I want to thank Core Nutritionals for giving me the oppurtunity to test Core Zap. I was very interested in trying this product after seeing ads and good logs.

Todays workout- Shoulders/Traps

I took four Core Zap caps about 25-30 minutes before I started my workout. I began my workout and had a good energy kick, but that energy started to dissipate about 10 minutes into my workout. After that the workout just became average.

Energy-4/10 Its average, not too bad.

Pumps-2/10 I never really get pumps with shoulder workouts, but there was a little bit today.

High-10/10 After my workout I felt wierd and FlOaTy and I still do. So while Core Zap wan't great during my workout I feel pretty damn good afterwards!

As I have said before I have a fairly high tolerance to stims, and it has gotten higher than usual recently while I have been using Superpump.

Core Nutritionals was nice enough to send me two servings of their product, so I will wait until my stim. tolerance goes down some again, so I can. I have almost completley went off stims for the past week, and I am hoping to go another two weeks cold turkey.

Second Review will be here in about two weeks! Thanks Guys!

P.s. Damn i'm feeling high!!! What ingedient is doing this to me, I really like this feeling!!!