Hi all,
Day 1
i bought a bottle of the red bottles JW stuff and arrived today, after a lot of thinking and reading i decided to go ahead and give it a go. i am tottaly new to this sort of supps and maily stuck to CEE and Protien Powder. mostly coz i had a lot of fat to shed which i succesfully managed to do so. today was Day 1 after takin JW at the suggested dose, still to take one with dinner after fininshing that post
felt nothing out of the ordinary and had a good workout. i am 34 years of age and been training for the last 2 years. my current weight is 12.10
today's workout was intense and good i managed to add 2.5 kilos this week to almost all of my chest exersises but i have been goin strong lately so i could not say JW had anything to do with it. (I think!)
Incline Press 4/8 65 kG
Flat Press 4/8 68 KG
Decline DB Press 4/10 17.5 KG
DB Pullover 3/8 30 KG
flat flies 3/10 12.5 KG
cable cross over 3/15 30 KG