Hangover B Gone

  1. Hangover B Gone

    This is just a quick 1 post review of the Anti-Hangover propeties of the Rejuvenation Stack + ZMK.

    Rejuvination Stack:

    Gut Health

    Right, last night was my first night out in a month and the first time i've drunk alcohol since my birthday 6 weeks ago. I was determined to do as little damage as possible and so stuck to vodka diet cokes for most of the night.

    Prior to leaving the house for the night out I had a dose of Poseidon.

    I got home at around 5am. And immediately took a double dose of Poseidon. I decided to really give it a good test and didnt eat anything to help absorb the alcohol. I then started what felt like a marathon of pill popping.

    1x Gut Health
    3x NoXidant
    4x ZMK

    I then finished off my water (about half a pint) and collapsed into bed.

    I woke at 7:30am (so about 2 hours later) and panicked, thinking it was like 10am. I then realised that i had no signs of a hangover, other than i was still in need of some sleep!

    I went back to sleep and woke again at about 9am (so in total i've had about 4.5 hours sleep) and i feel great!

    Its like i didnt go out last night, no headache, no dodgy stomach, no general desire to roll up a die that i usually attribute to these kind of mornings.

    So, I know alcohol is the last thing that alot of guys on here touch, and i'm embracing that lifestyle as best i can but i'm a student and so will have to drink occasionally. To those like me, who still want to occasionally have a night out and a few drinks i can whole-heartedly recommend these products to have you fresh as a daisy the next morning.

    Oh and i pulled as well

  2. glad to see that it worked out nicely for you. The rejuvination stack is a killer for the hangover.
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

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