Supp all, Here's a review on the Pump/Shock comparo....finally.

I'm an avid animal user and currently using the following:


Meals: Same daily, preset Macro's, based on 1:1:1
W/O's: Push/Legs/Pull, 4th day is usually lagging body part.

I have had great gains with the products I'm currently using and wanted to try the Universal version of creatine "Shock Therapy" I have been only using nitro and pump on w/o days which was usually 2-4 times a week, depending on my job. As suggested, to be fair to shock therapy, I stopped my pump use for a week prior to the shock therapy. So lets get to it.

The first week I decided to go with the shock therapy to try something different. First w/o: Same lifts, same pump, but I seemed to not have the same energy that I normally do with Pump. So I pressed on, using the shock for the 5 days of the week, even though I'm not working out. Made nice gains during the week, so I could tell it was working properly as most creatines do. Second w/o day, still same pump but I noticed that the energy was a little better today. It wasn't as good as pump yet but it was getting there. Third w/o day, same pump/energy as 2nd w/o day. Over all I was impressed with the Shock Therapy. Energy was down as stated but it was close to my experience with Pump. Now on to Pump.
My w/o's were back to normal, good energy, good pump, so refreshing to be back with pump. I got so used to this energy that I kinda got turned down with Shock. So w/o #2, energy better than w/o #1, great pump as well. I just feel revved up to press anything with this pump. So, on to a third w/o and energy was the same as #2, great pumps as well. I feel alive again.

The problem with most creatines that I have found over time is the bloating, you lose most of your size you gained once you go off of that supp. I've used alot of the diff creatines and since the discovery of animal/universal supps, I've never looked back. Plus with pump, I don't have to worry about drinking something else before my w/o. Since I drink my meal pre w/o and drink OJ with pump and water with nitro pre w/o, I don't need something else, powder wise to mix up.

I work 10+ hrs a day in the AZ heat, so something that I can take, give me the energy I need and not keep me up after the w/o for hours and hours since I need my sleep is great to have. Pump doesn't give me the bloat, nor did Shock Therapy. They both gave me energy but pump was a little better, since I need alot of energy, I'd say its perfect for me. I think if you have a 9-5 job or something to that sort, shock therapy would be good for you, pump may be a little extreme for most.

So in closing, I will stick with Pump.

Shock Therapy: Good pumps, ok energy/focus
Pump: Good to great pumps, Great energy/focus