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  1. sub'd.. best of luck
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  2. Subbed!! Can't wait to see the end result.

  3. Watching this, should be grounds for some interesting comparisons here.
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  4. subd to this. Started my prime yesterday so wanna see what everyone thinks.

  5. subbed... got mine in the mail today, but am waiting a whole month and a half to start some pretty big claims on the box the bottle came in

  6. dafox, those claims will still be there in a month in a half, u might as well hit it hard

  7. Not really noticing anything for cardio today. Made an order for Muscle Milk and Divanex today, right in time b/c the Divanex is now sold out!

    Either tomorrow or Thursday, I will do a workout consisting of mostly jump squats and plyometric drills. I am hoping from week to week I will be able to shave days here and there so that I can work legs more often. Not expecting to see any results these first two weeks, so I will probably give myself more recovery time until PCT is over. I sure would like to see some of those claims of needing to take days off from Prime to keep from working out, I am feeling the hangover from the long weekend. Energy was high going in, down in the dumps now.

    I couldn't possibly wait to try Prime. I need to know if it works. I'd rather try it fresh now and have the experince of testing a mystery substance. If I waited, then I might be more angry if it didn't work and it would probably go into the back of the cabinet. Of course, if it works then I'm glad I started early and I would be happy to buy more.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by freezito View Post
    dafox, those claims will still be there in a month in a half, u might as well hit it hard
    good point...

  9. Jump Squats went well today. Little rough on my previously injured knee. Both scales were removed at my gym, so I have no idea what I weigh.

  10. Weight is at 193, good workouts this week, strength remained about the same. Libido is up from the Divanex. I do feel more willing to chalenge myself. After jump squats I wanted to do some olympic squats just to see if I could get up to my max. Of course, I have been focusing on my legs for a while and need to stay with my design for this to be a light week.

    I will probably move legs up earlier in the week and do 2 days of legs with 10-12 sets each day. Chest day was pretty good, got a great pump, but I have been getting big time pumps for a while now.

    Noticing a little appetite increase, but this weeks schedule has been hectic. Food intake is a little down and I missed a dose last night due to falling asleep early. When taking into account that this could happen in the future, I will take Prime everyday. 2 bottles should be 40 days and by then I will either gladly pay the $50 to stay on or discontinue.

    So far I am very happy with my PCT. My reduced workload has helped to maintain my strength and I would love to stay above 190 until I decide to cut.

  11. Cx3,

    What kind of reps you working on with the squats? Lay that leg training out here so we can see it. For your size I think you could easily put another 75-100lbs on that squat.

  12. I have a metal rod in my right leg, so my legs have lagged behind. I used to do a bodybuilding-type routine. Close-stance squats, high reps (10-12) and 10 sets of isolation excercises.

    Every since I dropped both reps and sets for jump training, I have been making progress, but I am careful when raising the loads. My working set is 325 for 5 reps, for 4 sets. This is a wide stance, olympic squat, legs below parallel, but not ATG. My leg press is about 1000 pounds for 4 reps.

  13. Does the rod in your leg limit you? 325x4x5 is some decent squatting for anyone. I was thinking it was your 1RM for some reason.

    Have you ever tried any bottom postion squats? Everytime I have used them in the past my squat increased and since I have been dealing with some knee pain they are what I am using exclusively. I am also using singles for basically all of my sets.

  14. I have trouble powering out of the bottom when doing ATG, even at low weights. Also, my vertical off my bad leg is terrible. Probably 12" for a one legged takeoff. My vertical for the other leg and a two leg jump is what I do by.

    Do I need a smith machine or is a possible to do these squats from a power rack?

  15. Never heard or seen anyone do bottom squats before but I just looked it up and it looks like it would be good to throw in every couple of weeks.
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  16. Here is a few vids of yours truly to just get a visual. I use a power rack. I have used homemade saw horses before I had my rack to do these. I don't really like the thoughts of a smith machine for anything but I guess it could work, but its just not going to be the same.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Partial Pin Squat- 440lbsx1[/ame]

    [ame=""]YouTube - Partial Pin Squat- 405x5[/ame]

    [ame=""]YouTube - Partial Pin Squats- 315[/ame]

  17. If you are trying to build power out of the hole, you may want to consider taking the pins down a notch or two to assure you are at least getting to depth.

    Best of luck!
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  18. My pins have me starting right around parallel. If I dropped the pins down to the next hole in my rack I'd never get under it. For me the hole isn't really the problem, its the area where I start the pin squats. Watch this lift from a few months back and you'll see the slow down point for me.

    YouTube - Raw Squat 455lbs

    Your advice may be spot on for Triple C though. If he has access to a rack that he can get down pretty low it may be worth the effort. But in reality you can't beat the simple plain old squat.

  19. Quote Originally Posted by Fabulous One View Post
    But in reality you can't beat the simple plain old squat.
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  20. You ever try high box squats?
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  21. subbed

  22. Box Squats today. Definately noticing a mental edge. Maxed out at 365, without a knee brace or any other equipment. My best workout before spraining my knee was 325x5 for 4 sets on free squat. For box squats, I did 325x5 and 365x2 for 2 sets, but with some assistance for the second rep on each set. Should I be able to free squat more than 365 or does box=free?

  23. Well it depends on several things, but mainly it depends on box height. If you are on a high box its not going to be comparable to a full ATG free squat, its going to be more than the free squat. But, a low box will probably be a bit lower than the free squats. Box squats are tough and work great, but be aware that if you box squat for awhile and do no free squatting it may take you a bit to see the carry over. Although some people see it instantly.

  24. Quote Originally Posted by borobulker View Post
    If you are trying to build power out of the hole, you may want to consider taking the pins down a notch or two to assure you are at least getting to depth.

    Best of luck!
    Thats some impressive would crush me......

    but its not what i consider ATG.........

    My atg is this.

    [ame=""]YouTube - How to do the Asian squat[/ame]

    im at 185 on the bar and its hard coming out the hole for me. If one can get to impressive weights with this form its all gravy.

  25. ^^ nice video!
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