Animal Pump Sample Review!

  1. Animal Pump Sample Review!

    Got my sample back in the Mail today Thanks for the sample Animal!

    Just took the sample pack I am going down for my arm/shoulder day so we shall see how it goes! The profile of this is very nice and as always I do liek the combination Animal puts together!

    Results to follow!

  2. Results!

    Well the pack kicked in roughly 30 mins after taking.
    Pills where easy to get down and it is nice that the stim part of the pack can be split up if you did not want to take that part.

    Energy: 9/10
    Great feeling without the over stim "jitter" feeling.

    Pump 8/10
    Being on a CKD diet I find it hard to get that super pump going but this Animal pump took care of that and gave me a nice full pump *still going!*

    Feeling 9/10
    Strong with no jitters. Good mental focus, not racing heart or shortness of breath.

    Overall 9/10
    Effective product I would happily take this as a pre workout product!

    Thanks for the sample!

  3. How long did the energy last?
    ---The internet is the father of the electronic lynch-mob---

  4. Quote Originally Posted by hardknock View Post
    How long did the energy last?
    Well right now (2 hours after taking it) I still have a good energy going. The pump has passed now but still have a good clean energy feeling.

    Generally when I take a caffeinated product it will give me energy for roughly 4 hours then slowly wear off of course everyone is diffrent in this respect.

  5. Great review S. Glad it helped ya get the pump you have been looking for.

  6. Not a problem I was happy to use it!
    Great product IMO.

  7. ah the animal pump one of my favorites!!


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