M-Drol Cycle

  1. M-Drol Cycle

    I was gonna do a test e and d-bol cycle ,but I'm moving out of province by christmas. I will wait till after I am settled. I got M-drol by cel and I was wondering what the best pct for Superdrol clone is?

    I got Nolva and I can get clomid and aromisin if needed. What do you guys think? Please write out a detailed plan. Thanks. For on and off cycle would be great. I have used the search ,but I would like to discuss any suggestions further.

    I would like to start the cycle by the middle of this month if possible.

  2. Please put down what you propose as your plan for off and on cycle and I'm sure lots of us will attempt to help you, but simply asking for someone else to write you out a detailed plan while running a harsh compound like m-drol is asking a little much.

    If you search this forum you will find a complete thread I started where this exact issue of planning on and off cycle was discussed at length.

  3. I will check out your thread, thanks . Your right, I was in a hurry and possibly being Lazy.

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