150....

    Took 6 levi today. I don't figure that would affect my heart rate though? Other than that, I felt fine

  3. I'm following.
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  4. Good luck with the weight loss.

  5. So I think the million dollar question here is: Were did you get your hands on DCP?

  6. NP was out, so I checked bulk nutrition.... Bingo....but they are out now.

    AM weigh in: 190.4

    skipped cardio this morning as I over slept. I was dead tired yesterday. Went to bed at 10:00 and woke up at 9:00. Being that I woke up so late I don't wanna push my meal schedule all out of wack and end up having to stay up late.

    So, two weeks ago I was about 200. I guess the water weight should be just about done?

  7. looks like DCP will be shipping today. I just might have a case at the Olympia as well.
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    Flawless Skin Couture - We give you the tools to make you Flawless

  8. Is it the Levi that is making my heart beat so hard. I feel fine, but I can feel my heart beating in my chest. At least I know it's still kicking....

    But seriously? No other stims this morning, just 2 Levi, 2 DCP and 1 Tea-GCG

  9. Quote Originally Posted by BiggerGeek View Post
    Is it the Levi that is making my heart beat so hard. I feel fine, but I can feel my heart beating in my chest. At least I know it's still kicking....

    But seriously? No other stims this morning, just 2 Levi, 2 DCP and 1 Tea-GCG
    It's a combination of the leviathan and green tea (green tea inhibits the breakdown of adrenaline\noradrenaline.)
    Evolutionary Muse - Inspire to Evolve
    Flawless Skin Couture - We give you the tools to make you Flawless

  10. so. any update on when that DCP will be in?...

    Looks like my weight leveled out. 191.0 this morning.

  11. Should be in Friday.

  12. subbed, is this log still going to happen?

  13. haha. sorry. I kinda forgot about it.

    Last thursday I weighted in at 188. Then by Sunday it had gone back up to 190. In response I dropped calories down to 2200.

    I also went up to 9 levi and 12 dcp a day. I couldn't really feel any side effects (good thing?) so I decided to bump it up so assess tolerance. Still don't feel anything, but I guess that is a good thing.

    My stomach does apprear to be leaning out, and my legs feel leaner (haven't really closely inspected them). My chest is starting to show cuts again.

    Despite this, my weight seems to be going back up. This morning I weighed in at 193. Not sure what is going on here.

    I had cut out the morning cardio, that way I would have something to progress into. It seems now would be the time to do it.

    It is strange how well my workouts are coming on 2100 calories. I am hungery much fo the day, but my energy is fine.

    I am starting to think I cut calories too much to fast. In order to give my metabolism a bit of a boost, I think I will raise calories on workout days (via additional carbs PWO).

    Also, I didn't mention it I guess, but I changed my workout style. I felt I was loosing muscle via the previous method. Now I do two days of strength and two days of lactic acid training + steady state cardio.

    This week I also included steady state cardio on the strength days.

  14. You started you run yet orange?

  15. nvm, just read you post

  16. I saw a post from another member that kept his weight (or gained some I think) while using DCP, but he also leaned out too.

    honestly I am more interested in what the mirror has to say than the scale when i comes to weight loss, I would much rather go from 200 to 200 and and be leaner, then go from 200 to 185 and be leaner. Also the levi should help preserve or gain muscle while running this too.

    When I do take this stack for a run I plan to switch to a basic carb cycling diet, that has worked very well for me solo in the past.

  17. oh, and are you still going to have before/after pics in the final review?

  18. yeah, i have pics. I'll post both up together at the end of this week.

  19. Pics!?!?! Pics!?!?! Pics!?!?!

    I am really interested in seeing what this stack can do!

  20. no pics?


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