CMI Anabolic switch + First Order

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    Hello all, this will be an informal log in case anyone wants to see some feedback on either product.

    Situation- I am maxed and plateaued at around 80 pushups in 2 minutes for my army PT test.

    mission- hit 100 pushups on next APFT 02 october

    execution- I am running first order 3-4 times per day with anabolic switch at 10 per day in two doses of 5 , no change in focus of workouts.

    paragraph 4 &5 NA

    i started yesterday with the AS and about a week ago with the FO , I dont really care about anything other than my pushup reps come oct 02, physique changes etc are immaterial to me for this go around any benefits here are just bonus. Update will follow

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    9 days into the AS so I decided to give it a shot at a 2 minute pushup drill and got...........81= huge letdown. (last 3 pt test =81,80,83)

    Thoughts= So far the First order appears to be worthless or somewhat less than that. I have been running it at heavy doses all throughout the day and night for over 2 weeks and about the only thing I can say is maybe,,,just maybe, my sleep has been more productive. Not quite worth the cost of the stuff.

    As far as the AS, 9 days in is a little early to expect much but at 20 days in (1 bottles worth) if I dont have some gains i.e. 90 pushups then I am going to say this one is a waste of money and time. I will get myself some epistane and keep the 2nd bottle of AS to run as a can't hurt might help a little component of PCT, I just was hoping to avoid the Epistane route as I wish to stay as herbally all natural as I can. ( May try max-out by IBE before jumping to the EPI)

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