MC's Journey into the ABYSS

  1. Lightbulb MC's Journey into the ABYSS

    Abyss™ Deep Sleep Formula

    They have done it again. The guys over at Nimbus Nutrition keep coming up with ways to impress us all. Their latest development is meant to tackle an issue that all of us, especially the intense athlete, struggle with frequently…
    Sleep… or actually the lack there of.

    Nimbus Nutrition’s newest product Abyss™ is another great development using the same principal that all of their supplements have been created with, “Simple yet Synergistic”. Nimbus has taken proven sleep producing compounds such as L-Tryptophan, GABA and Phenibut and combined them with key vitamin and mineral combinations such as Magnesium, Zinc, B-6 and the only active form of B-12 in the Central Nervous System AND neurological pathways…Methycobalamin. Nimbus Nutrition as assembled these proven ingredients, in very specific proportions to create the ultimate sleep aid that will redefine the term “Deep Sleep”. Welcome to the ABYSS™!

    This 3 part sequence of; falling asleep, staying asleep and maximizing the benefits of REM during your sleep cycle, once again pushes the limits of supplement efficiency. The tremendous benefits are even amplified when you consider that Abyss™ requires no prescription, is inexpensive and most of all provides a safe, extremely effective alternative to prescription drugs.

    Nimbus Nutrition invites you to experience the kind of rest you’ve always “Dreamed” about. Dive into the peaceful, rejuvenating depths of the ABYSS™…

    • Rejuvenates the Central Nervous System
    • Maximizes the benefits of REM Sleep
    • Refreshed upon Waking
    • Fall Asleep Faster
    • Overall Mood Improvement
    • Increased Mental Acuity
    • Improved Daily Vitality
    • Increased Anabolic Activity


    For as long as I can remember I've had issues with sleeping. It seems like the only night of the week I can get a really good nights sleep is Friday nights. I don't know if it is because I am so exhausted from the week, or if my mind is simply just at ease on Friday night from the end of the work week. Even on instances when I manage to fall asleep at a decent hour, I still typically wake up twice during the night and do not immediately fall back to sleep after that. Many times I cannot initally fall asleep because my mind just races once my head hits the pillow, other times, I just cant seem to get comfortable in my bed. All of this leads to pretty miserable days at the office in a position where it is paramount to be sharp and be able to do some intense mental work day in and day out. I have tried a plethora of OTC & prescribtion sleep medication, typically they've not worked at all or they have worked too good, and I wake up more tired and in a complete fog and feel worse than if I wouldnt have slept and not taken anything at all. I've had variable success with other "sleep/relaxation supplements", and was excited to try something new that might work even better.

    ***Thanks to the gracious guys at Nimbus Nutrition & Reaper, I got the opportunity to try a very generous sample of Abyss. Thanks guys! ***

    Look Out Below!!!!!
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  2. Looking forward to your feedback. It is a hell of a product
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  3. Abyss is a great product, as a matter of fact i just popped 4!

    Good luck buddy!
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  4. Good luck!
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  5. My Final Thoughts!

    My experience with Nimbus Abyss was a rather enjoyable one. For my first dose I used 3 pills on an empty stomach before bed. I felt a little more relaxed before bed, but nothing special. My next dosage (and the remaining doses) I used 4 pills, and this seemed to be my sweet spot. I must say though, be absolutely certain to take these on an empty stomach, because one time, I made the mistake of eating a small snack before bed and then took Abyss, and the usual effects were not noticeable at all. Typically I have a very difficult time falling asleep at night, usually my mind just races with thoughts, but with Abyss I seemed to be much more relaxed and calm once my head hit the pillow. It still took me a while to fall asleep, but nothing like how long it usually takes me. The most pronounced effect was the wild dreams and deep sleep that I received once I fell asleep though. It was as if I was knocked completely out. I did not wake up once during the night and usually I wake up 2-3 times a night with varying degrees of difficulty falling back asleep. I loved the relaxation that Abyss gave me also. Even though I didnt immediatley fall asleep, I felt very comfortable and was able to completely unwind. Upon waking up, I didnt feel like a zombie either. I didnt feel completely refreshed (I never really do) but I didnt feel horrendously tired either like I typically do with most OTC sleeping pills. Here are my final scores on a 5 point scale listed below. Thank you again to Nimbus Nutrition and Reaper for providing me with this opportunity. I hope this helps my fellow friends with sleeping issues.

    Ease of Falling Asleep:
    Ability to Stay Asleep:
    Waking Up Refreshed:

  6. Thanks for the review, MC. I too, have had troubles with sleeping for as long as I can remember. I use Lipotrophin-PM to 'help' with my sleep now, and that's been excellent in creating that deepness and quality.
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  7. awesome review MrC. Glad it worked nicely for you. It is a nice solid product, that will always give a nice sense of relaxation before bed
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  8. Very cool review buddy! I miss Abyss...
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