dienedrone cycle

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  1. Wink dienedrone cycle

    i will be starting a dienedrone cycle + hawthorn berries + omega 3 purified and reversitol for my pct.. any suggestions on how to dose hawthorn berries/omega 3/ reversitol (for pct)
    also, any suggestions on if this is a good first ph cycle and will it give good results? thanks guys

  2. bump please

  3. bump again =\

  4. Great first PH cycle... be over 21

  5. heh i'm 20 but my body can tolerate alot

  6. i will be stacking it with furazadrol

  7. First cycle? Stack? Under 21? Sounds like a winning combo to me. You are 5'9" and 195 lbs, if the bodyfat is lean then you seem to be doing pretty well naturally. Take a little more time with the natural test. See what you can do :-D
    Always open light. Itís not what you open with, itís what you finish with. Louie Simmons

  8. yeah my body fat is lean, i'm overweight at all, no where near it.. not like i have a 6 pack though either

  9. i'm not* overweight at all

  10. bud, for a first cycle, stick to 1 compound. You'll gain like nobodies business with 1, and you'll be able to know how it affects you for possible stacks down the road.

  11. yeah i'd have to agree... i have everything set up, everything bought everything organized and down to buisness. got 4-AD, furazadrol and dienedrone. i would love to stick to which ever one out of them is the best, but i would also be extremely pissed off if i wasn't too happy with the results. i wanna look good

  12. You will be happy buddy. Especially with a first cycle. So long as your diet is on target, and your training is on target, as well as consistent.. Oh, and as long as you're not hopelessly fatty to begin with, you should do/look quite well.

  13. so what are your suggestions? and no, i'm 5'9, very stocky and broad with a natural build to begin with. i dont have a six pack but im not fat or have a gut really at all.

  14. week 1: 50mg dien(pre-workout) 50mg furz(30 min before bed)
    week 2: 50mg dien(morn) 50mg dien(pre-workout) 50mg furz(30 min before bed)
    week 3: 50mg dien(morn) 50mg dien/50mg furz(pre-workout) 50mg furze (30 min before bed)
    week 4: 50mg dien(morn) 50mg dien(noon) 50mg dien/50mg furz(pre-workout) 50mg furz(30 min before bed)

    Week3 2caps preworkout
    Week4 2caps morning/preworkout

    1500mg suma a day
    1 (prewrk) bacopa
    150mg hawthorn weeks 1-2
    300mg hawthorn weeks 3-4(spread out)
    4000mg omega 3 a day(spread out)

    Reversitol along with continued use of support suppliments.

    This is how i organized everything. Since u said stick to 1, i'm not sure what to, maybe i should lookinto h-drol then? I don't know now?

  15. Why don't you do a solo run of the furaz and see how you react with that. Read some logs on here about the dosing(mostly high) and lean out a little with it. Do the mild PCT for that, learn how you react to that PCT and then if happy so far, move up to others. But I still think you have a couple of good years of natural growth in you!!
    Always open light. Itís not what you open with, itís what you finish with. Louie Simmons

  16. Yeah man, just stick to one compound for your first run. If you are absolutely set on stacking though. 4 AD and dienedrone should do you fine. No need for the furaz. You can save it for later.

  17. yeah azmidlyf i agree with you i do build muscle naturally quite well.. but... i'm such an angry impatient person and i have someone to show what they are missin.. ozark, 4-AD and dienedrone should be fine then? should i keep the dienedrone dose the same and how should i dose the 4-AD?

  18. Well, first, is it AMS 4AD?

  19. I would guess they are both AMS since the dienedrone was 50mg.
    Always open light. Itís not what you open with, itís what you finish with. Louie Simmons

  20. Quote Originally Posted by AZMIDLYF View Post
    I would guess they are both AMS since the dienedrone was 50mg.
    Good call.

    To the OP,

    I'd dose 100mg per day of Dienedrone. So, 1 cap with your second meal of the day, and one with a meal around 6 hours later. Dose the 4AD according to label directions.

  21. heh, so there isn't a pre-work out dose or anything like that? that you would recommend anyway. im just looking for maximum results but if that will give it to me, ill take that into consideration. i just hope they work, and i should still grab the reversitol for pct huh? stupid question but that doesn't really seem like a harsh stack unless you think differently.

  22. Honestly, I think Reversitol would be fine. No pre-workout dose, it's not really necessary.

  23. alright, sounded like the dien and furz woulda been hell of a stack but if 4-AD and dien is gonna be hell of a stack then ill do that, i just don't wanna be disappointed you know? id like to gain at least 10-15lbs of nice lean mass/size. thats what im looking to do anyway, and yeah my training is quite intense and my diet is good.

  24. Maybe start first week at one dose of dienedrone then ramp up accordingly from that? Possibly have p-5-p on hand for any prolactin sides, serm on hand incase??
    Always open light. Itís not what you open with, itís what you finish with. Louie Simmons

  25. heh, money is an issure as i've spent the last of it on support supps and reversitol. and i have no job so buying anything else is really out of the question. reversitol is a serm and test booster which is why i chose that, but whats p5p? and yeah i see what ur saying


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