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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Hoomgar View Post
    Really curious to see how you did bro. If your shoulder is still not where you want it to be, PM me, I want to run something past you and see what you think.
    thanks for following along bro!

  2. Tues 9/23, Chest, Shock Therapy (and Intra-Aid)

    used FST-7 and decided to hit the db's to see how my shoulder held up...
    shoulder/rot cuff warm-up exercises
    machine chest press
    inc db presses
    inc HS chest press
    pec deck (1st time i could use this machine since about a year ago)
    7-set: fly machine, 15 reps per set, really focusing on squeezing my pecs at the end.

    energy & focus:
    i took a few extra days off from the gym and i was itching to get in there...
    i had that kind of unfocused energy that i have come to expect from ST.
    i'm kind of in a daze from all fo the energy, until i have some iron in my hand, that is, then it's game-on.

    excellent. my shoulder was giving me problems and popping on the db's presses, so i did an extra set.
    also, on the HS press, my shoulder gave on my last set, so i dropped the weight and did 2 more sets of slow, concentrated reps.
    even on my "7-set" i got all of my reps and increased the weight a little.

    very good. i didn't think i was that pumped until i tried to flex my pecs and realized they were about as pumped as they could get... whoa.

    overall thoughts:
    i'm starting to really see the difference between Pump and ST now that i'm paying attention to it.

    stamina is good and i like the effect of Intra-aid even though i've only used it twice so far.
    mixed 1.5 scoops Intra-Aid with 0.5 scoop of grape Gatorade and a full shaker of cold water.... yum!

  3. Thurs 9/25, Back (and Traps), Shock Therapy (and Intra-Aid)

    been feeling a bit run-down and tired this week...
    so i decided to mix 1/2 scoop of ST with a scoop of IA for intra-wo in addition to my pre-wo serving of ST.

    didn't use the FST-7 on my back as i'm trying to do some overal width movements and i really didn't feel like it, haha

    went down like this:
    assisted pullups (warm-up and stretching)
    lat pulldowns (several different grips, good warmups)
    bb bent over rows
    HS high pulldown (several single arm sets and dropsets)
    low cable rows
    jailhouse bb rows (used 25's for more range of motion a la BigAnt and Vinny G)

    had a good pump in my back, and i decided to do some shrugs...
    bb shrugs a la The House (normal grip + wide grip + reverse in the rack)
    db shrugs (elbows bent, high contraction, just to finish them off)

    energy & focus:
    that unfocused ST "rage" that i've come to know and love
    ST gives me a whole lot of energy and i'm kind of in a daze until i grab the weight.

    very good - as you can see, i was beat before i went into the gym, but once i got going, i didn't want to leave.

    good. i was really focusing on mind-muscle connection with my back.
    i think i have thickness, but my width is severly lacking...
    i'm going to try to "will" some width back there, haha.
    my back was pumped pretty much the rest of the night.

    overall thoughts:
    IA + grape ST is TASTY.
    also, i really think IA helps my workout stamina, but i'll use it a little longer before i make that statement.

    i really think that using IA intra-wo makes me hungrier post-wo...
    usually Torrent satisfies me and i don;t really want to eat until about 45 mins after it.
    since using IA, i need to eat ASAP after downing my Torrent (i still try to wait 20 - 30 mins).
    maybe IA is keeping/making me more anabolic?
    i will continue to monitor.

  4. that was my last "official" log post regarding the Animal Pump/Shock Therapy comparo.
    i plan to place my vote and comments in the official poll thread.

  5. sooo... AP or ST?
    SFW and GFH

  6. Thumbs up

    Great review/log!!!

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Inarius View Post
    sooo... AP or ST?
    well, it has been fun comparing these two products...
    i have used them both regularly in the past, but never stopped to actually compare them.

    first thing is that both of these products worked for me, each with different advantages.
    here's my take on them both:

    Animal Pump
    - convenient: i like just slamming down a pack
    - energy: smooth and sustained
    - focus: excellent mental focus during workout
    - flexibility: ability to remove stims
    - pumps: good solid pumps

    Shock Therapy
    - powder mixes quickly and easily and tastes decent.
    - energy: kick in the ass! if you're feeling rundown or tired, ST will get you through your workout.
    - intensity: the energy in ST really gets me going
    - pumps: very "full" pumps and vascularity

    Winner: Animal Pump.
    overall, i prefer the smooth, sustained energy and focus from the red pill.
    when you combine that with the convenience of the pack, ability to remove the stims, and good pumps, it's tough to beat this combo.

    that being said, i pretty much always have a tub of ST and Storm in my cupboard.
    these are two products that work, are cheap, and a tub lasts for a long time.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by MrDead View Post
    Great review/log!!!
    thanks bro, glad you like it!
  9. Thumbs up

    Deff was an interesting way to keep this log rolling Joe. Great review!

  10. great stuff bud!
    SFW and GFH

  11. chest workout from sat 9/27 and leg workout from 9/29 to be added soon...
  12. Talking

    Quote Originally Posted by joeyamma View Post
    chest workout from sat 9/27 and leg workout from 9/29 to be added soon...


  13. Quote Originally Posted by joeyamma View Post
    chest workout from sat 9/27 and leg workout from 9/29 to be added soon...
    Lookin forward to some major work!

  14. Sat 9/27, Chest

    back to Animal Pump.
    hit up my boy "broken"'s gym in wexford, pa...
    tried benching for the first time since surgery.
    went down like this:

    flat bb bench, worked up to about 205 or so, nice controlled reps, focusing on form and feeling it in my chest.

    inc db press (about 35 degrees not 45 degrees like i see guys using - too much front delt!!!)...
    worked up to 90lb dbs.
    shoulder was cracking and popping and pretty much gave out on my last set around rep 7, but i made it through.

    at this point we went over to the water fountain to water down the Intra-Aid in our shakers
    and ended up shooting hoops for a little while... don't ask me why, but it was funny as hell.

    pec deck (went heavier than i have in awhile)

    decline HS press
    1 pie, 2 pies, 3 pies (ouch), then
    1 pie: 10 each arm, 10 alt, 10 both arms
    threw in some cable x-overs to stretch and burn things up.

    hit up some Torrent (CBB) and then headed over to Brighton Hot Dog Shop for some good eats...
    (the western PA guys know what i'm talkin bout)

  15. Mon 9/29, Leg day

    Animal Pump (pre)
    Intra-Aid + Fruit punch Storm (intra-wo)
    Torrent (CBB) (post)

    warm-up on eliptical

    bb squats, lighter weight, atg

    smith front squats, same weight + a little more...
    allowed me to focus on my quads

    leg press
    2 pies each side x 50 reps, added pies to each side and did 15-20 reps...
    went up to 6 pies on each side, then drop-set back to 2 pies per side to pump.... that burned

    super-setted, leg extensions w/ lying leg curl...
    no rest between sets, go thru 4 sets, drop-setted on the last set.

    limped to my car.

  16. Weds 10/1, Chest

    out-of-town for work...
    went to the gym in downtown harrisburg for a quick session...
    i felt pretty decent for eating my first two meals at my office
    and then protein bars and almonds during the drive out, haha.

    Animal Pump (pre)
    Intra-Aid + Fruit punch Storm (intra-wo)
    EAA's + protein shake (post)

    shoulder/rot cuff warmup

    inc db presses, nothing too exciting here

    decline bb smith press
    went in the smith so that i wouldn't have to worry about the shoulder or balancing.
    really focus on flexing my chest and feeling every rep.

    machine chest press, 4 solid sets

    flat db flies (threw this in just to get a stretch and see how the shoulder felt with it)

    pec deck ss w/ cable x-unders, 4 sets
    threw in a 21 set of cable x-overs at the end.

    i had about 20 mins before the gym closed, so i decided to hit shoulders too...

    db shoulder press, 5 sets
    very slow and controlled, focused on form

    seated db side raises + rear raises, 3 sets

    cable front raises + cable side raises, 3 sets, 2 drop-sets at the end.

    hit the sandwich shop on the walk back to the hotel...
    roast beef grinder w/ extra roast beef... yum!

  17. Looked like a solid ass workout Joe... Great work!

  18. still looking good bud!
    SFW and GFH
  19. Talking

    Hey, whats goin on in this thread?


  20. Quote Originally Posted by Hoomgar View Post
    Hey, whats goin on in this thread?
    Hg, keeping me in line!
  21. Talking

    Quote Originally Posted by joeyamma View Post
    Hg, keeping me in line!

    Naa bro, that is what a chiropractor is for, keeping you in line

    I'm just checkin in on ya


  22. Sat 10/4, Back and Bi's

    focusing on trying to get some width to my back.
    thickness seems to come a bit easier than width for me.
    did a few quick giant sets of bi's as the gym was closing.

    Animal Pump
    IA + Storm

    weight-assisted pull-ups and chins
    pulldowns, several sets, several grips
    bent over bb rows (light)
    HS low row
    HS pulldown
    low cable row w/ wide grip attachment

    bi's, giant set, about 3 times:
    bb curl
    preacher curl machine
    db curl
    cable curl (to failure)

    back was pumped and bi's were hurting!
    i was literally the last one out of the gym...
    the girl who was working the front desk didn't seem too happy with working right up to closing time,,,
    oh well, i had to get my workout in!

  23. Quote Originally Posted by joeyamma View Post
    i was literally the last one out of the gym...
    the girl who was working the front desk didn't seem too happy with working right up to closing time,,,
    oh well, i had to get my workout in!

    Good stuff Joe. I love being the last one out and getting glares as you leave LOL!


  24. That girl needed to work her full shift anyway

  25. haha, good point!
    she was getting paid until close, so i guess i was just getting my membership dues worth!

  26. i figured i owed a little bit of an update...
    i don't have a set lifting schedule, but just making sure that i hit the big muscle groups each week... legs, back, chest.
    i haven't been working arms directly very often because i'm trying to bring up my legs (quads),
    back (width), and also get my chest and shoulder back to where they were pre-surgery.

    i have started throwing in some direct shoulder work now that i can do it again.
    also, i will throw some bi's in there (usually after back) because mine are small compared to my tri's (and calves)

    i hope that made some sense?

    Tues 10/7, Cardio + shoulders
    felt like crap an decided to do an hour of cardio.
    did 1/2 hr on the elip, then 1/2 hr on the tread while i watched the beginning of the pres debate.
    thought i'd throw in a quick shoulder workout.
    rot cuff warmup
    giant set x3: lat raises, rear raises, front raises
    lateral raise machine
    db shoulder press
    cable work, worked through front, mid, rear delts to burn out and pump.

  27. Thurs 10/9, Back
    did pretty much every pull or row you can thing off, haha
    assisted pullup and chins (warmup)
    lat pulldowns, several grips
    ss w/ cybex pulldown freeweight pulldown machine
    bb bent over rows
    HS pulldowns
    t-bar rows ss w/ low rows
    cybex row machine, lightweight to burn and pump (high reps)

    Animal Pump
    IA + EAA Nitro!!! awesome!!!
    Torrent, CBB of course

  28. Sat 10/11, Chest

    waited to do chest until today so that i was sure that my shoulders were recovered (from 10/7 workout)...

    shoulder warm-up
    inc db presses
    inc db flies ss w/ decline bb press
    HS chest press ss w/ pec deck
    fly machine ss w/ cable x-overs + unders (good burn, stretch, & pump)

    Animal Pump
    IA + EAA Nitro FTW

    i've been having a problem getting a good pump in the right side of my chest (side where i had shoulder surgery)...
    i really focused on contracting my pecs on every rep
    had a good pump in my chest, esp my upper and outer chest.
    next chest workout i'm going to see if my shoulder is ready for Gironda dips.

  29. It's great to see you back at it with this intensity Joe. BTW, the Equine liniment gets my endorsement as well now. You may want to try some on that shoulder.

    IA+EAA Nitro is the drink of warriors! :squat:


  30. how much weight are you moving around bud?
    SFW and GFH


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