MassFX/hyperdrolx2 LOGGAGE

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  1. MassFX/hyperdrolx2 LOGGAGE

    Alright homeys this is my first log, but I will be logging my progress with massfx and hyperdrol x2

    I'll also be stacking neovar recomped, and the new NOshotgun for acute kidney failure lol.

    As for food i'm on a "seefood" diet for the winter

    Today is my 2nd day on them dosing them each at 4 caps a day

    2hyperdrol in the morning after breakfist, and 2 before bed.

    2 mass fx 4-6 hours or so later. on workout days 45 mins preworkout. and then again 4-6 hours later

    So typically

    Off day:


    4:00pm 2 mass fx

    9:00pm 2 mass fx

    1:00am 2 hyperdrols

    On day:


    2massfx at X time-45 mins preworkout

    2 mass fx x-time-4-6 hours afterworkout

    2hyperdrols 1:00am

    Ill cover the two days so far in this post

    Upon my first dose of hyperdrol sunday I was pretty damn sick, I must be pretty forksolin sensitive because I was nearly doubled over with stomach pain which subsided about four hours or so later, I suspensefully took mass fx a few hours later but no sides, as for night dose I took my hyperdrols with a ****load of water and it didnt seem to bother me.

    Today-Monday- ****ing christ I thought i was going to die this morning, I took two hyperdrols with breakfist, and a large cup of coffee before class, and 5 minutes into the class I have the most uncomfortable ****/barf/dizzy/disorientated feeling where i counted down every second of every minute till i got the hell out of there, I came home drank alot of water ate a little something and slept for about two hours and woke up better, took my 2 mass fx at 5:30 hit the gym 6:30 and did legs (which I had taken a break from so lost some size/strength)


    Leg press

    Stiff legged deads (I dunno about you but my hams are substantially molested after squats/press)


    Seated calve raise
    225(5 plates)x6

    My gym dosent have the 45degree calve raise so I had to opt for standing on the back of the military press bench and doing a calve extentsion excercise.

    I'm not sure if it's a placebo but i felt like the man today strutting away fromt he squat rack, welcome to the jungle blasting in my headphones, and after my workout i was still ready for war pacing outside with some euphoric feelings till my ride came and got me

    Alrighty I shall report back tomorrow !

  2. I havent yet recived my neovar/shotgun yet I'll let you know when it becomes part of the regimen

    Forget to note Starting weight:170

  3. should be a sweet bulk!

  4. any questions in regards to the Neovar Recomped let me know! Good luck with the run!
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  5. will do bro

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  7. Alright guys my bad about posting so late but I didnt get much sleep last night(not because of supps) and was at school from 9-6 so i was exhausted to say the least, I lowered my morning dose of hyperdrol to one, and increased my water take, only mild stomach discomfort this time, i suppose im adjusting, so I came home took a power nap until about 8 o clock or so and still being tired as **** i had alot of motivation to hit the gym so today was chest (weak from exhaustion but still managed to bang it out with aggression rawr)

    Flat bench

    Incline bench (was signifigantly weak today, but like I said just from the long day)


    Weighted dips


    threw in a set of DB squeeze press

    Again i'm not sure if it's kicking in yet, or its just placebo but i felt like the ****ing man after my workout like a giddy school girl with an impressive set of bulging deltoids :bb3:


  8. try using db instead of BB. you wil see more growth imo
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by TexasLifter89 View Post
    try using db instead of BB. you wil see more growth imo
    100 %

  10. Hell no man, I really see nothing from DBs, barbell just blows my chest up, genetically though my chest dosent like to grow, but bench is where its at for me. I think theres studies to suggest BB stimulates more fiber?

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Fatal Wisdom View Post
    Hell no man, I really see nothing from DBs, barbell just blows my chest up, genetically though my chest dosent like to grow, but bench is where its at for me. I think theres studies to suggest BB stimulates more fiber?
    you have it opposite. the BB will help widen your chest, but for growth its all about the DB's. You will see growth in stabilizer muscles that BB doesnt hit as well as target muscles. Form as always is essential. Try is again. Use supersets though chest/back.
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  12. Alright guys, got my NO shotgun today, as i've stated before I dont have a car so im kind of at the mercy of others to get to the gym, and today it didnt happen HOWEVER luckily i've got a barbell with about 100 pounds of weights or so and i had myself a dirty jailhouse workout, it wasnt enough weight so i found some full paint cans and put them on the ends of the bar hahah, but the **** it was hard as hell on the eccentric part of the lifting, intensity was vicious today and aggression was lion kingish

    So today did what I could
    standing olympic bar curls
    Pretty good estimate at the weight was close to 150 so well just say

    Concentration curls

    Laying tricept extensions with olympic bar

    DB kickbacks

    Pumps were AWESOME, I snapped a picture but it hardly does them justice, Ill take better ones in the weeks to come

  13. Hey guys, sorry it's been awhile since i've posted we're moving out of my current house so its been a brutal couch hurling couple of days

    I couldnt make it to the gym thursday so I took off, but friday was shoulders

    Military BB press

    Arnold db press

    Standing side db lateral raises

    closegrip Upright BB rows

    And saturday I did back after a two week break because I had pulled a muscle

    BB rows

    One armed DB rows

    Weighted sternum pull ups
    dropped the weight and did 8

    Notes: Libido is up a tad, and the feeling of overall goodness is def present, I will probably be uping my dose back up to 4 hyperdrols a day but something like 1 pill each few hours, 2 at a time kills my stomach

  14. you're either a lot stronger than you look or your numbers are off.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Manimalia View Post
    you're either a lot stronger than you look or your numbers are off.
    Nah man i am actually pretty strong, growth is iffy though

  16. Quote Originally Posted by Fatal Wisdom View Post
    Nah man i am actually pretty strong, growth is iffy though
    well, i sure as hell wish i was back up there, mayn. i gotta say i'm a little jealous.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by Manimalia View Post
    well, i sure as hell wish i was back up there, mayn. i gotta say i'm a little jealous.

    yeah but its rough on the joints homey i really need to switch off to some volume training, prob after this stack because I wanna see how much strength increases

  18. Sorry it's been so long guys very busy with this move, and i've been exhausted So ill post my last three workouts

    Monday: Legs


    Leg press

    Stiff legged deadlifts

    Seated calf raise
    270x5 (6plates)

    Notes: leg strength is DEF on the rise, and when i got done with my workout i felt like ****ing leonidas ready to charge into battle

    Tuesday I didnt get a chance to go

    Wensday: Chest

    Flat bench

    incline bench

    Weighted dips
    Bodyweight + two 45s
    Dropped a 45 cuz my shoulders were toast

    I was training my friend aswell today so i didnt quite feel "into it" a mediocre workout I was at 300 for 3 not too long back but for some reason my strength dropped, but im slowly working my way back up im going to try 295 for 3-4 next week.


    olympic bar curls two 45s

    135x3-These are brutal lol

    Generic DB curls

    Standing ez bar curl

    Threw in a set of db hammer curls for the hell of it


    Skull crushers with the ez bar could def do way more with a spot


    DB kickbacks

    And a set of cable pushdowns


    Arm pumps were insane today

  19. Oh yeah, I also got my neovar recomped last week, so im also stacking that xD

    As far as libido goes its hit or mass like yesterday I had a raging mega huge boner before class and today eh i could care less

  20. Hahah I was hoping if i did i'd get some mutated super powers that allowed me to get inside the minds of unsuspecting females and force them to undress

  21. LOL

    The worst part is whoever gave you cpr was most likely a dude or an old lady

  22. Alright guys been awhile my bad, finally just got internet up in this *****

    Took the weekend off got pretty damn smashed on saturday night So i was expecting to be weak on monday for legs but it was QUITE the opposite alright so this week so far

    Monday: legs


    Leg press

    Stiff legged deads

    seated calve raise

    HOLY ****, I was not expecting to be able to even do 375 once let alone rep it, strength in legs is certainly titanic at the moment.

    tuesday: off

    Today: wensday, chest.

    I've developed this weird little hard bump on on my wrist and its painful as ****, I have very little range of motion with my wrist.

    But whatever went along and tried to truck through todays chest workout

    Flat bench-Wow hurt soo bad i had to drop weight signifigantly


    Incline DB press

    Weighted dips-ouch as well lol
    one plate x8
    one plate and a 25 x8

    Also intensity wasnt really there today more as frustration was because of the pain, tommorrow is arms so well see how that goes.

    As far as libido, I seem to be really horny in the morning lol like an hour to two after i wake up, aggression is defff up people are making some comments lol

  23. Due to the unpopularity of the log and wrist injury which seems to have cured itself now I havent really posted, BUT I will post my end results of the 4 week run

    Today was chest and i had a PR max on flat bench for 335x1

    I am also weighting in at 176 pounds so i'm +6.

    Ill be doing the rest of my maximal lifts throughout the week

  24. Quote Originally Posted by thesinner View Post
    335 1RM is pretty good for 176lbs.

    Nice job.

    Eager to see your final results.
    yeah thats real good.........

    all the way to the chest?, or like all the kids at my gym........just like squats, shallow?

    if its to the chest with no bounce, thats real good.


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