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    Well last week I had 12.5g WMS, 20g WPI, and 1.5 Scoops JP8 (So 12g carbs) and the lifts went much better. It's on morning when I need to workout before class that I do a shake beforehand.

    Clearly WMS/WPI digests much quicker and I realize now I need something like that in the future, but I did a banana/yogurt/wpc shake because it tastes so good I wanted a little treat lol. And yea my stomach was definitely too full, with icecubs included it's close to 1.3 L
    ahhhh well that's it then, deads are bad on a partially full stomach as are all the big lifts really...
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug

  2. Rock on buddy. Again, like Hanks, don't want to read your observations quite yet. I'll be back though.

  3. A little food for thought.

    Pizza + Chicken Tenders

    Bison Steak + Veggies (Check out the George Foreman Grillmarks)

    1/2 Typical Omelet + Veggies

  4. Looks good... what are there 6 eggs in that omelette...
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug

  5. nice cookin.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by DreamWeaver View Post
    Looks good... what are there 6 eggs in that omelette...
    3 Whole Eggs, 1 cup (Roughly) Egg Whites, and 1/2c. Milk. I usually sautee the mushrooms, onions, peppers, zucchini and broccoli first. During the summer I was eating that for one meal, but now I split it into two to save time on cooking, and add extra cals through some pre-cooked ground beef, cheese etc.

    OFF DAY/Cardio

    Well I felt that I was over training, so I didn't do my usual HIIT sprints. I did however run 20 minutes across town to buy some cheaper groceries and back, plus a fair bit of running around on campus so it was a fair bit of cardio still.

    I've leaned out a little bit from what I can see. Should be about 10% again.I think I'm going to up the cals a bit more, make full use of that extra testosterone. I can cut later, 10% if skinny enough. I don't eat junk anyways, and I find I don't put on fat as long as I don't eat too much before bed.

    Also I seem to have a problem, I'm buying salad & ingredients faster than I can eat them. As you can see, I've upped the size of my bowl! There's some chicken tenders, no fat with this meal because I demolished my pistachio supply 30 minutes beforehand


  7. Quote Originally Posted by Steveoph View Post
    no fat with this meal because I demolished my pistachio supply 30 minutes beforehand:fool2
    Man, I always have that same problem. Pistachios are just too damn yummy.
  8. Thurs Sept 18

    DB Flat Bench
    Chin ups & Pulls Ups + Pulldown afterward to exhaustion
    Decl. BB Bench
    DB Rows

    Not a bad workout. I downed 20g WPI, 20g WMS & 1.5 scoops JP8 and was expecting to be floored, but really only had an average workout (See below). I haven't had that much muscle growth in the past 2 weeks, but today I realized this was due to my increased caloric expenditure. During the summer I was eating this much and growing quite well, but I wasn't nearly as active b/c no school. This all clicken in when I after running back from physio volunteering when I was trying to fall asleep but was too damn hungry. Probably pounded down 500 cals before bed, which I really should be spreading out through the day.

    So now my goal is up to up my calories by 600/day, eat more ground flaxseeds, almonds, broke open another 3lb bag of pistachios. I need to follow the adage, eat big!

    Reset-AD Mini-Review

    After close to 3 weeks on Reset-AD, I'm stopping. I was hoping to get really buzzed from JP8, but I honestly can't tell a difference between taking JP8 before my RAD run and after.

    The reason for my lack of responsiveness to RAD is probably because my adrenals weren't as burned out as I thought. I finished school in late April, went on two 1-week vacations during the summer, and had a relatively relaxing May-August. I stayed off stims most of the time except for a tub of JP8 in late July/August. I have heard rave reviews from reliable friends, so I believe this product isn't designed for a person in my situation.

    The benefits I was looking for from the write-up were " * Re-energize the effects & sensitivity towards stimulants
    * Eliminates fatigue & stress caused by poor adrenal function
    * Provides support for improved adrenal system function without removal from one's daily stressful environment.
    * Works effectively with PreWorkout and Energy Supplements.

    Resensitize your body to stimulants by taking control of your of adrenal health with Reset-A.D. and eliminate the root cause of your fatigue.

    Recharge your stimulants with Reset-A.D. and put the explosiveness back into your workouts. "

    In conclusion, unfortunately Reset-AD has not lived up to its' claims in my particular case. I would not purchase this product again, but considering its very reasonable price tag and results others have experienced, I would still recommend it to a friend that is suffering from symptoms of adrenal fatigue. Perhaps Anabloc Edge is PAL's product for me.
  9. Fri Sept 19


    Squats (Deep): 3x6 + 2x10
    Lying Plate Crunches 35lb; 4x10
    Lunges; 4x5 (Tired from squats)
    Calf Presses; 4x30s
    DB Obliques; 4x10
    Machine Horizontal Squat; 3x12

    Seems like a short workout, but was exhausting. Started off on the wrong foot because I missed my cell-phone alarm, damn thing was on snooze. So I didn't take my JP8-WPI-WMS mix I made the night before b/c the JP8 wouldn't kick in quick enough, so just did WPI & WMS. Didn't do stiff-leg deads so I can do some HIIT sprints and deadlifts tomorrow. I'm focusing hard on my core since I've slacked on it for a while.

    An interesting side I hadn't realized is an increase in scalp sensitivity. I remember complaining about it about 2 weeks after starting divanil post-surgery and thought it was just my genetics (my dad has severe dandruff) , but Hank noticed it too. That was before I started the resveratrol, so I believe the Divanil is responsible for that.

    Incase you missed it in my last post, I'm upping my cals by ~600-700/day. I've got all this testosterone free, I don't want to waste it. I've just picked up 5 lbs of cashews, pistachios and almonds And eggs are back on sale for $1.69/dozen, so I'm aiming for hypertrophy with minimal fat gain using my HIIT, Green Tea, CLA & Sesamin.

    Here's today's lunch: My home-made Extra Lean Sirloin Angus Beef Burger on Sprouted WW Bread.

  10. So will TNT be available again and will it be the same TNT?


  11. Quote Originally Posted by Kristofer68SS View Post
    So will TNT be available again and will it be the same TNT?

    The TRez is getting an upgrade to include Bioperine, but will only be 60 ct. per bottle instead of 120. It should be in stock early this coming week.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Steveoph View Post
    The TRez is getting an upgrade to include Bioperine, but will only be 60 ct. per bottle instead of 120. It should be in stock early this coming week.
    thank you.
  13. Sat Sept 20

    Deads 245x 10,10,10,9,8,8,7.5,8.5,8.5,7 (9 total)
    Leg Raises 4x10
    HIIT Sprints, 11 sets

    Usually I do deads + shoulders tomorrow but I find it too tiring, so I decided to move my deadlifts up a day on their own. Absolutely killed my back, went back to GVT style vs. going a bit heavier for 5x5. The HIIT sprints really well, added in an extra set.

    My hunger is big, but I'm pounding down tons of food. Upped to omelet to 4 eggs 1c. Egg whites + 1/2c. Milk each, and added an extra meal in. Going to bulk up , and I'm hoping to get 70% muscle to 30% fat atleast.

    Technical Question: for those in the know about divanil; I know it's supposed to be cycled after 8 weeks. Does anybody know how the body regulates this; I believe it decreases total testosterone to adjust, but does it increase SHBG too?
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  14. Sun Sept 21


    DB Shoulder Presses 5x10
    DB Obliques: 4x12
    Preacher Curls; 5x5 + Hold to Exhaustion
    Cleans ; 2 Sets, Traps sore from Deads yesterday
    Tricep Pushdowns
    Military Press; 4x12
    Dips; 3xExhaustion
    Body Weight Tricep Press (b/w benches)

    HIIT: 10 Sprints
    Traps/Rhomboids were pretty sore for dead's yesterday in addition to lower back. Hams were fine. Everything went quite well in the gym today with no stims or anything. Had some great chili as a PWO meal; I had a solid pre-WO meal and BCAA's, so I didn't feel like I needed a carb boost.

    Today I could see myself definitely leaner than yesterday despite upping my cals. My metabolism was fiery hot after those deads and sprints. On Monday, I felt a bit puffier from all the cals today so I know I'm over my requirements today, not quite as revved up as yesterday.

    The hair/scalp itchiness is less noticeable, although still definitely sensitized (Gave it a scratch to check ) .

    Monday : OFF DAY

    No HIIT, No nothing. Barely ran around to class at all. Also I've kept my carbs ultra-low to give a shock to my body. Probably only about 30g over the whole day, and those are all from veggies (Green Beans, Peppers, Lettuce).
    And my bison steak was overdone, bad evening lol. On the plus side, I got loaded up with some salt-free pistachios and cashews. The pistachios taste like arse though, they're a bit stale despite being bought yesterday!
  15. Tues Sept. 23

    1a) DB Incl 10,10,7,7
    1b) Pullups; 4x to Failure
    2a) DB Decl; 4x8
    2b) BB Rows; 4x12
    3a) Dips 3x Failure
    3b) Pullovers 3x12
    4a) Pec Fly's 2x12
    4b) Low Rows 2x12

    HIIT: 10 Sprints

    Didn't finish strong because a gym working at the gym started talking about his weight training program for seniors and after almost 10 minutes I just didn't feel like getting back into the flow of things.

    Not too much aggression to note, and my scalp isn't bothering my although the skin is still slightly oily (Washing my face when I wake up + showering PWO takes care of it, no acne to note).
    Muscle density was very high last night after only having 30g of carbs; had some great striations in my chest without having worked out all day! This morning I took 35g WMS, 20g WPI, Swell, and 1.5 scoops JP8 for about 45g of carbs and I managed to have enough energy to do my weights & HIIT. I was worried about my glycogen stores but that seemed to be plenty.

    Hunger is definitely up, even with me adding about 500 cals/day. I stopped doing as much HIIT, but getting back into it, I can see some more definition in my abs. Also increasing the ab work is hitting it from a 2nd angle. I really need to do some research and find some new ab moves to tear them up. I do swiss ball brunches, leg raises, cable pulldowns. I also started with a 35lb plate, lying on the floor with the plate in my hands, and meeting my legs above my body.

    Side note: I have gone through 2lbs of UP 2.0 Chocolate Peanutbutter in exactly 20 days, while making only 1 shake. The rest was consumer straight powder

    Here's 2nd dinner. My angus burger on WW Sprouted Break + Frozen Veggies (Busy night).

  16. Quote Originally Posted by Steveoph View Post
    Hunger is definitely up, even with me adding about 500 cals/day. I stopped doing as much HIIT, but getting back into it, I can see some more definition in my abs. Also increasing the ab work is hitting it from a 2nd angle. I really need to do some research and find some new ab moves to tear them up. I do swiss ball brunches, leg raises, cable pulldowns. I also started with a 35lb plate, lying on the floor with the plate in my hands, and meeting my legs above my body.
    You know what worked really well for me was doing slow, controlled sit ups on a decline bench with a dumbbell across my chest. I used to do them real heavy straight down the middle, and with a twisting motion (elbow to opposite knees) and they are killer.

    Meal looks good!
  17. Wed. Sept 24

    1a) Squat; 6,7,8,8,4
    1b) Ab Work 35lb Plate
    2a) Standing Free-Weight Leg Extension; 4x10
    2b) Pulley Crunches; 4x8
    2c) Standing Calf Raises; 3x15
    3) Machine Front Squats; 3x11

    Weighed in at 170 this morning Granted that was after PSlin, 150g Oatbran, 1/2c. Raspberries and probably ~1L of water for breakfast, but definitely still up. Abs are still coming back slowly, so I've managed a bit of a recomp this past week using HIIT.

    I was able to really dig deep on the squats. The weight seems light, but I know it's a tough workout because it gets me sweating after just 3 sets. I get my thighs parallel and leave my ego at the door with the weights. Noticed some good development in my quads doing this; now some of my old pants are too tight! The upped calories are definitely helping.

    One thing I keep doing that I need to fix is not eating a big enough dinner after volunteering on Tues/Thurs nights. I run (8 mins there and back) to a physio rehab clinic, but when I come back I'm usually hot and somehow this kills my apetite. I had that burger last night, but then 3 hours later, I have my usual pre-bed meal of Cottage Cheese, some veggies and coconut oil, I lie down and BAM my stomach feels f'in empty. Then I got an keep eating for like 15 minutes and still nippy.

    Energy is quite good. I woke up at 6:30 to get in a nice oatbran breakfast , have 1hr, then hit the gym and still make it to class from 9:30. I'm pumped for 10x10 of Deadlifts + HIIT tomorrow. My metabolism is insane for the rest of the day, and I can see a difference in my stomach the next day.

    I'll take some progress pics this weekend for you guys, it will be the 4 week mark. Oh and I've got bloodwork #'s for testosterone for you guys. I figured I'd get my yearly check up done now

  18. hey man dininivl lowers total test because it increases free test think of it as a sesaw, but not so propotinal
  19. Thurs Sept 25

    Deadlifts: 10,10,10,10,9,9,10,8,8,8 (Losing Grip)
    HIIT 9 Sprints

    Didn't get the full 10 sprints in b/c I got thrown off by helping this gorgeous blond try and adjust the seat of the bike RIGHT in front of my elliptical machine... Even if our gym had a TV or windows, I wouldn't be looking there!

    Today's summary: Insane Hunger. I usually make 2 of everything, so I don't have to cook twice. Today I've eaten the 2nd serving each time! Double chicken parmesan, I ate a monster omelet, basically anything and everything in sight. I even ate the banana I was saving for a strawberry-banana shake.

    Weight was 168.5 in a slightly dehydrated state juding by my urine, so I'd say I'm about 169, which is up 4 lbs in under 4 weeks. Energy has generally been good, but I absolutely crashed this evening at 7pm. I ran back from my volunteer shift, then had some stew + AP, I think I went hypo because I was lying down on my bed for a while. Not enough carbs + revved metabolism = bad. Anyways I downed a few WW Biscotti and I was good to go. Will do photos on Saturday like I mentioned yesterday, and will try and post up a final review this weekend. My med school app is due Wednesday though, so it might be pushed back until Oct 1st evening.

    1 of 2 Chicken Parmeggiana's.

    Omelet (2nd Dinner, 9:30 PM) 70 CC Scooper for reference.

    And if I don't get to bed soon you'll see the lasagna I was planning on eating for breakfast tomorrow consumed tonight lol.

  20. That is a diesel omelet. What'd you put in it?

  21. Quote Originally Posted by shaddow View Post
    That is a diesel omelet. What'd you put in it?
    4 Eggs, 1c. Egg Whites, 3/4c. Milk
    Inside: Zucchini, Mushrooms, Peppers, kolbassa (Like ham) & Cheese.

    I never calculate the cals, but it is quite filling lol. And here's the breakfast lasagna (2nd piece was eaten already lol)


    Ok after my workout today through some fluke I screwed up some bones in my right foot, and it's swollen up on me. Also this weekend is Queen's Homecoming, it's insane. It made Playboy's top 10 parties a while back. Road closed, 2 floor funnels, flipped cars, provincial police, you name it , it happens!

    Back to my foot, it's not painful so I think 2 days off it should be all it takes, but I can palpitate the smaller bones that shouldn't be moving, so I'm going to stay off it. Therefore I took pics, these are 26 days in I believe. I'll post up a final review, but the pictures and weight say it all. 5 lbs (Weighed in again at 169.5 today pretty empty stomach).

    Overall Progress:
    Weight: 164.5 --> 169.5 +5 lbs
    Bodyfat: Before = 11% (Tanita) After = Slightly Less (Visually& Personal Assesment)
    Training Method: German Volume Training (10x10) with HIIT 3-4x/week.
    For diet and other supps, see intro.

    The benefits of trans-resveratrol are well established through clinical studies. It shows remarkable promise in cancer prevention and life extension, both long term effects that I wasn't able to evaluate in this log. It also have athletic benefits including increased endurance, which I was not able to comment upon because my cardio consisted of 15 minute HIIT sprints. These went considerably better when stimulated using a pre-WO formula like JP8, due to increased focus, determination and energy.

    The main problem with resveratrol is its oral bioavailability. Even with the inclusion of absorption enhancers, the delivery method of choice is sublingual which has been proven to me much more effective. I attempted to dose 200mg sublingually, 4x day by splitting a cap and putting half the contents under my tongue. This would have been easier if I had 8mL of pure ethanol/400mg to help dissolve it in, but I made do with what I had. I still have a large supply of Trez left, and will continue this administration and will update my review if I notice any new effects.

    This is the heart of the stack in my opinion. My testosterone levels at 19 are naturally very high, so T-boosters can only elevate it so much before natural feedback kicks in. However freeing up SHBG leaves me with lots of Free Testosterone to use for building muscle. I noticed no gains for a week when returning for school, but this was because I didn't increase my calories to match the activity boost. Once I corrected this, the weight gain resumed. In all honesty, if I had upped it right away I feel I could have gained 7lbs in this 4-week time frame.

    Side effects included an increased sensitivity in my scalp, although no shedding occured. I have hair like a carpet though, so it might have been a good thing! Originally I felt there might have been a bit of a libido boost, but putting everything in perspective I don't feel there was one. I mainly noticed increased aggression; I would slap myself a few times and then rip out 10 incredible sets from nowhere. This was very useful in combating fatigue at the end of some sets.

    The primary ingredients has studies showing an increase in testosterone levels, but there have also been studies with different conclusions. Overall I feel my testosterone rose; whether it was from the T-Force of simply an increase in free T due to divanil I can't stay. I do believe it imparted some benefit, and also the ZMA complex is very useful in providing the necessary building blocks for proper hormone synthesis.

    Normally I don't give 10's, but the initial run had 120 ct. T-Rez which made this a steal. The 60ct. with added Bioperine is a 9.5 . 2/3 components cost $60, so the 3rd is basically free.

    Taste: N/A
    The capsules are all reasonably small and easy to swallow.

    Results: 10/10
    Very impressed by 5 lbs in 26 days.

    Overall Value:10/10
    I hate giving so many 10's, but this stack has truly impressed me. I've run X-Factor which costs more and failed to respond. I do attribute a part of these incredible results to Coach Poliquin's German Volume Training, but the TNT stack played a large role in my success. I plan on making Resveratrol a staple for the near future, and will use Divanil again most definitely, so why not buy TNT and get T-Force for free?

    Pictures before were on a chest day right after working out, so slightly pumped up. After pictures were taken post-HIIT sprints and a mild shoulder day, but not too pumped up. Weight measurements were done pre-WO, and I averaged 3 days to eliminate variations.


    Thank you to everyone that followed along ( Ninja-Reps & Comments were very helpful!). As always, feel free to ask any follow-up questions/details.

  23. Very important tidbit from my "final" review thread lol.
    Quote Originally Posted by Hank Vangut View Post
    awesome review steve!
    i have another friend who is just starting german volume training. i may have to try it myself.
    how did you finish 4 weeks so quickly? obviously yours shipped earlier than mine.
    Daang, lol. I knew I had extra Divanex b/c I had my own bottle and started 2 weeks early, and extra T-Rez b/c I was only doing 2/day but I couldn't figure out the extra T-Force. After I injured my foot yesterday and called the log, I wasn't all knocked up on pain meds and it seems like I missed a week in my calculations.

    So that's 5 lbs in ~20 days. Clearly some fat gain, but even more impressive. I think I'll turn this into my 3 week review, and keep training upper body / deads if possible. I got an x-ray done and there's no fracture on my right metatarsals but it's swollen up and I'm limping. Alright so keep your eyes peeled on my log for hopefully another week of training. Perhaps I can hit that 7 lbs, I'll aim for 172 by next Saturday when I'll do a Tanita Body Comp + Weigh in!

    PS I got no clue what I did to my foot. I trained shoulders, traps & bi's yesterday, did my usual HIIT. Jogged home, was trying to figure out why I was limping then noticed my right foot was all red, and some bones felt a bit out of whack. I thought it might be a stress fracture but nothing on the X-Ray.

    I hit the farmers market today. Anybody know what that big green thing is? Got 2 nice fresh bison steaks too
  24. Sat & Sun. Sept 28

    Sat= Rest Day, Healing My foot

    Sunday= Chest & Back
    1a) DB Bench; 10,10,10,10,9,8,8,8,7,8,8
    1b) Chins; 4x Failure T-Bar Pulldowns; 6x9
    2a) BB Rows; 4x12
    2b) DB Incl Fly's: 4x8
    3) Dips 3x Failure
    4a) Pullovers 10,10, 4(Hold)
    4b) Rear Fly's 3x10

    Since I wasn't doing HIIT b/c of my messed up foot, I figured I'd blast chest. This was about 80 minutes, which is longer than I've done in ages. Felt moderately sore, the volume is what my body needs. Weighed in at 170 again, moderately full.

    It was time to update this log, I've been spending too much time in Volcom's brothel... er log
  25. Mon Sept 29


    Squats; 10x10 Legs (100 reps woot!)
    Free-Motion Leg Extension ; 3x10

    A friend was squatting, and he was doing 20lbs less than what I usually do, but I typically only do 5 sets so I wanted to see how 10x10 would go. I managed to do the full 10x10, so I'll be doing my regular weight 10x10 on Saturday. The aggression from the TNT stack helped me pull through the final through sets/reps. Lots of grunting , but I got it done! I'll see how sore I am tomorrow. My apetite is stellar though! I'm glad I brought 2 extra apples with my PWO meal, they were gone in no time!

    And I know somebody is going to ask it, how am I doing squats w/ my messed up foot? Well I'm a sucker for punishment I guess. There's no fracture, I had it x-rayed. Not sure why it's swollen, but I iced it all-weekend and got the swelling down. It's a bit sore again, but I blasted the legs today. I think running to class was worse on it, I just can't stand walking. So damn slow!


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