Planning a log. Crotique please.

  1. Planning a log. Crotique please.

    Im going to start an M-drol soon. I am running alot of stuff together so i want to make sure i have everything. What yall think.

    1-4 week
    M-drol: 10mg/20mg/20mg/20mg

    1-8 week
    Alpha test: 1 pill 2xdaily
    Milk thistle: 600mg 2xdaily
    Red yeast rice: 2xdaily
    Fish oil: 4pills 2xdaily
    Probiotic: Acidophilus, and digestive enzymes. for the high consuption of protein and carbs

    4-8 week
    Methyl test

    Pre-workout supplements:
    Cold fusion, Xtend, Krealkyline

    Post-workout supplement:
    Xtend, Ultimate mass by ultimate nutrition or MRP
    Animal pak: Post supplement on training days, for morning on off days.

    I will be training in the morning. So i will wake up an hour early to get my protein shake in before i go to work out.
    Morning shake will consist of Chia Pro, Ultimate mass, xtend, krealkyline.
    Oh and by the way im also trying to use up some of the supplements i havent used in a while that i have laying around.

    I will be taking in about 3000 calories daily. This means i will be eating about 200-300g of protein, 300-400g of carbs, 67g of fat. This fat will mainly consist of omega's. My plan with this cycle is too get my bulk on. I will be drinking a 1/2 of gallon of milk a day and 1 1/2 gallons of water a day. Whole wheats will be a staple food and so will omega's. Alot of sandwiches!
    SOOOOOOO fella tell me what you think! I can add or subtract. But of coarse give me a reason!

  2. I guess it looks good. If so i will be starting tomorrow

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