Restructuring Genetics with BLUE GENE

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  1. Restructuring Genetics with BLUE GENE

    Restructuring Genetics with BLUE GENE
    A log by jaymdubbs

    What is Blue GENE™ ?

    Serving Size: 5 Tabs (5950mg)
    Servings Per Container: 30

    • Controlled Release Formula
    • Stimulant Free Endurance and Stamina
    • Natural / Legal Power and Performance
    • Optimize Natural Hormone Levels and Recovery

    Designed to help the serious athlete optimize mitochondrial biogenesis, hormone level ratios, and support oxygen rich blood cells during athletic performance and recovery, this stimulant-free formula means more endurance, power, and better recovery without pro-hormones or grey area compounds. No hormones means no post-cycle therapy, depression, or other risks associated with exogenous hormonal ingestion.

    Cissus is a natural, cutting-edge anti-cortisol / anti-catabolic compound that has taken the supplement industry by storm. While more research is needed on the exact mechanism of it's anti-catabolic activity, we do know that the phytoconstituents are active and effective, improving the healing rate of tendons and ligaments (tendons and ligament function is essential for weightlifting strength and form). Acting as a natural glucocorticoid antagonist, Cissus may also have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

    Carnitine was added to the formula for it's numerous benefits, including recovery from intense training and reduced DOMS. When part of a CONTROLLED LABS stack / combo you have the ability to train harder AND more often. Users have reported enhanced energy, alertness, cholesterol levels, and fat utilization leading to a recomp effect. Another mechanism of action may be that carnitine enhances our 100% natural hormone levels during training including insulin-like growth factor.

    Carao and Catuaba extracts work in synergy with other ingredients to help the target muscle group receive more oxygen, improving performance and strength. As a bonus, many users report a noticeable increase in libido.

    Quercetin and Ginkgo Biloba (used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine) provide a stimulant-free performance boost by increasing oxygen and circulation, giving the serious athlete a unique alternative to stimulant-based products. As a bonus, over time the formula may help support a healthy immune / respiratory system with potent anti-oxidant, anti-viral, and anti-allergen properties. Sodium Bicarbonate acting as a hydrogen buffer, helps reduce fatigue during training and enhance recovery between sets.... experience jitter-free endurance and stamina like never before.

    lcariin, Grape Seed Extract, Griffonia Simplicifolia Extract, Apigenin, Luteolin and Niacin work in synergy to help increase bloodflow, natural growth hormone levels, and circulating levels of testosterone while keeping estrogen under control. The formula may even help with cholesterol ratio (cholesterol is the building block for testosterone).

    Train harder than ever, push past a plateau, and recover fast.... with Blue GENE™

  2. The Log:

    Weight - 181
    Body fat - (using Tanita scale, lowest 6.4, highest 9.1)

    Meal 1 - oatmeal, eggs, yogurt, 1 scoop whey
    Meal 2 - Almonds/Peanuts, 1 scoop whey
    Meal 3 - tuna/chicken/beef + veggies
    Meal 4 (pre) - 1 scoop whey
    Meal 5 (post) - 2 scoop whey
    Meal 6 - tuna/chicken/beef, veggies, eggs
    Meal 7 - 1 scoop whey w/PB

    I will be following this diet very strictly. The only deviation will be when I go out to dinner with my girlfriend

    Controlled Labs Orange Triad
    Controlled Labs Green Mag
    Controlled Labs White Flood
    Controlled Labs Purple Wraath
    Controlled Labs BLUE GENE
    Scivation Whey

    Day 1 - Chest/Tri/abs
    Day 2 - Back/Bis
    Day 3 - Legs/Shoulders/abs
    Day 4 - off
    Days 5, 6, 7 repeat

    Cardio alternates between running and ellipical - roughly 3-4 mile runs or HIIT on the elliptical -

  3. Day 1 (8/31/08)

    Day 1 - Chest (8/31/08)

    Thoughts: Blasted chest today - no personal bests as I was focusing more on endurance today. Didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary in the gym (to be expected on first dose). Workout was roughly at 3PMish - fast forward to the evening and libido was crazy. Way too early to tell if it is actually BLUE GENE or placebo, but whatever it was it was great. Will take note and update as this log continues.

  4. Looks good man. I'll be watching this one.

  5. Day 2- Back/Bis (9/1/08)

    Thoughts: Back and Bis - I have begun to not look forward to back days as much, due to the pain in my lower back - I only really notice it when doing a lot of weight with stiff-legged deadlifts. I def. am not throwing on as much weight as I used to - possibly a chronic strain or weak core muscles surrounding the area. I will begin to do more exercises to further strengthen my core (already pretty strong) to see if that can alleviate some of the strain on my back.

    Repeat performance in the libido department. Again, too early to tell if its placebo or the BLUE GENE already taking effect.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by jonnyjames View Post
    Looks good man. I'll be watching this one.

    Thanks for taking the time - I love the profile of the product

  7. Nice, subb'd!!!

  8. Blue Gene on the radar - subbbbbed...

  9. Day 3- Shoulders/Legs

    Thoughts: I opted to for a higher volume workout today was my back was a little sore from jumping on trampoline yesterday. Shoulders felt good, but was reluctant to put strain on it.

    Despite the slight pain, I was able to still nail out a decent leg workout (again, higher volume) while watching the pressure on my back.

    Overall, a decent workout, but I didnt notice anything out of the ordinary from the BG yet, as my normal stack of GM, WF, PW is fairly baseline now -

    I should note that I have been running this stack for a while now, and I am fairly certain I will be able to discern if and WHEN the BLUE GENE starts affecting my workouts positively.

    So far, no increased performance to speak of (besides libido). Stay tuned

  10. For sure! At least the libido department is goin strong

  11. Day 4 (9/3/08)


    Thoughts: Unfortunately I wasnt able to workout as much as I would have liked to today - today was my fiancee's birthday and I got out of work late, so I had to make it quick - again I wanted to stress higher volume/endurance workout today, but had to shorten it to a High Intensity 5x5 with bench, incline, decline, flyes, dips, tri extensions, kickbacks and skull crushers -

    strength was good - for bench, I usually alternate between chest workouts between the barbell and machine - so I can work the different angles and approach the lifts a little differently everytime (for instance, negatives and dropsets are a little easier and more efficent with the machine, but I get a better range of motion and TUT with free weights) it also depends on the pain threshold I have in my shoulder - today I was repping 315 on the machine - at this point i cant add any more weight as that is the entire stack - at some point I may need to completely go to barbell for a decent chest workout (unless I begin working on volume more frequently).

    I will say that I didnt feel as fatigued as I normally do while lifting, and that was even having my protein shake at 3 and not working out until 6:30 (not the smartest thing, I know, but I usually am able to hit the gym by 5 or 5:30)

    Overall - Have not noted much of a difference (only Day 4)

  12. Back/Bis

    Thoughts: Today was one of those days I was psyched to workout and "had a pump" just thinking about working out (not really, but I know everyone knows the mindset).

    I forgot to cook my lunch last night, so I had some peanut butter mixed with 2 scoops of chocolate whey - pretty damn delicious.

    For some reason I felt very "depleted", despite the mindset I was in. Sometimes, I actually enjoy this feeling as I know the effects of White Flood will be amplified when I feel this way.

    So today was back day - my second favorite day, and today I wanted to mix strength and endurance in my workout, so I warmed up with 8 sets of 10 wide grip pull ups. Wasnt feeling fatigued - I could have gone with sets of 15, but I wanted to conserve some energy for my back extensions and lat pulldowns (wanted to attempt 5 rep max today and finish 5th rep strong) at 225.

    And I did it - typically I have to scale my warm up to allow me to hit the lat pulldowns at that weight, but not today. I honestly feel day 5 on Blue Gene is too early to tell anything, but again, I am eating at maintainence - recovery and endurace is as good as its ever been (if not better)

    Libido is still crazy - wish the fiancee wasnt working so much lately hahaha

    Tomorrow is off day (Friday).

    Here is a random picture of the day:

    Anytime I need a good laugh, just look for Jean Claude -

  13. Day 5 (9/5/08)Off

    Thoughts: Not much to talk about today - didnt work out. Took the fiancee to dinnner. Recovery has been great as well.

    Again, I have noticed positive a difference in libido.

  14. Day 6 (9/6/08)Shoulders/Legs

    Thoughts: Pretty good workout today. I felt like I had a lot of energy, and I literally was blowing through sets today. Capped it off with some jump rope, heavy bag work, and HIIT and I was spent.

    Day 7 (9/7/08)Off
    Thoughts: Wasnt feeling too great today (def. sick) so I decided to rest up today. Back at it tomorrow (Monday)

  15. this is a good, no bs log. the way it should be-i like it.

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  16. Quote Originally Posted by thebigt View Post
    this is a good, no bs log. the way it should be-i like it.
  17. Day 8, 9, 10

    Day 8 Chest/Tricepts (9/8/08)

    Thoughts: I always look to challenge myself, especially went testing new products. I do believe chest day is my favorite day, selfishly due to the fact i usually can get a really good pump going and I love how it feels.

    So on Monday, I wanted to really push myself and mix strength with endurance. So I did as follows:

    1 - 50 push ups x 4 sets (30 sec. rest) warmup (alternating hands and feet) emphasized tris too

    2- 5 x 5 of 312 on bench machine with drop sets of 15 with 180 x 4 sets

    3 - 30 dips x 6 sets ("drop" dips with assistance 50x3 on every other set) emphasized tris too

    4 - Hammer strength incline 265x10x45sets - at this point my chest was torched

    5 - decline bench - some crazy cable machine with range of motion -

    6 - fly machine 180x12x4 with drop sets of 120x15x4 (i can do the entire stack at this particular gym but again, my chest was burning)

    7- skull crushers (cant remember weight) but did heavy 6x6 with 15x4 dropsets

    8 tricep extenstions with tri bar - 190x8x4 with 110 supersets 15x4

    9 cable kickbacks 40x15x4

    I still felt pretty good afterwards - hopped on the elliptical for a change for 40 mins.

    Overall, DOMS wasnt too bad.

    Day 9 Off (9/9/08)

    Thoughts:Travelling all day on business - couldnt work out. I FELT GREAT, very slight DOMS.

    Day 10 Chest/Tris....AGAIN 9/10/08

    Thoughts:Before anyone knocks me for overtraining, I dont do this very often. I felt GREAT after the last session. To be honest, I had a perpetual pump all day that Ive only really felt when taking Anabolic Pump in the past. My chest didnt hurt, but I felt pumped all day (like I NEEDED to work it again)...... so thats exactly what I did.

    And it payed off too. I hit heavies today, and easily maxed out on all my lifts - no PRS, but my usual 5x5s I was hitting 8 - 10 reps by 4 - 5 sets depending.

    Cardio was great - 2 mile running hit followed by 20 hiit mins on elliptical.

    I feel fantastic. Libido is freaking phenomonal as well.

  18. lol - it's takeoff!

  19. Quote Originally Posted by thebigt View Post
    this is a good, no bs log. the way it should be-i like it.

    Thanks! While I am kind of sad that I dont have the views and responses as some loggers, I do try to keep my logs very to the point, so people dont have to sift through the garbage to get to what people really view these for - results!!!!!

  20. Great results with the BG so far jay

  21. Quote Originally Posted by jaymdubbs View Post
    Thanks! While I am kind of sad that I dont have the views and responses as some loggers, I do try to keep my logs very to the point, so people dont have to sift through the garbage to get to what people really view these for - results!!!!!
    for every response you get there are probably 30 others just browsing. it's nice to see a log where the results are there, without sorting through 10 pages of chit chat, good job.

    use code THEBIGT for 25% off

  22. Hell yea !

    Email: pt [at]
  23. Day 11, 12, 13, 14

    Day 11 Back/Bis (9/11/08)

    Thoughts: Overall great workout on Thurs. Feeling a little depleted (but that is intentional). No PRs, but definately felt stamina and endurance was up a little.

    Day 12 Off (9/12/08)

    Thoughts: Off - took the fiancee out to dinner, went shopping (yikes) - sort of an unoffical carb up day. Libido still flying high :-)

    Day 13 Shoulders/Legs (9/13/08)

    Thoughts: Hit 190 (repping 4x8s) on shoulder press. Not a PR, but this is the first instance I was repping 190.

    My lower back is feeling better, and my poundages for leg exercises are going back up. Again, i need to focus on strengthening my core to support the higher weights.

    Libido GREAT again.

    Day 14 Chest/Tris (9/14/08)

    Thoughts: Today was a heavy 5x5 for me today. Ended my bench, incline and decline with close grip bench burn outs to really fatigue the chest and tris. Felt great throughout.

    Too early to comment on libido hahaahah.

  24. Gotta love that 5x5. Good to hear the lower back is feeling better as well!

  25. Day 15 Back/Bis (9/15/08)

    Thoughts: I would like to describe today as an ON day - it felt very similar to when i was on 11oxo last year, and the mass fx/ hyperdrol 2 stack. I had an alpha male mentality - intensity was good, stamina and endurance were kicking.

    lifts were high, but no PRs. I should note today is the first day on the blue gene i felt "on" -

    my mind has been elsewhere lately (i cannot divulge yet, I have to wait until a few things fall in place - its really exciting though) - but my workouts havent suffered at all.


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