REDuction Review

  1. REDuction Review

    REVIEW(1-10 Scale):

    EASE OF USE: 8/10

    Very easy. Both the day time and night time REDuction comes in 2 pill doses. Take the AM dose when you get up and the PM dose right before hard is that?

    TASTE/SMELL: 8/10

    Even though these are pills there actually is a taste to the night time pills. I'm assuming this has something to do with the black coating that is on them. It is almost a berry taste...

    PRICE: 8/10

    Very cheap considering you get a day time formula with that gives you a nice little pick me up, and a night time formula that helps you sleep. I paid $19.99 at Nutraplanet.


    The PM forumula is VERY effective. Within a few days of starting REDuction I was able to stop using melatonin to get to sleep at night. Near the end of the 30 day course I started having some sleeping issues again but, admittedly I fairly sure this is due to overtraining. The AM formula definitely made me sweat more during my cardio sessions and gave me a little pick me up during the day but not much. I'm a stim freak so I was hoping for a little more zing. Also, I didn't get any appetite suppression at all.


    Overall, a fairly well rounded product while on a cut. Next cutting cycle I may use it again but I would stack it with a more potent stimulant. REDuction at it's current price is worth it just for the night time formula.

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  2. nice review, i agree with everything you say with the exception of appetite suppression. it did curb my appetite. the pm formula is a real winner.

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  3. good review!

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