H-drol/6-oxo and anabolic extreme pct

  1. H-drol/6-oxo and anabolic extreme pct

    Im starting H-drol and 6oxo some time next week ill let you guys know how it goes! I ordered some white flood also I bought ragnarok couple months ago it was alright but we will see how this stuff is.:squat:

  2. halodrol 5 weeks
    Reversitol as PCT 4 weeks dosed 3/2/2/1
    have a SERM in case u need it...

    AI cycle support a week before and ran through out the cycle.

  3. What is a SERM???

  4. Quote Originally Posted by XJUSTICEX View Post
    What is a SERM???
    Serlective Estrogen Receptor Modulater.

    go search, its all over PCT threads. look on websites, and read about it.

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