CynergE is a havoc clone made by BCS labs that contains 10mg of havoc and 750mg of cissus in each capsule. I wanted to run this by everyone before I started and see if there were any comments or suggestions.

Week 1 20mg
Week 2 20mg
week 3 20mg
week 4 20mg
week 5 30mg(If I feel ok)

These are my support supps:

Taurine 3g/day
Vit C 1g/day
Vit B complex
Fish oil 2g/day
Cycle support
Vit B5 3g/day
green tea
primaforce cissus 1g/day


Week 1 90mg torem/ 2 reversitol(I force)/ZMA
Week 2 60mg torem/ 2 reversitol/ZMA
Week 3 30mg torem/ 1 reverstiol/ZMA
Week 4 1 reversitol/ZMA/Endoamp(Primordial Performance)
Weeks 5-8 ZMA/Endoamp

Tell me what you think.