MC's PWO Judgement Day! Animal Pump VS. Shock Therapy

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  1. MC's PWO Judgement Day! Animal Pump VS. Shock Therapy


    Thank you Universal Rep's for giving me the opportunity to run this comparison for you. Prior to this, I have only used Animal Pump one time (Free Sample) and I never have utilized Shock Therapy before, so this is highly anticipated for me, especially because I love pwo supplements and the added boost they give you to move the iron.

    Last evening, (8/27) I began my 5 day run of Animal Pump. 5 days of Shock Therapy will follow this. This was probably an unfair day to begin my log because I had a heck of a day at work and had to work late. I consumed a packet of animal pump about an hour prior to arriving at the gym. I was extremely frazzled when arriving at the gym, however as I began my workout I began to notice a little bit more focus and the feeling of malaise was leaving my body. Since I was so late getting to the gym, I had to scale back my time in between sets, but I was able to get through my sets fine and was not inhibited at all in my routine. I performed a bicep/shoulder split, and let me tell you, I normally do not experience that great of pumps with anything, but I had some sick pumps last night. It felt like my skin was going to tear. All in all not too shabby of a workout considering the circumstances. I am anxiously awaiting to try out Shock Therapy because I am more of a fan of the white hot intensity boost pwo supplement vs. the more focused, mellow, steady increase in energy pwo supplement. Also, another bonus I thought was that it is in pill form. I know for me, I already pack enough shakers during the day w/ protein. Its much easier to pack a little bag of pills for pwo rather than having to ready another shaker. I look forward to my next workout with Animal Pump, and hopefully under more ideal conditions!
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  2. Subbed. Looking good. I'm a fan of the pill form as well as I have enough shakes throughout the day. Sounds like the pumps were great.

  3. Looking forward to hearing your results on a better day with Pump. I am really enjoying it.

  4. Subbed!!!

  5. I will be watching this one sir... Impress me...
    \\ USPlabs Alpha Ginger //

  6. My second day with Animal Pump was Thursday evening around 6 oclock. It was Chest night which involved:
    -3 sets Bench Press
    -3 sets of incline DB press
    -3 sets of butterfly's
    -3 sets of around the worlds

    All in all, I felt like I was off throughout my entire workout. I felt as if I didnt have much in the tank and I could have used a bit more of a pickup. I had a decent amount of focus, but just didn't feel right into my workout.

  7. We need an update homie!!!
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  8. I know....sorry fellas. It was an insanely busy weekend, plus my damn gym was closed pretty much the entire weekend. This was a good thing though, because Friday night was NUTS. It was the most killer leg workout I've ever had, legs were twitching and shaking when I was walking out of the gym. I began lifting at 6pm, I took my packet of Animal Pump half an hour before I got to the gym. ( I have about a 50 minute drive from my work to my gym) My workout was Squats x4, Leg Press x4, Leg Extensions x3, Seated ham curl x 3, Lying ham curl x3, and I barely blasted out 3 sets of calf raises. Various times throughout the workout I thought I was going to vomit. The weirdest part of my workout is that I didnt have that much energy, I just had this sense of increased drive, and stamina, I mean dont get me wrong, I was definetley fatigued, but wasn't weak if that explains it well. This was one of the best workouts I had in a long time. I had INSANE DOMS all weekend. Good thing the gym was closed, to keep me out.

  9. I had an AWESOME workout again tonight. I actually tracked what I ate today too to throw that on here. I typically eat pretty healthy (at least I think), I definetley am going to be looking for some assistance when I begin my cut soon, but for now I try to watch my diet pretty closely.

    1 Protein Shake (Nectar Fuzzy Navel) ~ Simply best tasting EVER
    1 GnuBar
    1 small protein/apple/banana/walnut homeade muffin

    1/2 Turkey sandwich on wheat bread, lettuce, tomato, hot peppers & alfalfa sprouts
    1 small boneless pork chop trimmed of fat
    Cup of Blackberries

    1 more apple/banana/walnut/protein muffin

    Shake with skim milk, raspberries, blackberries, and 2 scoops of muscle milk light vanilla flavor

    2 more boneless porkchops trimmed of fat

    I again took Animal Pump 1/2 hour prior to workout. I paired Chest & Back today. I have been on a schedule lifting Chest by itself because it usually takes a lot out of me, but with some advice from a friend I decided to try to add back today since I had extra time and I never know when Im going to have to work late. Anyways, I had that great drive throughout all of my sets again. I didnt feel that much of a pump and no intense energy like most pwo supps, but I felt good and "on" if that makes sense. I was even able to blast out a half an hour on the bike after my chest/back workout. It was a long night at the gym tonight, but a highly rewarding one. One more day with Pump and then Im on to SHOCK THERAPY!!! I cant wait because I am a fan of being jolted with energy at the gym!

  10. Quote Originally Posted by mrchristian View Post
    I had an AWESOME workout again tonight.

    Anyways, I had that great drive throughout all of my sets again. I didnt feel that much of a pump and no intense energy like most pwo supps, but I felt good and "on" if that makes sense. I was even able to blast out a half an hour on the bike after my chest/back workout. It was a long night at the gym tonight, but a highly rewarding one. One more day with Pump and then Im on to SHOCK THERAPY!!! I cant wait because I am a fan of being jolted with energy at the gym!
    Know exactly what ya mean with that "on" feeling... It's why I like Pump.
  11. The Final Pump

    So today was my final dose of Animal Pump. Today I worked out shoulders.....Let's start off by throwing up the diet.

    1/8 slice of Peanut Butter Protein Cheese Cake (Just baked this for the first time last night, was dying to try it!)
    Macro Breakdown:
    Protein ~ 30g
    Carbs ~ 19g
    Fat ~ 21g

    Sipped on 2 scoops of Purple WrAAth

    2 Boneless Pork Chops trimmed of fat
    Small bowl of egg beaters/99% fat free ground turkey/grilled peppers

    Afternoon Snack:
    1 GnuBar
    2 Scoops of Nectar Fuzzy Navel Whey Protein

    1 small protein muffin
    1 packet Animal Pump

    Protein Shake - 2 Scoops Scivation Vanilla Whey

    (Not sure what Im gonna eat for dinner tonight)

    -DB Shoulder Press x3
    -Arnold Press x3
    -Laterall Raises x3
    -Rear-Delt Cable Pulls x4
    -Shrugs x3

    I had another FANTABULOUS workout. I felt really into the workout, even though I really dont care for shoulders. My energy level was moderate, nothing special to note, but I love that "on" feeling and really getting into my workout and not just going through the motions to get it done. I noticed a slight pump in my shoulders, nothing really to write home about though.

    I neglected to mention this in my earlier posts, but after 5 workouts with Animal Pump, where I really felt the most benefit was my cardio. I usually hit the bike for 25 minutes after lifting, and it is a draaaaaaaaaaag. That drive and endurance sure came in handy for my cardio sessions, because I never got as winded as I usually do, and I did not get nearly as fatigued as I usually do. They were fantastic cardio workouts. I could have kept going, where as before, I am usually dying to finish out the 25 minutes. By the end of 25 minutes I am dripping wet and I feel like I can take on the world! I literally feel like I could run through the wall like the Kool-Aid Man. OHHHHHH YEAHHHHH!!!!!

    Tomorrow its on to Shock Therapy and arms....giggity giggity giggity gooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Very cool. I like the compare and contrast buddy...
    \\ USPlabs Alpha Ginger //

  13. hey buddy...
    good luck with the shock therapy...
    I'm not a fan of the grape flavor at least.
    SFW and GFH

  14. I love that feeling of being in the zone. Pump only gets better as time goes on.

    Interesting to see how Shock treats ya.
  15. Shocker Time

    This will be a two part post because I inadvertantly started one packet of Shock Therapy:

    My first workout with Shock Therapy consisted of an intense back workout, followed up with some tricep movements. As usual, I dose about 30 minutes prior to begining my workout. After about 15 minutes I felt an insane surge of energy, almost like I could sit still. It was great, sweat was just pouring off of my face while I was deadlifting and performing bent-over rows. I loved it, the intensity and rush of energy was pretty comparable to some of my normal staple pwo supplements.

    Bent-Over Rows x3
    Dead Lifts x4
    Lat Pull Downs x3
    T-Bar Row x3

    Rope Pulldown x 3
    Reverse Tricep Pulldown x3
    Reverse CGBP x3
    Dip Machine x3

    This was an excellent workout for me, and I really liked my first dose of Shock Therapy.
  16. Part Duex

    Yesterday was arms day. I was super excited when I went to the gym to do arms. (who isnt thou? haha) Unfortunately I didnt feel like I had a lot in the tank, perhaps it is because Ive been toying with steadily lowering my carb intake, because even with shock, I was feeling kinda weak and sluggish. I pushed through my arm workout, the good thing that resulted though was that I had insane pumps, I rarely get pumps so this was nice.


    Hammer Curls x3
    Preacher Curls x3
    BB Curls x3

    Reverse Tricep Pulldown x3
    Rope Cable Pull Down x3
    Dip Machine x3
    Tate Press x3
  17. Wooooha Leg Night

    I usually do legs on Friday nights or Saturdays because they kick my ***! Tonight was no different. I took Shock Therapy about 20 minutes before my workout. Man....MAN! I was drenched all through my workout. It gave me the energy I needed to blast through my workout. Tomorrow is going to be some treat to try to walk. Im wobble wobble...shakey shakey now. For me Shock Therapy hasnt made me jittery or made me feel like I had too much energy to burn off, its been a nice boost right where I need it. Mixability is stellar also, it mixes just about 100%, although Im not a big fan of the grape flavor. Kinda leaves an after taste of aspirin to me.


    Squats x4
    Leg Press x5
    Leg Press Calf Raise x3
    Seated Ham Curl x3
    *Nearly Avoid Vomiting*
    Leg Extension x3
    Lying Ham Curl x3

  18. Two more nights of Shock Therapy left! I think I know which way Im going to vote...we'll just have to wait and see though!

  19. Quote Originally Posted by mrchristian View Post
    Two more nights of Shock Therapy left! I think I know which way Im going to vote...we'll just have to wait and see though!
    Glad the log is going great for ya and you may have your mind made up.

    Extra energy on legs is always killer. Sounded like you gave it hell in there.

    Gonna be interesting to see who ya choose.
  20. Thumbs up

    Log is well done bro. I'm glad to see all you guys getting results like this with the products. Looking forward to your final review.

  21. Shock #4

    Today's workout consisted of a nice workout of Shoulders + Forearms before the BIG BROWNS GAME! I had a very nice workout. I had the perfect amount of energy and stamina. No excess jitters, and no fatigue whatsoever.

    Standing Millitary Press x5
    Laterall Raises x3
    Scarecrows x3
    Rear-Delt Cable Pull x3
    DB Shoulder Press x3
    Gripmaster x2
    BB Forearm Curls x2

    I had a nice 25 minute high intensity cardio workout on the bike, but I dont seem to have the same endurance during my cardio sessions that I had with Animal Pump. Universal guys, what is it that Animal Pump contains that gives that great focus/endurance that Shock Therapy lacks and Animal Pump possesses? I really love Animal Pump for cardio. One more workout to go for this log, and then we will lay down the final verdict.

    BTW, the only thing I had to eat before my workout today was BABY CARROTS with GUACAMOLE, and boy was it DELICIOUS! I had never tried this before, but man is it good, and I think it is a perfect power meal, nice healthy fats, low carbs, nyum nyum nyum...

  22. Quote Originally Posted by mrchristian View Post
    The browns? Come on man...
    \\ USPlabs Alpha Ginger //

  23. Quote Originally Posted by borobulker View Post
    The browns? Come on man...

    Heck yeah the Browns....what did you think, I was going to be a fan of the Steelers?!!?! NEVER!

  24. !!!!!! too bad, i thought you wouldn't mind following a winning team...
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