RoidRageX10 - Back to the Basics

  1. RoidRageX10 - Back to the Basics

    UPDATED on 11/2

    This is basically gonna be a staple log. I'm going to be on Protein, BCAA's, Creatine Vitamins and Fish Oil. This is for teens without money who want to get results.


    5lbs BodyTech Chocolate Mint Protein - 3/4 Full
    5lbs BodyTech Chocolate Protein - Full
    Scivation Xtend - Half Container
    Creatine Monohydrate - 1,000g +
    Multi-Vitamin - Unlimited
    Fish Oil - Unlimited


    Never on track 100% due to hectic life schedule. I keep my eating intresting. If I lived on my own, it would be different.

    Meal 1 - 5:30
    3 Eggs
    2 Slices Wheat Toast

    6:15 Workout

    (Very Intense, and Heavy WO for about 25 minutes)

    Meal 2 - 6:45
    1 Scoop Whey
    8oz Milk

    Meal 3 - 10:00
    1 Scoop Whey
    8oz Milk
    2 Tbsp Evoo

    Meal 4 - 11:30
    2 Medium Turkey on Wheat

    Meal 5 - 3:00
    8oz Chicken Breast
    (or Whey Shake)

    Meal 6 - 6:00
    1 Scoop Whey
    6oz Milk
    2 Tbsp Evoo
    (Possibly 4oz Chicken Breast, Burger)

    Meal 7 - 9:00
    8oz Milk
    1 Tbsp Evoo


    11/3 - 3x3 with some other lifts mixed in. Will explain soon.

    Supp Dosing:

    *3-4 Protein Shakes
    *1 Multi-Vitamin
    *3-5g Fish Oil
    *4-8 Scoops Xtend
    *10g-15g CM

  2. Stats and Goals

    UPDATED 11/2

    Age: 16
    Weight: 165lbs
    Height: 5'8
    BF: 13% (Cut in upper body; abs suck)


    Bench - 215
    Squat - 335
    D-Lift - 315 x 6 (will sky rocket up very soon)


    Bench - 235
    Squat - 360
    D-Lift - 485

    Weight - 168lbs
    BF - Same

  3. 9-15-08

    Pointless WO from sept.

  4. Wow I feel off track for the past month!

    Deff lost some muscle and gained fat but I am ready to go back and give it my all again.

    Workouts will be logged starting Monday!!
  5. Long time..

    Dang. The past month my diet and training and rest have gone no where. Its been rough and I deff am paying for it physically.

    I really don't a choice to be lazy anymore with baseball season creeping on me so I need my strength and endurance back.

    Nov. 3 will be my final restart of this log.

    All the new 'goodies' are going to be updated very soon (couple days)

  6. Wow

    First day offically back from doing nothing.


    275x3 ..stopped becuase legs cramped like a mofo


    Incline DB Press

    So this was a bad WO odviously but my body was not prepared today. It's gonna be a long battle to get where I need to be come March.


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