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  1. Did I miss your diet? I know you said ~2200kcal, but you are bulking, right? I dunno about you, but I would LOSE weight @2200 calories/day. I need about twice that many to gain anything.

    Also, if I may ask, what does your routine look like?

  2. Quote Originally Posted by shaddow View Post
    Did I miss your diet? I know you said ~2200kcal, but you are bulking, right? I dunno about you, but I would LOSE weight @2200 calories/day. I need about twice that many to gain anything.

    Also, if I may ask, what does your routine look like?

    Recomp actually, I will be bulking sometime this winter. lol. Technically I dont think I could afford the food it would take to satiate my for a bulk atm.

    Routine by what level of breakdown?

    M : Cardio/Swim/countdowns
    T :Tri/Chest
    W:Cardio/Swim/countdowns(varies on church also)
    F :Cardio/Swim/countdowns
    S :Legs/extra attention to abs(some abs every day)

    or do you want individual workouts for each day?

    I haven't written out my diet yet. Its similar to one I used before that ran 2200 to 2400 a day whole grain bread, beef, chicken, green beans(other greens too), fruits(no bananas, I found out they negatively effect my WOs), etc.

    My only weakness is Ice tea. Its what I use to swallow all my pills, the taste masks pill taste so I wont have a reflex.

    Oh yeah, I can swallow all my pills now couldnt do that a while back. it was actually my last log that taught me.

    I think I could eat 2800 and do recomp....but I get a belly easy, but that's all. I forget how that's classified.

  3. Ok, gotcha. I've been eating about that many calories while on bed rest and I've still managed to lose weight. My metabolism is whack.

    I was mainly just curious if you have a set routine, or if you just kinda go in and choose exercises at random or whatever. And also how many exercises you generally do for each working muscle group, emphasis on compound movements, etc.

    Just curious. Always curious. LOL.

  4. I kinda try to follow the old 3 sets for each group at 10 reps each....but if I feel spunky the above post happens lol.

    I try to follow a set ideal, but if someones in the way, or something else looks like a better choice at that moment I may switch it up. Like doing the Wide chest weight up and then down today like I did, just wanted to test run my some pumps for it lol.

    On thursday I will post it will look like

    3 bicep( single preacher, concentration curls, something else)
    3 back(no more Iso lat, all new back WOs for this log[will show on thurs})
    3 Forearm(reverse EZ bar curls, seated palms down and palms up DB wrist curls)

    ab stuff( i dont usually post ab workouts, they are the normal decline situps rotating from normal, to elbow to knees, to hands out @ 10 each with no breaks, sometimes leg raises unless there is a girl on the treadmill in front of it.....i cant hang there in front of a lady and do that, feels awkward....)

    I am researching how to add shoulder/neck to my tri/chest WO in a productive way.

    which reminds me what in the heck is the difference between a "good morning" and a deadlift? besides the gay name....

    my legs will be very lightweight, more rep oriented because of my aforementioned Achilles tendon issue.

    I shoot for the same one everytime, but I am in the process of changing it up. I got bored with my normal WO's I was doing, and I noticed strength stopped coming as much. Doing new WO's i never have before, reason its taking longer to implement is I watch video and read up before I do it so i don't screw myself up. AM needs a section where we can do a list of WO's for each body part, and show proper ways of doing it. That would rock. Especially for new people when they join up.

    Anything else?

    Also....dude you look extremely ripped.

    EDIT: sorry bout your injury bro, I read the rest of your log. That suck man, I hope recovery is fast.

  5. Thanks bro.

    Dude, if you've never checked out, have a look at the Exercise & Muscle Directory. I think you'll find what you're looking for there. Exercise & Muscle Directory

    On good mornings, the weight doesn't ever hit the ground. With deadlifts, you are lifting "dead" weight every time, so the weight hits the floor, and you start clean each time. Hence the name "deadlift".


    Barbell Good-morning

    SBSL Deadlifts:

    Barbell Straight-back Straight-leg Deadlift

    (You can look up other varieties of deadlifts on the website as well.)

  6. Ah I didn't read into the good mornings much lol, just looked at it, thanks for pointing that out though.

    I found this to be a good reference too. 2 part gifs are a bit better than the other site, I have been there before too. This one you click the muscle, then the exercise. has description of how to do and a 2 part gif.

  7. lol misspost!!!

  8. only did a half day at work today.

    I had a crazy left side of my brain headache.

    Still kinda feel pressure there, tested BP its 120/73 so its not that.

    Could be something simple. I always only get headaches on my left side.....weirdness? but its been like 2 months since I had a headache.

    Slept from 11:40 till 2:40 lol(weird no?) so Got me some extra sleep.

    Still feeling good all around though.

    My arms are shot lol, not sore....if I dont raise above my head but definitely shot today. That good feeling letting you know next weeks Tri/chest WO will be even better.

    Going to send out my papers today telling my CC company yes some deuschbag stole my identity and used it to purchase things.....but things are finally clearing up. And doing my FAFSA about 5 weeks late since I am taking 2 classes this quarter.

  9. Still had a pressure headache today. Came home from work and slept all dang day... Doing an experiment tommorow to see if I can identify what in the world is causing this. Its making me grouchy and a bit absurd.....some of my posts lately show it >.< gyuh. head.

  10. Ok.

    I was loving my feel good feeling and endurance at the gym. But as of right now I am worried.

    I am taking today and tomorrow off everything. Hoping that this pressure goes away so I can lift next week....and stop feeling worried. Could be a sinus infection, but my nose is pretty dry. I would love for that to be it, and not something else....Still here Monday I am seeing a doctor. 4th day of this, it isnt funny anymore. never was actually.

    Sorry by this log is taking a 2 day break for health reasons.

    Pressure in the left side of my head....


  11. I definitely know how those feel. I can normally push through workouts when I don't feel great, but those headaches really stop my from doing anything. Hope it goes away for you.

    I definitely agree with you on the endurance during workouts on Anabolic Edge. Loved it!

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Irish Cannon View Post
    I definitely know how those feel. I can normally push through workouts when I don't feel great, but those headaches really stop my from doing anything. Hope it goes away for you.

    I definitely agree with you on the endurance during workouts on Anabolic Edge. Loved it!
    yeah going on day six of it though, its kinda scaring the crap out of me.....

  13. Damn dude. Definitely get that checked out. Good luck man. Hope it's nothing serious!

  14. Quote Originally Posted by shaddow View Post
    Damn dude. Definitely get that checked out. Good luck man. Hope it's nothing serious!
    Yeah i plan on it, but guess what. I am in groveport ohio. No doctors are open, only hospitals, and they are only accepting life threatening issues. Sucks..... No power either. I am staying at a friends house where I can get power and electric. Didnt have to work today though, hopefully wont tomorrow. electric is supposed to be out for 3 -5 more days!

    I spent yesterday helping people clear trees that snapped or got ripped out of the ground from the street. 50-70 mile an hour winds all day, destroyed us. We are a classic small town kinda place. Now with about 15% less trees....

    I am talking to a new girl though so with everything going on, something good is going at least lol.

    Sadly i am pretty sure my gym is out too.....not that I can lift with this pressure issue. (i am becoming sure its a sinus infection, if it was a blood vessel issue it would have went wrong by now, and my left throat is soar, eyes are abit more senstive.)

  15. I apologize for the snap in the log, I am going to see a doctor hopefully tomorrow. Power is starting to come back everywhere, so the docs will be too. I appreciate the opportunity to log, and am going to do my best....but i wont literally kill myself for it.

    The issue has gotten no better, well some points yes, but some points no. Hoping its just a sinus infection or something stupid.

  16. Hope everything works out with that man...keep us posted.

  17. I am just going to start hitting the weight again, I am not putting this off any longer, its unfair to the log and PAL.

    I feel a bit better though I havent seen a doc. I will be hitting the gym tomorrow to see how well it goes. I feel like an idiot sitting here. Gym...weight...need.

  18. I will be hitting the gym up today. I started everything up again yesterday Ready to make up for lost time. Still got some bothering in my head, but eh. I will monitor myself, and I wont push on something if it causes it to worsen.


    Hopeing to post about a great WO tonight.

    BTW school starts up this week, I am going from the Tue/Thur/Fri

    To a mon/tue thur/fri/sat possibly. This is due to the fact I wont be in the gym until 6 now on tues and thurs, dont know how crowded its gona be. I may be able to keep the old one, will have to see.


  19. Knock 'em dead, bro!

  20. Finally, feeling like I am back in action...still a bit weird in the head, and I think I am seeing hallucinations....or worse, but hey feeling good.

    I hit the sack by 9-10pm giving me 7-8 hours of sleep a night.

    Started school up today, online course though, my downtown in class course is on tues and thursdays...

    Which is why my WO's may be adapting.

    Went to the gym yesterday and did cardio+back. I feel weird doing one muscle group....My back is going to include shoulders next time also, but still... feels like I dont do enough, but I know not to over train myself...

    I feel better when I am working out. odd enough, and AE is giving me some nice steam again. I didnt take any during my time off, this is too precious to waste. Dosing and supplement consumption remains the same. No gym today, rest day. Weds and Sundays are rest days.

    Sometimes Sat and Sun may switch due to church(missions trips And such) such as this sat and sun :P

    Upping the intensity, and checking my limits...the pushing em...

    $180 for books for my biology class alone wallet feels

    I will be reimbursed though, but still....

    Cant wait for gym tommorow, I should hit it at about 6:15ish....

    I now go straight from work-to school-to gym-to home.

    Great news I found out though, my gym is open till 9!! I always though it closed at 8. Now I know why I didn't include any PWO drinks, my subconscious must have known about this in the beginning... not to mention I dont need any once AE is going full force in my body, i don't wear down on the stuff.

    So log officially up and ready again for probably daily to twice daily being updated,

  21. Today was a great day. Finally back in college....btw....being single is in no way depressing when you are on campus OOOOH YEAH......the sights.... i mean.....yeah.... so many nice girls in the same boat as me


    I actually ran tonight. Only 8/10ths of a mile, then walking, but I ran on a track. Felt pretty good, but I cut it off there due to the fact I am rehabilitating my tendons... But I think its possible to do this now.

    My biology teach doesnt speak the best english...its retarded.

    I took a picture of my lunch today! gona post a sample of what I eat....took my foreman grill to work. Green beans, beef patty(85% lean) on whole wheat bread(krogers was out of my flax seed multigrain...), cottage cheese, supps, then I found some nice drink mix that has join support and MSM in it, added that to my water twice today.

    I love how I feel nowadays.

    The Anabolic Edge is kicking back again. I been running from 4:50 this morning...tos 10:40pm now. So much more endurance, I dont fatigue or wear down almost, even outside of the gym. And in the gym it is getting easier to accomplish my reps, and I have to resist overtraining....Ungh.... Great so far. Tommorow should be great, all the idiots are out of the gym on friday at their parties. ( no offense to anyone here....)

    Not by choice, I wanted to be asleep by 10 BUT my computer has a virus infection so bad I am wiping it. Using my mums ATM while I work on the latter..... Eh its friday, I can do school work and nap.

  22. Glad to see things are getting better for you. Are you going to kick the running up a little as time goes on?

  23. Quote Originally Posted by Irish Cannon View Post
    Glad to see things are getting better for you. Are you going to kick the running up a little as time goes on?
    Thanks man. BTW your avatar song is now my favorite gets me pumped every time....gets my irish blood a my beard....

    Yeah, my tendons were a lil tight today, but they didnt give me that "oh snap you screwed up again" feeling lol

    I used to run 4 miles a day. I am going to try doing 1 mile, 2 times a week, plus my leg day as I doing squats again, very light, very easy(in the smith machine for a couple obvious reasons, if one of these things go bad on me during a lift....ouch..) Also doing lounges, and wall sits, just squatting during my countdowns with no weight. Just trying to build em back up.

    It hurts....But it has to be done, and the endurance and recovery I friggin have on AE is probably some of the best times to be doing this.

    I feel crappy running 8/10ths of a mile......

    I miss suicides...thats how a man can cut some weight and do some cardio, screw HIIT.. Do suicides down the Kroger parking lot....

    I do my cardio on a cycle, because it doesnt stress those tendons, as well as doing swimming, great for full body fatiguing.

    I am very please with this energy I have between my diet, and AE. JEEZE, I actually couldnt sleep last night.... but I believe part of that may possible be be cause of the 85 gurls that had distracted me at campus heh.... I was occupied.... its not bad as long as I dont think bad thoughts, I can still admire natures beauty....

  24. Today was great at the gym. I decided to target and destroy my delts tonight...ooooohohoooo my shoulders.

    But I decided to run again......ran half a mile!

    I did some of my weight tossing, then ran the half mile, then went back finished up weights, and did 20 minutes on the cycle at a 1-1 using resistance 12, then half for a break.

    Jeeze I feel great. And so do my legs, I am icing my tendons at the moment.

    I do not run out of steam, I am really loving this AE. I have never been ON, but I am guessing its something like this....just amplified lol. I have been very aggressive with weights...aslo people... and just freaking happy lately...somewhat stupid as if I was slap happy at some points, and people seem to love me at the moment. I just got so much to go off of.

    Also, i have never ending energy, its post workout, I am drinking my shake, icing my legs, and I feel like I should go back and do some more.

    Getting ready to grill some chicken, cook some spinach(yeps), get out a couple slices of wheat bread. mmm.....garlic and peppercorn seasoning will be my choice for the chicken tonight.
    Hard boiling some eggs tonight i can have a stock pile of egg whites.

    BTW....went to spit in the trash can in the locker room, and what i had seen in the trash can was a very power supplement, renowned worldwide..... Muscle Techs Gakic!!!! or whatever LOL! oh.....i hate MT, but its funny.
    Last edited by Zero V; 09-26-2008 at 09:21 PM.

  25. LONG day...

    But anyhow.

    Great workout at the gym, set a new PR on the lat pulldown. 160.
    coulda went higher, but I have found I easly strain a muscle near the inside of my left shoulder blade near the spine. I want to keep growing, I will set another PR for it next week

    Nice long hours past my friggin bed time,

    Feeling great, ran again today. Legs are starting to do good, cant wait for leg work saturday.

    Was wondering, I think AE lessens my ability to feel pain. I was helping my friends move yesterday(why I didnt update) and ended up throwing a couche on my hand and smashing it between the couch and those cement blocks you pull up to with your car....the long ones....was like eh.... flipped it off. while walking back to the apartmant I noticed my hand was dripping with red blood. lol, red all over it. Didnt feel it at all, still dont. Dont feel my tendons hurt or anything. I like it.

    Endurance was amazing, I have a kid staring at me while doing bent over rows today. I just kept hitting a set and rolling it under the bench to my other arm, none stop back and forth doing countdowns without losing intensity....ah....feels great.

    AE has improved my feelings all around, given my Surges at the gym, as well as some great pumps I have never had(my tricep pumps) because I can go so much farther. After I am done with the bottle, I will secure another.....dead sexy....

    Energy throughout the day, like I said, I am bizzy now. THursday I have work/school/gym/prayer/home for dinner laundry,shower....


    I did Biceps and back today. I am trying to sneak back to the 3 a week split. tuesday nights are nice, gotta check thursdays. Sats are always nice.


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