Napalm/Fat loss Log (Un-sponsored)

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  1. Napalm/Fat loss Log (Un-sponsored)

    Hello everyone!

    I finally recieved my Napalm in the mail the other day after a few weeks of waiting but that is normal out here.

    Currently on a US Naval ship deployed to the gulf. I have taken this time to get myself in the best shape I have been in for some time. I spent the first half of my time out here bulking up and saw some great gains. I wanted to share my final steps in cutting up before I return home to wife and family.

    Back Ground:
    23yr. old Male
    Weight 186 currently (203 at end of bulk cycle)
    On and off training for 4 years throughout high school sports and in the Navy.
    Have used Lipoderm before with decent results hoping Napalm works even better!

    Arms (cold) 15.5
    Legs 22.5
    Neck 16


    Current running CKD as my diet of choice. I will post my food intake in my diet tracker if anyone cares to see it. I am slightly forced to eat the food I have out here. Mainly tunafish and whatever the ship chooses to make for the day. I can still manage to take in less then 30 carbs a day while keeping my intake above 2kcals.

    My Split!

    Will follow a CKD workout
    Thur: Running
    Fri: Running (start refeed)
    Sat: Cont. Refeed/off day)
    Sun: Cardio in the morning

    Support Supps:
    Whey Protein (Normally ON, or Muscle Milk)
    Multi Vit.
    Fish Oil
    1+ Gal water daily

    Napalm Will be taken
    2pumps AM (5AM) Waking.
    2pumps PM (5PM) after shower

    On to goals!

    I have always had trouble with fat around my lower abdomen and under my nipples. I had at one time been down to 165lbs and still had some noticeable fat in these areas

    1. Lose the fat in these two spots with the help of diet and Napalm.
    2. Tone mid section for a better overall look.
    3. Keep as much muscle mass as possible.

    I will try to upload pictures of a current status later today and will give up dates on my progress every few days hope you'll join me on this! Just under two months to go before I return home!

  2. First Day:
    Woke of this morning at 5am and after a quick scrub down of my target areas I applied two squirts of Napalm to lower ab area and one pump on chest.

    Thoughts:Impressed so far with this product!

    Smell- Pretty strong at least in a confined space but not horrible. It seems to fade in about 45mins

    Feeling- Leaves a lite tingleing feeling actually pretty nice

    Use- Very easy, goes on very smooth and spreads easily

    Effects-Clearly not yet.

    Today is a refeed day so with all the carbs I am downing you look like a balloon! That all goes away by sunday afternoon though. Still need to grab a camera and get some pics!

  3. Day 2
    Today is a back to normal diet. Running this morning hopefully get back into ketosis and burn. Generally about 35min run.


    Thoughts: SO far so good as stated yesterday was a refeed day so very hard to see any differance at all today would be the first to see anyting.

    Did a little tanning today after my run. It felt nice laying in the sun for an hour or so!
    Napalm: Thus far I can feel it all day it is nice to know it is there.
    Still too early to tell if anything is working.
    Skin in areas applied feel tight
    Smell seems much better today I guess I am more used to it.

    Has anyone else notice that right after applying they get really hungry? haha it has happened twice now maybe it is just in my head!

  4. Day 3

    So after tanning a bit outside yesterday I could really feel the Napalm when I applied at night.

    It dries very quickly (1-2 mins) makes for easy apply and fly

    I will get weighed in today I know the scale is not the best thing to judge by but besides feel/image that is what I got.

    Still waiting on my buddy to lend me his camera to take a few shots! of right now but here is a month only pic at the end of my bulk cycle!

    Can't believe no one has sub'ed yet!!
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  5. 'm finishing my third bottle of Naplam....Lets just say ive been VERY happy w/ results

  6. 'm finishing my third bottle of Naplam....Lets just say ive been VERY happy w/ results
    Great to hear more backing for this product!

    I really hope I have the same results! So far I like this product my buddy should loan me his cam to get some current pictures.
    I can feel this on my skin for a good 6-7 hours after putting it on. I really hope it keep working till I apply the rest at night it is suggested to apply ever 12 hours and thus what I am doing!

    Well I must say that this diet does kick some butt. I used to use it in track in field back in high school before we had our meets. Once the body really starts useing fat stores you have tons of energy endurance in the gym is the only problem I run into but overcome that the best I can.

    Come on people hop on board here!
    Any tricks, hints, ideas!

  7. Day 4

    After my Chest/Tri/Trap workout. I also choose to do a quick 15mins on the exercise bike. Applied it after my shower before I went to bed.

    This morning I noticed a very nice decrease in my fatty areas. My lower abs and love handles even around the nipples felt very tight. Not dry mind you but less "flabby"
    Good stuff here!

    Still going strong I do hate having to balance it off what is served on the ship as many of their meals are not very good! I make do so this diet is done the best I can at the time I am still watching what I eat very closely and staying in ketosis.

    Still no one sub'ed O well I will still keep this log going for those that care!

  8. Im subbed for support bro, keep getting that diet to the best of your ability, obviously you are limited but sounds like your making due!
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  9. Thanks for the support! I know lots of people have been looking just not saying anything maybe that is a sign I am not screwing things up too badly!

    Thus far this product gets my vote and I will keep track of this for about 3 weeks at which time I will start a ReCreate log and take off from Napalm see my results with that and finish up with the left over napalm for my return home!

  10. Day 4 cont...

    Well I took a few measurements today and good news!

    19Aug08 / 2Sept08 (14 days)
    Arms 15.5/ 15
    Legs 22.5/ 22
    Waist 34/ 33
    Neck 16/ 15.75
    5Aug08 203(End of bulking)
    25Aug08 186
    2Sept08 184

    Hopefully 1-2lb a week drop from a nice steady diet and Napalm will help destory my fat deposits!

    I am very impressed those first measurements where taken at the start of my diet. Now 14 days later I am looking at minmal muscle loss (flat mucles on CKD) of course plenty of water weight is in the equation but an inch off my waist is an inch!

    Another month and a half at this I should be doing pretty good!

  11. I'm keeping tabs too. I just have no experience with napalm and haven't seen many reviews or logs or anything so I have nothing to contribute!

  12. Well thanks for following! I mainly aim to help others with this log and to show my results!

    I recently inquired about adding some caffeine to the napalm to help shed off some more water retention.

    Day 5

    Felt very dry and lean this morning.
    After taking those measurements yesterday I felt good seeing that I have kept my upper body size and dropped the waist lower.
    Slowly reaching my goals of getting leaner
    Nice and easy so far today is burger day on the ship so that makes for a nice food day!
    Thus far it seems like I am dropping fat instead of muscle as was the norm for me on this diet.

  13. I like caffeine. I like stims in general. I find though, I build a tolerance to caffeine more than any other stim...

  14. Do you get a choice in food?

  15. I agree I build up one rather quickly too. I will normally around two weeks of a stim then off for a week to help offset the build up a little. I was hoping however to be able to add it to the Napalm in powder form kind of like atmoic meltdown has it. I noticed that atomic Meltdown gets me sweating like no other!

    As for food I generally have two main course choices. namely a meat and a fish dish. I however don't really like fish and even worse on the ship (cooks are not very good)
    So i go with the meat item and hope that they don't fry or bread it!
    I also am able to buy tuna packets/ nuts and little extras from our store on board for the extra meals I eat. Not bad overall and easy to maintain a diet with only a few supplements.

  16. Got a few pictures today as promised!
    Sorry for the bad lighting not a ton of places to take pictures on the ship.
    Also forgot to turn down the pic size so when I had to rezise them to laod here it cut out the rest of my body but you still get the idea!
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  17. Nice job, man. Glad to hear it's going well.

    Careful with the tanning, though...

  18. The org. picture I had posted on the beach was after applying some Atomic Meltdown and it tends to make my skin red for a bit then goes away great tanning lotion if you like the smell btw!

    You guys have a great product here it does have a nice cool burn for the first few hours and then tapers off. Hopefully It will help me on my trouble spots and along with my current diet I will be sporting a nice lean body!

  19. Dude, you have a similar figure to me! Im def subbed!

  20. Dude, you have a similar figure to me! Im def subbed!
    Welcome aboard! Finally some action starting up in this thread!

    Mrchristian- good to hear I am not alone in my build!
    It is not that I don't like it but my upper ab area tends to stay much leaner then my bottom. I am really hoping that even it is a little I can get my bottom abs to show! haha!

  21. Looks like good improvement. I just woke up now though and pressed read last unread post or whatever and BAM your nipples are in my face. Interesting way to start the day

  22. HAHA! that is too funny!

    WEll the beach picture was at the end of my bulk cycle so I tend to lose all respects of abs and while I keep a flat stomach it is nothing to be impressed about.

    Thus far my diet and Napalm use is going very well as stated I will use Napalm for about 2 1/2 weeks by then my ReCeate will be here and I will use that till I am out at which time I will finish up my cut with Napalm!
    Should be one heck of a ride

  23. Day 6
    Almost one week in and so far I have enjoyed my use of napalm!
    I feel like I make a small improvment everyday. This is a longer term scale of things but in my two month time frame I think the overall results will be good!

    Diet is still going very well I must say I can't wait till tomorrow night when I start my refeed! hehe!

  24. Day 7 One week in!

    When I woke up this morning I applied another coat of Napalm

    I apply
    2 full pumps (maybe three next week?) to ab area
    1 Smaller pump to each love handle area.
    1 Pump for the nipples.

    This seems to be working well and covers everything nicely.

    Napalm progress:
    When applying this morning I noticed my nipple area is much better! I have ALWAYS fought with "puffy" nipples since I was a kid and this morning it almost felt like I had no puffiness! Really great results there!
    Stomach still feels tight and I have a feel I am slowly burning through the fat there it is just hard to tell based off feel.

    Refeed today, after such low carb intake during the week it feels so strange to laod up on carbs. It always gets my veins pumping! This will start after my depletion workout today.

    Thats it so far another week and a half to go with Napalm then hopefully my ReCreate will be here and I can log that for everyoen interested!


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