The Road To Recovery: Cissus, Anabolic Pump, and a Bad Shoulder

  1. The Road To Recovery: Cissus, Anabolic Pump, and a Bad Shoulder

    basically i decided to do a small log while im letting my shoulder heal and recover properly.

    my shoulder joint is pretty bad. it clicks in all directions of movement, and sharp pains follow with any chest, shoulder, or overhead movement. some pain follows with certain bi and tri exercises, but not much. some of the pain is also coming from tendinitis in my left biceps at the top where it attaches to my shoulder (no idea if this is accurate in terms of anatomy). not sure how the injury came about, but its definitely built up over the past year or so.

    i have been using usp lab's super cissus rx for about a week so far, using 6 caps per day (2 morning, 2 afternoon, 2 pre-bed). within this week, i can already notice a difference. whether it is permanent or temporary relief im not sure. but i will find out in a couple months when i stop using it.

    i also take 600mg of ibuprofen every now and again when i feel my tendinitis is hurting more than usual. i may start taking it again as my doctor prescribed it originally at 3 per day, or every 8 hours.

    i will also be doing some rotator cuff and shoulder strengthening exercises. its not much, and my knowledge on dealing this is kinda limited, but im trying to do what i can without having to pay for a doctor visit or physical therapy. this will be a few times a week right now, and bumped to everyday when it feels a little better.

    for training, ill be only hitting legs, calves, and abs. the past few weeks ive tried doing bi, tri, and back exercises that dont seem to affect the injury, but with the possibility of the tendinitis getting worse, i think its best to just lay off all of them.

    i also am going to be using anabolic pump. since im still trying to stay physical, and still keeping my diet in check (probably more so now that lifting is out of the equation) i figured what better time to use my two bottles of AP that i got from the dirt cheap sale at NP. ill be taking either 2 or 3 a day. will be taken with breakfast and pre w/o meal every day, and sometimes a third meal in the day. but id rather utilize just 2 a day and make the bottles last longer. plus i usually only have 2 carb meals a day any how.

    breakfast: 1 ap, 2 np omega-3 caps, 1 opti-men, 2 super cissus, (sometimes 1 600mg ibuprofen) with 4 whole eggs, 4 strips turkey bacon, 1 cup oats with 2 tsp brown sugar.

    pre w/o: 1 ap, 2 np omega-3 caps, 1 opti-men, 2 super cissus with 8 oz chicken breast, brown rice or whole wheat pasta or whole wheat bread or oats and brocolli or green beans


    aside from a few therapeutic exercises, my routine will be fairly simply. legs and calves will be done twice a week. abs and shoulder exercises will be twice a week. i may also be doing a day of some deadlifts in place of a second leg day. ill try it out and see how my shoulder feels with that kind of load on it. should be fine tho, because ive been doing a lot of rack pulls lately and ive had no issues with it yet.

    ill also be running a lot probably. or doing a lot of cardio at the gym. either way. hopefully ill have time to hit the trails more now, or go with my dad on his mountain biking adventures (hes 51 and whoops my a$$ every time i go with him).

    pretty simple. continue to drop some fat. make a full recovery with plenty of rest and therapeutic exercises, and a little help from cissus. also bringing up my legs will be something awesome. they have always been on the backburner with me kinda, strong, just not prioritized and always having sloppy, unsatisfying sessions (no homo). im hoping ill gain an appreciation and love for building up my legs during this time. plus then my legs can be on par with my back and my deadlift number will sky rocket

    ill upload some later to judge progress of diet.

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