Animal Instincts to GFH!

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  1. Animal Instincts to GFH!

    yohead's ANIMAL INSTINCTS to Gettin' F*ckin' Huge!

    The GFH Stack
    Animal Pak: Daily
    Universal Uni-Liver: 12 daily; 4 capsules for 3 meals spread out over my daily diet.
    Animal Nitro: 1 Pack 30-45 minutes pre workout; 1 pack immediately post workout.
    Animal Test: 1 pack with last meal prior to working out.
    Animal Stak: 30-45 min pre workout
    Universal Torrent: 30 minutes after post workout Nitro serving
    Universal Real Gains: Taken to help add extra cals/carbs/protein into lean clean bulking diet.
    Animal M-Stak: To be taken after 42 days of Test/Stak combo.
    Universal Natural Sterol Complex: 6 capsules daily starting after the first can of Test/Stak.

  2. My Goals
    For those that don't know, I plan on making my stage debut next fall. Therefore during this off season (from now until I think I need to start cutting/prepping) I will be trying to put on as much lean mass as possible while keeping the bf at a minimum. I know its inevitable to put on some bf while bulking, but with the hopes of clean bulking, I am looking at putting on some good quality weight. I am also wanting to bring up a lot of my weak points (back, arms, legs, insert others here). Doing so I will be training 5 days a week. However, on the 5th day I will be more than likely hitting one of my weak points that was hit on Monday up again with a different variety of lifts in hopes of bringing everything up. I will be performing ab work every other day and forearm work every other day that I don't do abs. Cardio will be kept at a minimum but I will still do some sparingly and light jogs here and there to keep everything in check.

    Since I have so many of my workouts up in my journey and with the Iron Mulisha, I won't bother posting each workout, but rather just highlights and experiences from the workout and from the products. If you really want to know the nitty gritty about what I did throughout the whole workout, then please check out my other logs or journey or just PM me and I will let ya know. I am hoping to also increase my strength on this stack as well and look forward to seeing some great results.

    My previous experiences with Animal Test/Stak lead me to recomp my body while putting on some lean mass and dropping inches off my waist. My strength also went through the roof as well and I literally felt like Venom off of Spider Man. I am hoping to double this effect by running it for 42 days nonstop.

    I put this up in the sponsored supp section, because some of the products I won through various promos, i.e. the leg workout to get 2 cans of stak and the favorite animal/universal product for a can of test. All the others, I had to pinch pennies and purchase, but it will be well worth it.

    Thanks for all your support.

    Additional Information.
    I have been running this log over at another forum and am going to transport as much of it as I can over here. I will be posting and updating as much as possible. Currently, I just finished my first can of test/stak and will be posting up measurements/progress pictures very soon. I am digging the supps.

  3. Day 1.

    Day One.
    Workout Highlights: Today was Chest/ Triceps (One Exercise) / Abs.
    -Set a PR on incline BB bench of 245x5
    -Did some rest pauses on Incline BB to really finish my pecs off
    -Did some negatives with DB flat bench
    -Cable Crossovers felt great; Decline flys were a great contraction; Dips were decent.. a lil down I just did BW on these but hey I am coming back from a week long vacation.
    -Triceps, just felt super huge during the rope pressdowns.. did 6 amazing sets here with an incredible arm pump.
    -Abs, I originally aimed to do 1K reps on abs, 200 reps of 5 exercises, however after 20 minutes and barely able to move, I only completed 500 quality reps of the 5 exercises (100 each). I opted to just be done as oppose to sacrifice form/quality to get the other 500. Gonna havta work my way up to these

    -Today I just had an insane mind/muscle connection... the pump was unbelievable.
    -I flexed my chest inbetween sets and it was just full of blood. Felt amazing.
    -I nearly choked to death trying to swallow both Nitro and Stak at the same time pre workout. Seriously its a lot of pills.
    -Diet was pretty strong today... Real Gains (Strawberry) tastes amazing BTW... had a lil trouble mixing it up as it kept clumping up... argh.

  4. crazy stack, good luck, you should have awesome results
    Mr. Supps Board Rep
  5. Day 2 & 3

    Day Two & Three.
    Workout Highlights: Legs (Day 2) / Back (Day 3)
    -I felt like utter ass today after getting a tetanus shot and the Nurse telling me I was going to feel light headed, woozy, upset stomach... **** I paid that no mind I'm an Animal right? WRONG... on the 4th set of squats I about fell over. Was re-damn-diculous.... was so damn naucious feeling... I puked in my mouth during a superset of lunges and straight leg deads. I didn't wanna lose the supps, so I just swallowed it back down. Afterwards, I laid in the floor and just had to take a breather for about ten minutes. Stupid tetanus vaccine...
    -Did some work on squats with my feet together to try and bring up my outer sweep and did a lot of ATG. Did one semi heavy set and then went right back to ATG and feet together.
    -Quads, Hammies, and calves felt great at the end...
    -Was drenched in sweat and could barely catch my breath...
    -My arm is sore as **** now from where I got that shot...hoping to feel better for tomorrow.

    Day 3
    -Destroyed my back in a quick, easy straight to point workout. Felt good going simple and just focused on the contractions and pump. Didn't annihalate but did stimulate.
    -Pull ups I felt stronger...
    -BO BB Rows felt great alot of volume did a dropset...
    -Did a good amount of volume on seated cable rows and a killer drop set...
    -Moved up in the weight on the BB curls today and used the various grips.. I feel like my arms are def growing.
    -Just did cable crunches from left, middle, right and felt good. I was super setting these with the bb curls.

    -Today was just utter ass.. I grinded the workout just by my sheer testicular fortitude. Was hard as hell to finish, I scrapped leg presses and opted for lying leg curls and leg extensions. I was surprised I did as much as I did.
    -I still say Nitro has a **** ton of pills LMAO...
    -I argued with the Nurse about getting the shot because she kept telling me to stop flexing and tensing my arm... I really wasn't it was just lying there which is what I kept trying to tell her...argh.
    -This should be the last hoop I have to jump through before I start school on the 25th.
    -Torrent was soo damn good today....
    -I mixed the banana and strawberry real gains and had a damn good treat. Added some PB and I was in heaven.
    -So far so good with the bulk...people are telling me I look bigger.
    -Will try and get some progress pics up either late this weekend or early next. Official weigh in and measurements will be Monday or Tuesday.
    -Today was a lot better than yesterday tetanus fiasco. Felt good and focused in there.
    -Despite the short quick and to the point workout I was drenched in sweat and pounding away at the weights. I just went from one set to the other...
    -Good mind/muscle connection...
    -Got the nitro down no problem...
    -I am loving being able to mix the green apple torrent with the cherry... good stuff.
    -Also love being able to mix banana and strawberry real gains..
    -Today's diet was more shakes due to not having time to prepare food (the girls in town)... but I feel I am still getting my quality cals from 2 real gains shakes. No worries....
    -I am gonna continue takin the supps on the weekends (off days) but with only one gallon of water as opposed to the 2 that I normally drink on training days. I'll do a weekend update this Sunday and let ya know how things have gone.

  6. Day 4 & 5

    Day Four and Five.
    Workout Highlights: Weekend Relaxing.
    -Had to work Saturday which was ass...
    -Ate a great tasting set of ribs and hot wings at BWW
    -Kept the diet pretty clean over the weekend... high protein, long naps, lotta rest...
    -My legs are still hurting... that feet together squats killed me.

    -Been taking the Test with a meal on my off days; The Stak in-between meals... and the pak first thing in the morning with a meal. Uni-Liver still spread over the meals...
    -I am getting measurements/weight checked first thing in the AM tomorrow.
    -Working on getting some starting point pics up as well
    -These aren't the best lighting...pretty inexperienced camera man who didn't wait until I finished my pose before taking some.
    -These are a start.. I am proud of my back progress for sure.
    -I see my waist isn't as tight as I have had it in the past but I am bulking so I can deal with this.
    -My arms I thought looked a little bigger...
    -Thighs have improved... tough to really see 'em...
    -I blacked out my face HG style just because I had goofy ass faces on each one of 'em.
    -Gonna take some more in around 2 to 3 weeks...
    -I def gotta work on my poses....

    Updated Progress Pics
    Back Double Bi

    Rear Lat Spread

    Front Double Bi (Taken Before I was fully able to turn my wrists and all that crap)

    Front Double Bi (Taken further out)

    Thigh Shot

    Calve Shot

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Reaper329 View Post
    crazy stack, good luck, you should have awesome results
    Thanks R. I am just putting in that work.

  8. Day 6.
    Workout Highlights: Chest/ Tris/ Abs
    -Destroyed Flat Bench for first time in a month and set a PR... 335 x 1
    -Used 405 for negatives on flat bench as well
    -Best pump ever from super setting incline DBs w/ incline flys and then Cable Crossovers w/ Pushups
    -Tris felt great and abs are feeling tight.

    -Took the test/stak/nitro easy this morning
    -I am keeping track of all the calz I get in today so I will have a rough total of where I stand at the end of today as well.
    -Had people staring at me during the workout.
    -My training partner said I blasted 335 easily. He didn't think I was going to be able to get it due to how slow I brought it down but he said I just exploded up with it.

    PRs -- Goals
    -Bench: 320 / Got 335 today... (365 "hopefully by end of year"... 405 "long term")
    -Squat: ~530/540 ... Wanna pop 'em lower by the end of the year and increase on 'em... long term 600.
    -Deadlift: 455 / Wanna get 500 by end of year and very long term 600.

    -Weighed twice this morning at : 216.

    Before / After (Change)

    Arms: 16.5 / 16.75 (+ 0.25) F*cks YEAH!

    Chest: ~45.25 / 45.3 (A lil growth but nothing special)

    Shoulders: ~54.5 / 54.6 (A lil growth but nothing special)

    Thighs: ~24.5 / 25.25 (+ 0.75) Hells yeah.

    Calves: 16.6 / ~16.6 (A lil growth but nothing special)

    Neck: 16 1/16 / 16.1 (barely) (My neck was barely at 16.1, it has decreased some)

    Forearms: 12.75 / ~13 (+ 0.25)

    Waist: 34.25 / ~36 (+ 1.75) Had a lil gain here, but I wasn't quite at 36.. I just rounded it up as it was more like 35.8 or 35.9. Still feel this is in part due to the sloppy beach vacation. It's alright though no worries.

  9. Day 7.
    Workout Highlights: Back/Bis
    -Pullups I felt a lot stronger today.. my partner commented on my V shape during these.
    -Rack pulls.. got a PR for reps with 405... pulled 455 a lot better than the first time I did it... and attempted 495.. I moved it maybe an inch LOL... something to work towards.
    -Did old school prison style v bar BB rows... Felt incredible.. haven't done these in like 4 or 5 months and they were just awesome.. got another comment on my back "said I looked wide and thick"
    -Using the various diff grips on pull ups and lat pulldowns really hit my back from different angles.. loving it. In this same sense the straight bar bb curls at different grips really pumped my bis up.

    -Supps all went down easy.. I have now gotten use to taking nitro.
    -I counted out my cals and so forth yesterday... I now know I NEED more calories and I need MORE grams of protein. Today I am aiming for at least 3500 cals and 350+ grams of Protein with fewer carbs. Should be a looong day
    -Was happy with my rack pulls today and my back is nice and tight as I sit here. Time to get huge.

  10. Day 8.
    Workout Highlights: Delts/Traps/Forearms/Abs
    -I just went in there like a man possessed today and destroyed myself in 47 minutes. It was pure hell.
    -Superset smith machine militarys with BTNs... utter delt pumpage
    -Did a nonstop circuit of delts/traps to make anyone's upper body sore (bb shrugs; db shrugs; bb upright rows; seated side lats; seated bo db raises)
    -Did another nonstop circuit of abs/forearms (leg raises; seated bb wrist curls; standing bb reverse wrist curls; ab machine)
    -Needless to say, I was worn the hell out at the end of this. I was so pumped, when I went to get a drink from my gallon jug, I couldn't hold it upright and it fell outta my hands.
    -Yesterdays diet was around ~4000 Cals; ~375.78 grams of Protein; ~225.38 grams of Carbs (I didn't do any of that subtracting for good carbs or fiber or anything like that just listed carbs as carbs); ~108.42 grams of fat. These are just estimates. Gonna try and aim for around 3500 cals and a lil less carbs today and moar protein! Just finished eating 2 big ass 7 oz chicken breasts.

    -I was in the zone today... I just put in my headphones, kept my head down, and kept pounding away. I didn't end till I was done, dripping sweat, and could barely move my arms.
    -I am just focused on progressing.

  11. Wheelz.

  12. Day 9.
    Workout Highlights: Wheelz
    -Stayed under an hour for the workout and walked out limping.
    -Did 100 reps on feet together ATG BB Squats
    -Did 100 reps on leg press diff foot positions
    -Did 100 reps on leg press calf raises diff foot positions
    -Superset leg ext with seated leg curls and was OUT!
    -Yesterdays diet was around ~3250 Cals; ~350 grams of Protein; ~175 grams of Carbs (I didn't do any of that subtracting for good carbs or fiber or anything like that just listed carbs as carbs); ~135-140 grams of fat.
    -Need more cals and protein as always..did a better job with carbs
    -Ran a light mile early this morning just to get my legs ready for the hell

    -Just kept pounding away at the sets... felt damn good.
    -Had a great workout and was in the zone. My back, traps, and delts still kill me.
    -I have transfer student orientation today and will be the guy limping and hobbling around.

  13. Day 10.
    Workout Highlights:
    -Today I did 2 sessions.
    -First session, I focused on my arms and really superset the everlasting **** out of them. Bi/Tris... destroyed.
    -I got a comment that my arms looked a lot bigger and rounded than when the guy last saw me around early summer. Was happy as **** about this.
    -Destroyed CGBP w/ 225 and did some heavy ass incline skull crushers set a PR on them now that I think of it.
    -I could barely move my arms when I was done and it hurt to do anything.
    -Session 2: I focused on bringing up a weak part... upper chest... destroyed incline BB with 225 and did some deep stretches
    -Forgot to mention superset incline bb with db pullovers... hell of a stretch
    -Superset some hammer strength chest machine with cable crossovers and focused on my pecs squeezing and contracting.
    -Did a superset of lower abs and an ab crunch machine and was out in 35 minutes. Drenched in sweat while one guy was still on his first lift in the gym (I only know this cuz we entered at the same time)

    -Walk softly and carry a big stick... don't know but it just fits today.
    -Eating my ass off to grow...
    -No longer doing double sessions as I listened to my body and know I need more rest.
    -Enjoying a weight gainer shake w/ oats, pb, strawberries, and creatine as I type this.
    -Waiting on the test to kick in...
    -Still going strong and maintaining as of now....
    -Gonna eat big and rest big all weekend.

  14. Days 11, 12, 13.
    Workout Highlights:
    -This weekend my tris have been sore as hell the entire time. Took the doses as normal... still haven't felt the test kick in but I know its coming.
    -Been eating a lot of protein all weekend...went out to eat at Red Lobster with the misses.
    -I start school Monday (day 13)... that's pretty much it for the weekend.
    -Day 13, I busted ass and destroyed my back/abs this morning.
    -Woke up early at 5:30 and busted out a workout. Ran a soft mile and then some minor ab work (decline sit ups; hanging knee raises)
    -I did some pull ups... did a pyramiding style of rack pulls... got up to 405 for 8 reps and then 405 again for 6 or 7 reps. Worked back down to 315. Felt good. Back pump was INSANE.
    -DB rows... focused on the lats pulling the DB back up as opposed to the biceps
    -Lat pulldowns superset with seated cable rows felt great as well. Solid in the back.
    -Sat in the sauna 10 mins and it got so hot I swear my torrent was boiling.

    -I am just awaiting everything to kick in.
    -Increased soreness in my triceps this whole weekend. Felt like I was constantly done from a lifting session.
    -Back pumps today were very very tough to deal with.
    -I saw more people in my gym this morning than I have ever seen at any other time.

  15. Day 14.
    Workout Highlights: Chest
    -Man my tris are still not fully recovered from Friday's arm day. I don't know if this is the increased soreness/DOMS from the test finally starting to kick in or if I just murdered the tris. Either way it made today's chest session a little tougher.
    -Felt strong on flat bb bench today. Popped the 315 for 3 again and got it cleaner/stronger than I did last week.
    -Incline DBs... my chest was soooo fatigued/exhausted by the time I hit 95s.
    -50 reps of Dips... went deep and got an insane stretch... did 2 sets w/ a 45 strapped to me. Rest were all BW.
    -Superset cable crossovers w/ pushups and man I am loving the pump from these. My chest was so pumped it literally was visible through my shirt and appeared a lot bigger than normal.
    -Solid fawking workout... sat in the sauna afterwards for 10 min to cool down/relax.
    -Another day of school... lotta reading...
    -Woke up earlier today and got it done. Don't feel as rushed today but I am hoping to go to bed earlier tonight providing I don't have an insane amount of reading.
    -Today's diet will be a lot of oats & protein. Sucks b/c I ran out of eggs so I will be doing shakes for about 3 to 4 of the meals due to time constraints and being in class. At least I know I am getting in the quality cals.
    -I am already becoming "that guy" as I get weird looks shaking up my shakes and carrying my gallon jug with me.

    -Tris are sore as hell still. Today didn't help 'em.
    -I look bigger in the mirror. Not sure yet the effect of this as I will be weighing in next week.
    -I had a vivid dream of me picking out a new promo for Universal/Animal to run haha.

  16. Day 15.
    Workout Highlights: Wheels/ Abs
    -For the first time in awhile I felt like I was actually working my hams. I focused on the contractions with my quads, hams, calves, etc.
    -Did a lot of volume on ATG squats. Didn't go too heavy just do to my right knee being tweaked a few weeks ago but it felt good with 275 down in the hole.
    -2 sets of 315x10 and I didn't go as deep as I wanted but once again I am nursing that right knee of mine a tad. It felt good though and I should get the depth I want next time.
    -Front squats are utter hell but they have been destroying my legs.
    -Did a superset of leg extensions and ham curls... really focused on keeping my legs under constant tension and did 5 second holds at the end of each set with leg extensions.
    -Leg Press calve raises...4 by 25.. did more than 25 as I also did partials... varied toe positions etc...
    -Ab superset and my core is feeling tight.

    -I was drenched in sweat during this workout.
    -Saw veins flowing through my shins and calves like crazy.
    -When I took my shirt off at home, I appeared to look bigger but leaner. Weird to describe. I'll try and get some pics soon.
    -I am probably going to jog a light mile later today as well to try and work this blood outta my legs some. Haha they are tiiiight... like a tiger.

  17. Day 16.
    Workout Highlights: Delts / Traps
    -I work up with my hams sore as **** and some increased DOMS in my legs
    -Jogged a light mile after the workout to loosen up my legs some...felt good.
    -Standing bb presses superset with smith machine btns.... BRU-tal (pronounced brew-towel!)
    -Did House's Trap Shrug circuit that I saw in a youtube video. **** had my traps hurting.
    -Did some bentover cable raises and they were deadly.
    -Lower back got a good pump as well from the standing bb presses. I maintained strict form throughout.
    -The Trap Shrug Circuit looks like this:

    -Drenched in sweat again.
    -I think the aggression is kicking in (bout damn time) as I had a road rage incident with a guy that ran a stop sign and jumped bout 10 sec in front of my car on the way home; I blasted the horn; he slowed down to piss me off further; I passed him flipping the bird... but then again I am prone to the road rage anyway.
    -Looong day again with school and so forth. So far so good. I feel good and just feel sore. Got a good labor day coming up though.
    -That is all...

  18. Day 17.
    Workout Highlights: Arms/Abs
    -Yes, I whisper to my arms to grow each time I lift. I also entice 'em with proverbial sayings
    -I also superset the piss out of my arms with bis/tris.
    -First superset was CGBP with BB Curls... banged out 225 for 3 sets of 10 on CG and used the normal different hand positions on BB curls. Insane pump.
    -Next superset was Hammer Curls, V-Bar Pushdowns, and a new variation of tricep pushdowns. Strict form on Hammers, Added a 45 lb plate to the stack on V-Bars and my tris were insane on the new variation. Hard to describe it, but the new form is like the same handle used on low cable rows, just used with your knuckles facing each other and a pushdown all the way and stop at 90 degrees and push back down. Almost like a full extension/pushdown...insane on the ol' horse shoe.
    -Last superset was Scott Curls, Incline Skulls, OH Rope Extensions... scott curls are always hell, incline skulls went well...felt more focus on my tris than normal... OH ropes... oh yeah!
    -Abs just superset some hanging knee raises with decline situps...focused on the contractions.

    -Covered in sweat.
    -Aggression is up I believe. Alpha maleness is up as well as I just feel super Alpha. Hard to describe, but you know when you got it. Hard to miss.
    -Great focus/energy...
    -I am going to be taking my supps with me on this brief vacation and will be changing up my routine as well next week. I'll lay it out for everyone. Also doing the big weigh in monday morning and prob gonna snag some more photos.
    -Have a good labor day weekend.

  19. Days 18, 19, 20.
    Workout Highlights: Weekend / Pull?
    -I had a great time at the lake...rode a lot of jet skis.. got up to 60 mph on one haha... got a lot of rest... some good country cooking... and just relaxed. Was a good time for all...even saw some good football games.
    -Started up a new routine today... I will be employing a push, pull, legs type program... where I lift for 2 days off 1 day, 2 days on, weekend off, 2 days on, 1 day off... and so forth. Will look like, pull, push, off, legs, pull, off off, push, legs off pull push off off etc. Should be hitting it up nicely with a lot of rest to build it up.
    -I will be hitting abs, calves, forearms and light cardio as needed.
    -I did 30 min of light walking on a steep incline today for blood flow and b/c I ate a lil less than ideal over the holidays but damn it was good.
    -For the pull day, I focused on my one power move, Deadlifts... got my 10 reps of 375 very smooth, controlled, and easier than I expected. I believe this is a PR for reps for this amount of weight. Not sure. Hoping to get 405 like that soon. Guess that means I go up in weight next time
    -Focused on hyper trophy with bo bb rows; some bicep curls; hammer curls; and lat pulldowns. I had an insane pump in my arms, forearms, and back. Almost unbelievable.
    -Did some ab work at the end, nothing fancy just straight business.

    -Like usual I was drenched.
    -I felt stronger on deads... perhaps a strength boost finally coming?
    -I am already feeling sore as ****. I love this feeling.
    -Loving the new routine. I am also revamping my diet around and will put up some macros bout it tomorrow.
    -Over the weekend, I stayed on all the supps and took Nitro as soon as I woke up and when I was going to bed.
    -I will be introducing Natural Sterol Complex tomorrow as well.
    -Looking forward to tomorrow's push day.

  20. Day 21.
    Workout Highlights: Push
    -As you noticed by the day count, I am out of my first initial cans of Test/Stak. Never fear, I have more where they came from.
    -Did the push part of the routine today, my left palm is tore up from riding jet skis for so long over the holiday. Wasn't able to push like I wanted but got what I got.
    -Did some flat bb bench work for my set of 10...only managed 8 reps...gonna get the 10 next time fo sure.
    -Did some DB shoulder work right afterwards...
    Then DB side raises and then CGBP... CG was hard as **** doing it this late in the workout...none the less I prevailed.
    -Finished with some stretching and killing of the pecs with incline cable flys that I hated my form on so I will be form checking myself next time. Posed and flexed the chest afterwards to increase the blood flow nicely.
    -Gonna be doing some big things with this workout. I also did a quick fore arm routine as well.
    -Tomorrow is my off day, but I will be doing some ab work and so forth. Get that mid section tight.
    -I am going to try and get some more progress pics up this week as well and some measurements/weigh in possibly tomorrow.

    -Like usual I was drenched; screw that, I was sweating my ass off all day.
    -Started Natural Sterol as well... easy to swallow pills not really having a problem with them..besides getting them confused with my uni livers.
    -Mosquitos are all over me lately... I think they know I am an animal now....
    -Ate my ass off yesterday and took in ~3342 cals; ~334 grams protein; ~244 grams carbs; ~105 grams fats
    -My back feels super sore as **** as well.

  21. Preworkout Post


    Time to Put in That WORK!

  22. Day 22 and 23.
    Workout Highlights: Off Day & Leg Day
    -It feels so weird to have an off day during the week...I am used to just busting ass all 5 days and taking weekends off...Looking forward to growth!
    -Ate a lot of protein and just rested up for the off day and was ready to gear up for Leg day yesterday
    -Destroyed legs yesterday and have a severe case of legs are sore as ****
    -Set a PR on leg press
    -After the leg press did some high volume squats, ham curls, calve raises, and a solid circuit of leg extensions. Was on the verge of puking the entire time.
    -My hams are really gutted from yesterday and my quads are sore as hell. I didn't go too heavy on the squats but did go ATG on them. I have become a lil paranoid about my right knee lately so I haven't gone as heavy as I am used to but still moving a good amount imo.
    -For the longest time I never felt my hams getting worked... those ham curls are now destroying my hams.

    -I don't know if I mentioned it but on Off days, I take my nitro upon waking and right before bed with my night time shake.
    -Started having a HUGE increase in my libido. I mean HUGE.
    -I have been sore pretty constantly after workouts and feel like I am doing what I need to do to get big.
    -My only complaint is I wish I could get more sleep but you know with school and all that fun stuff.... NOT A CHANCE haha that's what I am gonna do on the weekend though.
    -I have actually noticed my waist staying tight and my belt doesn't feel as tight as it was. Maybe I am finally losing that bloat from the labor day festivities or maybe I am doing as I did last time I ran stak/test and putting on mass while losing BF.
    -I appear large and lean...very thick as well.
    -My bad on not taking pics... they are coming...
    -I will post today's back workout a lil later.

  23. Day 24.
    Workout Highlights: Pull Day
    -Went in there and straight destroyed back. Was like a man possessed after watching Dorian Yates.
    -Set a PR on Deads for Reps... 385x10 ... First 7 or 8 were easy as **** adn then banged out the other few remaining with very little trouble. Gonna go for 405 next time in there.
    -Focused on form and contractions with bo bb rows... speaking of form, I had people come up to me and I showed them the proper form for these two lifts. Felt good to help anyone wanting to further themselves in the gym.
    -The curls had my bis ready to explode and then the hammer curls really set them off. I felt them on my forearms as well... which is definitely a plus that I have felt since doing these cross body.
    -Finished with some intense sessions of in close lat pulldowns to really focus on wideing my back and getting my lats to flare out as much as humanly possible.
    -Did a quick ab circuit of hanging knee raises and decline situps....then stretched by hanging on a pullup bar and just letting my lats unravel so to speak. Yeah buddy.

    -I forgot to mention that I have been feeling super ALPHA lately. It's hard to describe but its just BAM it hits you. For instance my confidence goes sky high when I get super alpha as I am already pretty dominant/alpha to begin with.
    -Felt strong as hell in the gym with deads and wanted to keep going but I just stuck with the routine and said in due time young warrior.
    -During my deads, my right shin was bleeding and it just made me look like the poster boy for bad ass.
    -All in all, I am loving the stack so far and looking forward to what the tape measure says as I will be putting it to the test late Sunday/early Monday.
  24. Thumbs up

    I see ya brought it over here bro. Good move. Subbed!


  25. Quote Originally Posted by Hoomgar View Post
    I see ya brought it over here bro. Good move. Subbed!

    Thanks HG. Glad to have ya aboard. Yeah I didn't wanna deprive AM of this wonderful stack.


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