AMS Hormone Regulation Stack

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  1. AMS Hormone Regulation Stack

    Hey everyone,

    heres a log of what i have/will be up to for the next 4 weeks of training.

    My stack will be as follows:

    1 Andro - 4 caps per day in divided doses (100 mg/cap)
    4Ad - 4 Caps per day in divided doses (200 mg /cap)
    Deca Vol 3 Caps per day, divided doses again (60 mg/cap)
    (DecaVol will only be for the first 3 weeks)

    PCT will include:

    Arom - X 4 caps per day, at night
    Toremifene (liquid)
    Week 1 120mg
    week 2 120 mg
    week 3 60 mg
    week 4 30 mg

    in the morning, i will have a protein shake (whey 46g) mixed with one scoop of Anabolic Innovations Cycle support. Plain shake pre/post workout, as well as one before bed (total 132g protein)

    in the pre-workout shake, i will mix in 4g of Higher Power 100% Micronized Creatine, as well as take 4 Hyper Trop-X caps.

    Water consumption will include approx 1.5 - 2 gallos per day (including some gatorade post workout)

    My workout is a 3 day split, each day completed 2 times per week, and sundays will be an active recovery day.

    My splits look like this:

    Dumbbell Bench (4 x 10)
    Dumbbell INcline Bench (3 x 10)
    Dumbbell flies ( 3 x 10)
    Weighted Dips (4 x 10)
    Cable Pushdowns ( 3 x 10)
    Triceps Kickbacks w/ dumbbells ( 3 x 10)

    Back/Bis (all 3 x 10)
    Weighted Widegrip overhand pullups
    Lat Pulldowns
    Seated Cable Row
    T Bar Row
    Dumbbell Row
    Straight Bar Curls (I hate EZ Bar!!!)
    Dumbbell Hammers
    Dumbbell/Cable Preachers
    Standing Concentration Curls (just like arnold used to do)

    Legs and Shoulders
    Deep Squats (4 x 10)
    Leg Press (4 x 12)
    Leg Extension (3 x 10)
    Leg Curl (3 x10)
    Seated Calf Raise (4 x 15)
    Seated Barbell Military (3 x 10)
    Seated Lateral Raise (3x10)
    Bent Lateral Raise (3x10)
    Barbell Shrugs (3x10)

    Ill post every few days (including today) how the workouts go, how i feel, etc.

  2. good to see someone daring to test the AMS products (fairly pricey for recommended dosages) and many dont like the company
    CURRENT 2014 Log

  3. Day 1

    Took total of 4 1Andro, 4 4AD and 3 DecaVol.
    got slight headache from the ph's, but a shake with the Cycle Support cleared that up fairly quickly. Peanut butter cycle support tastes/smells like **** but it gets the job done.

    workout today was chest/tris. best pump i've felt in a long time, and stayed pumped for about an hour after the lift (longest i have ever had)

    besides the early headache (which didnt come back after the second dose of the ph's) there have been no side effects besides a fruity taste in my mouth, which i am associating with the stack because it has never been there before. I feel dry though, i drank, 10 bottles of water/gatorade (vending machine size) as well as 2 glasses of milk, 1 of cranberry juice, and 2 of water at meals.

    So far so abdominal pain (liver, kidneys, upset stomach, etc)

  4. Quote Originally Posted by smshannon001 View Post
    good to see someone daring to test the AMS products (fairly pricey for recommended dosages) and many dont like the company
    it is a bit pricey, but i have heard a lot of good things about the stack from friends so i decided i needed to try for myself. i'm confident in the product though, because i have used hyper trop-x for almost a month now, and i have loved it...i know its not the same as ph's but if the quality of the ph's is the same, then i know i'll be satisfied with the product
  5. tattoopierced1
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    subbed! cant wait to see your results

  6. Day 2

    Hey guys,

    heres the breakdown for day 2 (as of 6:30PM)

    So far i have taken 3 each of 1 andro and 4ad, as well as 2 decavol caps. the other people in the dorm have noticed a change in my attitude. i have become slightly more irritable.

    Today, i lifted back and bi's (see the split breakdown in original post). This is my first week back on this program in about 3 months (the last time i was on it, i had been taking Animal Stak 2) so i decided to drop weights by about 5lbs across the board because for the past month, i have done mainly body weight stuff, as a break from my normal heavy lifting. The weights felt light, which was good, so i will increase weight next time through (for back and bi's, this will be friday). Again, i got a great pump from this lift.I think that it is probably the Hyper Trop-X, and not the PH's, but its still good.

    besides the new chip on my shoulder, there haven't been an new sides. since the first time i got the headache and drank the shake, they haven't come back. occasionally my urine burns, but from what I've read, that means this sh*t is working, so i ll take it. There is still a fruity taste in my mouth, but nothing has caused me to worry.

    i don't have access to a scale at this point, but by Saturday, i will be able to record weight.

  7. I've got a scale if you want to borrow one.

  8. Sweet log man. Your split is pretty high volume so just be careful with the over training.

    Your gonna blow up on this cycle. How many cals/day?
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  9. End of Week 1 (Day 7)

    It has been a full week on my current cycle, and i am pretty pleased with my results.

    2 weeks ago, the day i left for school, i was 187lbs (nothing but underwear in the morning). Today at 8:30PM, i weighed in at 200lbs clothed (no shoes) so i'll take off 5 lbs for time of day/clothing, and call it 195lbs. I know most of this has been lean muscle because i have slimmed out noticeably.

    energy wise, i have been in great shape. last week, there were 3 nights where i went back to the gym 6-7 hours later and lifted a different body part very light, basically an active recovery for that muscle/group.

    health wise, i have been good, however, if i don't drink my shake with cycle support in the morning, even if i take it an hour or two later, i get headaches/stomach pain. however, when i take the shake, i have none of these symptoms.

    i have been drinking roughly a gallon and a half of water and approx 3000kcals per day. During the week, i have been eating like this:

    meal 1 - 6:45 Protein Shake w/cycle support (320kcals/46g protein)

    meal 2 - 7:30 2 hb eggs, scoop of potato product, 1 cup yogurt, 1 piece fruit, 1 glass water, 1 glass (1/2 water, 1/2 cranberry juice)

    meal 3 - 12:00 1 large salad w/light dressing, i cereal bowl of tuna w/relish, 1 glass water, 1 glass iced tea

    meal 4 - 3:30 protein shake (46 g protein/260kcals)

    meal 5 - 5:30 - large salad w/ light dressing, cereal bowl of tuna w/ relish, cereal bowl of pasta with meat sauce, 1 glass water, 1 glass iced tea

    meal 6 - 9:00 1 grilled chicken breast sandwich, 1 glass iced tea or water

    meal 7 - 10:30 protein shake (46g Protein/260kcals)

    besides this, i drink about 6 bottles of water a day, as well as 2 gatorades.

    all protein shakes are made with 10 - 12oz of water.

  10. subadubdubbed

    good luck Pemm!

  11. Good feedback after only 1 week.
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  12. How's the pump?

  13. forgot to mention that i have had greatly increased aggression/irritability. its good because much of that aggression carries over into the workouts...its bad because i almost started 2 fights the other night at a dance when guys stepped on my gf while they were walking past us.

  14. looking good man!

  15. Quote Originally Posted by moondg29 View Post
    How's the pump?
    the pump is awesome...especially on back and bis days/chest and tri's days. it feels like blowing up (definitely the hyper trop-x as opposed to the PH stack, but still an added benefit
  16. tattoopierced1
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pemmican View Post
    the pump is awesome...especially on back and bis days/chest and tri's days. it feels like blowing up (definitely the hyper trop-x as opposed to the PH stack, but still an added benefit
    what is your weight up to now and have you changed your diet any?
  17. 1/3 Done!

    Alright, I am officially 1/3 of the way done with my entire cycle of 1-Andro, 4-AD and DecaVol from Advanced Muscle Science as well as AMS Hyper Trop-X and I thought that this would be a good time to write an honest review of the product as I have experienced it.

    Physical Gains

    A little over 2 weeks ago, I was 187lbs dressed in shorts, T-shirt and socks. As of today, wearing that same amount of clothing, I weigh in at a solid 200lbs. Clearly, there are some serious gains there. I do not think that I look all that much bigger, however a few friends, my girlfriend and my parents have all asked what I have been doing differently, especially regarding my arms, shoulders, chest and back, which they say all look bigger overall, with some more definition especially in the chest and shoulders.

    Here are my most recent measurements:

    Thigh/Quad: 20.5 inches
    Calf: 15.5 inches
    Waist: 31 Inches (at belly-button)
    Chest: 40.25 inches
    Shoulders: 51.25 inches
    Bi's: 16.25 inches (arm flexed)
    Tri's: 15.25 inches (arm out straight)
    Fore Arms: 15 inches
    Neck: 16.5 Inches


    There have been some good and some bad mental/emotional side effects. During the lift, i am especially aggressive, which is great. I have a drive to work more in the gym, as well as out. I feel more confident most of the time.

    Sometimes, however, its like being on the proverbial "emotional roller coaster"; essentially like being on puberty all over again...puberty on steroids (pun intended). It takes very little to get me mad, sad, happy, agitated, anything. It is kind of stressful, but only time will tell if it was worth it.

    Performance Gains

    I have increased all of my lifts substantially...all by about 10 lbs in the past 10 days. I do lift high volume so the weights were low to begin with, however, bench w/ dumbbells went up to 100lbs for four sets of 10 from 85lbs a week and a half ago. Squat is up 20 lbs as well. Based on performance gains alone, i would potentially take the product again.


    Sticking to my diet has been hard because i am a full time student with almost full time work to do, however I have been very good about eating well. For the most part, my diet has been the same as I posted a few days ago, although i do occasionally miss a protein shake.

    I need to start increasing my caloric intake/protein now because of my increase in weight. I notice that I will eat until I am completely full to the point of feeling sick, and then 30 minutes later, i am starving again.

    I think that this may be why i am plateaued at 200lbs, so over the next few days, i will increase my intake and see how i am doing on Sunday evening.

    So far, I like the stack. I'm not too keen on the emotional side effects or the increased acne on my back and arms, but overall, I am pleased.

  18. tattoopierced1
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    right on man, sounds like you've had a great run so far!

  19. Quote Originally Posted by tattoopierced1 View Post
    right on man, sounds like you've had a great run so far!
    yeah, its been really good so far. I forgot to mention earlier that my recovery is through the roof. I have done this routine EASILY this past week, without any soreness whatsoever. When I have done this natural (aka just protein and creatine), I was sore after every lift. So that is another great benefit.

  20. just a quick question to anyone who may know:

    I have liquid Toremifene as my SERM - so what would be the best way to take that? Can it be mixed into a small drink, or should I just shoot it right down by itself?

    Also, I picked up a bottle of 6-oxo. Should this be used as party of my PCT, or with the Arom-X and Toremifene, is it too much?

    Thanks for the help!!
  21. tattoopierced1
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    SERMs I usually chase with something, so right down the hatch I say.

    I'd try the Arom-X and just keep the Torm on standby just in case.

  22. Yep put the torem on your tongue (do not swallow yet), then chase it down quickly with something like gator/powerade.
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  23. Quote Originally Posted by tattoopierced1 View Post
    SERMs I usually chase with something, so right down the hatch I say.

    I'd try the Arom-X and just keep the Torm on standby just in case.

    Thanks for the help Tattoo and R-t-N, too. Why would you hold off on the Toremfene to start with?
  24. Half Way Through!

    As of yesterday, i was halfway through my stack. It was a little depressing finishing off my first bottles of 1-Andro, 4-AD and Hyper Trop-X, but its ok because i get to open up a whole new bottle tomorrow anyway.

    I don't have a scale here, right now, so I'll make sure i get on one tomorrow and update everyone on my weight, but I'm willing to guess around 203-205...i guess we'll have to see tomorrow.

    Everything has been the same...I don't feel any different, however, i have noticed that my liver has been working extra hard (by looking in the bowl ) so I am going to start taking the Cycle Support 4 times per day...1 half scoop every time i take my PH's, that way i'll be able to maintain a more healthy balance of positive enzymes round the clock. Also, I was talking to a credible nutritionist and he recommended that I start taking the 6-oxo during the rest of the cycle, so as of sunday, i began taking 3 pills at night.

    As for my diet, I have been eating more at meals, and then I am hungry again 20 minutes later so i have been consuming more protein shakes/bar between meals. water intake has remained around 1.5 -2 gallons a day.

    I'll update my weight tomorrow.

  25. Why did he say you should be taking 6-OXO?

    I see no reason, unless you got gyno flaring up.


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