Hyperdrol X2/MASS FX LOG!!!! Non-Sponsored.

  1. Hyperdrol X2/MASS FX LOG!!!! Non-Sponsored.

    I started this cycle two weeks ago. MY stats are:
    20 y/o
    3+ yrs lifting

    I worked my way up from 4 Hyperdrols and 2 MFX per day to 4 of each now. Dosing is spread throughout the day.

    I wont go into the workout details unless someone really wants to know, but it all compound lifts and just a tad of iso. when I feel like it.

    Clean Bulk diet at about 3250cals a day...no cardio.

    8 weeker, hoping to get between 193-195 with same BF and increased strength.

    Up 1.5 lbs to 191.5lbs. Increased strength by 5-10 lbs a week on compound lifts.

    Increased acne (not too much), anxiety, and some nausea when taking the doses.

    I will update weekly, let me know if there is any other info. you want or have any questions....this is my first log.
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  2. in my experience massfx need to be at 6caps a day 4 of which being before w.o. to be at best. ohh btw u mix plasma jet also with this convo ur pumps will be massive alil bit higher then s-drol. i bruised 2 spots on my arms badly from the pump i had that day thats how pumped they were.... i loved it

  3. mfx

    its the Mass Fx Maximum strength, were you using the regular one?

  4. i used the new one.
    it was ridicules my strenght went way up for one day while on that combo im surpised no1 else tried this. ahh im sure it was higher then sd pump way higher....
  5. week 3

    Week 3:

    My weight is up to 192.5lbs now. I am excited and worried at the same time, I don't look fatter but that's a lot of weight for a week. We'll see what next week brings.

    Strengh is good. I have matched all of my previous PR's. The strength gains are starting to slow down though.

    The acne is the same and the anxiety has decreased a little.

  6. 3-4 lbs in about 3 wks is good
    its not superdrol so you got nothing to worry about.
    i doubts its fat could be multiple things included muscle, glycogen etc etc. i doubt its fat. but hey its good results for a natty supp.
    i did a cycle of 6 wks i gained 7lbs halo 100mg/epi 40mg but i lost SOOOO much weight and it was mostly muscle gained. so you know lesson here is its not always the weight gained that matters its how you look after. i seen pics of ppl on here gaining 18lbs and they still look like ****, no offence to any1. so yah just pay attention to your own image.
    off topic no im using 75mg EC (ephedra based product) with hyperdrol x2 im cuttin alot of fat mixed with cardio. try it on a cut cycle its goodl
  7. insight

    Thanks for your insight so far Jay.

  8. np man anytime
  9. Update!

    I havent updated in a couple weeks but here we go: Week 6

    Strength is still going up, but slowing. Acne is still above normal. Anxiety has settled from the first couple weeks.

    Weight : 193.5lbs (Up 3.5lbs from start)

    Bf seems to be about the same or up slightly.

    +1/4 inch on arms

    I'll make the rest of the measurements when the cycle is done and I'll let you know. I was just curious about the arms today.

    So far I am enjoying the cycle.
  10. Update

    Alright some updates: 7th week

    Strength is still increasing.

    Acne has lessened.

    Week 6 i had worked my way up to 194.8lbs (+4.8lbs) (193.6lbs the week before)

    Week 7 my weight is 192.2lbs wtf? innacurate scale/dehydration etc.

    I feel good on this supplement and i feel it's worth it so far.

    BF I feel is about the same or slightly decreased from the start.

  11. Nice job, man. Keep up the great work.
    Athletic Xtreme Rep
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  12. Final Review

    I just finished my 8 week run of MASSFX/Hyperdrol X2. I am now going to take a much needed week off.


    Final weight of 195.0lbs (+5lbs from start)

    BF stayed the same.

    Waist dropped .15in

    Arms grew .25in

    Chest Grew 1.0in

    The other measurements stayed about the same.

    Strength increases were great throughout the cycle.


    Increased acne

    Anxiety at the beginning

    Immune system suppression??? Got sick twice within a couple weeks toward the end of the cycle. Last time I got sick was 2-3years ago.


    It is well worth it. Expect to put on more lean mass than you could naturally and still stay lean. Dosing at 4caps of each per day. Don't expect steroid-like gains because this is not. My only other cycle before this was XFACTOR and I say the gains are about the same or a little better.

    Going back to a simple creatine/protein cycle for the next 8 weeks. Next cycle is an 8 weeker of JW. Keep an eye out.

  13. Nice job man.

    Yeah, there's a tendency to get sick more easily when on prohormones and some test boosters.

    I sometimes wonder if it means more proteins are being used to build muscle, that there isn't as much left over to make antibodies and WBC's.
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  14. moved my original post to thread named Hyper 2, I thought it was more appropriate.


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