Cordygen VO2 + Shred Hardcore Review

  1. Cordygen VO2 + Shred Hardcore Review

    Starting - 220
    Ending - 217

    Starting - 36
    Ending - 35

    Starting - 44
    Ending - 44

    Starting - 16.5
    Ending - 16.5

    Starting - 16.5%
    Ending - 15.5%

    Shred Hardcore

    I need to be honest that I have very mixed feelings about this product as it just seemed to do weird things to my brain. When I took 2 pills I felt fantastic, great focus, great energy, no jitters, but the after effects were very strange. I would crash pretty hard, but not in terms of lethargy but I would just feel mentally very fatigued and somewhat discombobulated. I just would feel somewhat disoriented for several hours. The other strange side effect is that while I was using Shred the appetite suppression was great, when its effects wore off I would crave sweets and simple carbs like a Pimp craves money. I would just devour ice-cream and other sweets and I never have a sweet tooth and usually can live without them with no problems. These effects were all mitigated when I dropped the dosing down to 1 pill taken every three hours but all the positive effects became somewhat diminished at this dosage as well. Now, my other half who can not log worth a **** absolutely loves this product and has already had me purchase her a couple more bottles. She takes 1 pill in the morning and then 2 pills preworkout and she tells me it produces a mild euphoric effect and great focus. I have seen the effects first hand and the entire time she will just have an almost eerie Cheshire Cat, ear to ear grin. She also reports that the appetite suppression is very effective. So with one couple this product produces two pretty divergent opinions.

    Cordygen VO2
    I loved the first incarnation of Cordygen when it was contained in the Kreaceps/Citruvol stack (Still my favorite combo of supplements), I loved Cordygen 5, and this product has impressed me as well. The big question is how much better is this product over regular Cordygen 5 and is it worth the higher price tag. Personally in terms of performance I think this product is about equal to Cordygen 5. With both products I noticed the largest benefits when I was engaged in any type of HIT cardio, especially playing basketball. Normally when I engage in these activities I can develop a pretty decent burning in my lungs and I noticed that with Cordygen I just could not get my lungs burning, I always noticed that my muscles would fatigue before my breath would give out and this is a very welcome benefit for cardio performance. When I performed distance running (which I despise) I did not notice much benefit so I would not really recommend it for that type of activity. I also noticed very quick recovery when HIT style weightlifting and I was able to kill the weights and breeze through some of my workouts.

    As far as the difference with Cordygen 5, I noticed that when I dosed all 6 pills, my mood and focus would noticeably improve and that It was incredibly difficult for me to get frustrated or angry. I noticed this mostly when playing tennis where I tend to be pretty hard on myself whenever I miss shots, but when dosed at 6 pills I just quickly put it out of my mind and played very relaxed. I noticed this on about 4 separate occasions. Other than the mood boost, I would say performance wise the products are about equal and I think a consumer will be pleased with whatever purchase they make.

    Thanks to MST for letting me try this product out. You guys are a damn solid company.


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