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  1. Is your cycle over now? Or where at in the cycle are you?

    Hormonal changes in general can alter the immune system btw.
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  2. Just found this log and wanted to find out what your thoughts are thus far?

  3. Here's where I'm at thus far.

    I am currently in week 4 of my 4 week cycle, and I will take my last doses of 4AD, and 1 Andro on Sunday (the 5th). I finished my DecaVol last sunday.

    As of today, I am 202 lbs, but as I said before, I think I gained more than 15 lbs of muscle because I clearly lost about 6-8 lbs of fat. I have more definition everywhere. I just got back from my lift today, and with the pump (I did Bi's and Back today) the peaks of my bi's looked fake. Starting to get pointy that the pump has gone away though, they are back to being round/"normal".

    Vascularity has gotten a lot better. I have a lot of veins now in my chest, more than the single verticle vein on my bi's, and forearms are like spiderwebs. All very much improved over where I was 3 and a half weeks ago.

    I have been taking three pills of 6-OXO and two of Stoked! at night with my final dose of 4AD/Andro. In the very beginning of week three, I noticed a lot of bloating and a little bit of puffiness in my nipples, both of which have gone away, and the Stoked! helped with some of the headaches that I have been getting because of the Resveratrol. ( Edit: the Resveratrol helped get rid of the headaches)

    this coming Monday, the 6th, I will begin taking 4 arom-X at night, and 60Mmg of Toremifene per day. I'm not sure what time of day to take it at. Any input there would be good...I was thinking first thing in the morning.

    Overall, the stack has been good for size was a little bit wet, but after taking the 6-OXO, I was able to fix that, and I have dried out a little bit.

    As I mentioned before, my temper has gone up and down very easily, but for the past week or so, I have been able to control my mood and emotions more easily. I probably got used to having more test in my system.

    acne has become more and more of a problem. for the first 2 weeks, there was nothing, but for the last week and a half, i have felt really oily, especially my hair, face, and back. my face didnt break out, but my chest, shoulders, back and tris started to get a little zitted out. no big deal though...just had to wear sleeves to the gym if i was feeling self conscious.

    I'll post again soon and take measurements, to track progress a little better as opposed to my descriptions. My biggest regret is that I didnt take before.during/after photos. lesson learned, and i will do that for all future logs.


  4. Looks like the stak worked great! Would you be interested in doing a testimonial for us and maybe some after pics.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by JOHNJESSICA20 View Post
    Looks like the stak worked great! Would you be interested in doing a testimonial for us and maybe some after pics.
    Yeah, let me know what you need, and I would be happy to get it done.

  6. Here are some pics I took tonight after my lift. Still need a lot of work, however, I am very pleased with my progress so far.

    I forgot to take a front "most muscular", and my front biceps flex came out blurry...should have checked that after my friend took it for me. I'll post more, hopefully improved, pics later in the week.

    I can't wait to get on my cuttinf cycle...I have my diet and SANS Tight! Xtreme lined up, as well as a new lifting/cardio regimen to get the definition better. That will be an 8 week jaunt, after a 4 week PCT.

    Also, on the back flexed, I kinda stopped is what it is though...i I can work on posing later :bb3:

  7. Today is my last day on the 1-Andro and the 4-Ad...i'll post some new stats either tonight or tomorrow..whenever i can get on a scale and whenever i can get around to taking some measurements.

  8. Took my last doses of 1-Andro and 4-AD last night. I start the Toremifene today. I'm going to go with a flat does of 60mg/day once in the morning, for four (4) weeks.

    to celebrate finishing my cycle, i had a bigmac, a double cheeseburger and a chicken sandwich...after 4 weeks of cycle support, it tasted pretty effing good

  9. Thank you to everyone who followed along with my AMS log. It was a great experience, including learning about the products, the sick gains that I made, and also, the great feedback I got from the people who followed closely and didnt hesitate to give me advice.

    Here is my newest log. I will make this one even more complete than I tried to make this one for AMS. Give it a read, and any feedback would be awesome



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