Yellow Gold(anabolic pump) Neovar w/ Napalm

  1. Yellow Gold(anabolic pump) Neovar w/ Napalm

    This will be a 40 day log i will post weight/body fat every five days.

    6 Neovar
    1500mg of yellow gold
    1-2 pumps of Napalm (bought it for fun dont really need it too much)

    6 Orange Triad
    1 900mg omega-3 fish oil
    Quick Karb
    Gakic(got for free might as well try at some point)
    Mri Black Powder (i love this product best pre-work out in my opinion! ima buy some once i feel i have enough money.)

    Between 200-250g Protein a day
    As Many crabs As I Can Get!
    Frequent Meals

    Working Out:
    5 Days Lifting Weekly (Maybe 4 or 6 depending on how good or bad of a week it is)
    Cardio Every Once in a While
    1 Muscle Group a Day (Abbs and possibly Calves added in as often as i feel necessary)
    ______________________________ ______________________

    Day 1 8/20/2008
    Weight: 172.4
    BF: somewhere between 4.5-5.5 (i will be using measurements from my Taylor scale in athletic mode so realistically it would probably be 2-3% higher)
    Hydration:69%-70%(yet again i don't remember for that day)

    Will update progress on 8/26/2008
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  2. This is my first log hope it is useful to some.

  3. how much all this cost you? Anyway post a before pic, I want to see what low body fat looks like.
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  4. Yellow Gold:
    Orange Triad:
    Fish Oil: I bought at Gnc and don't remember. I think they are like 18.99 (minus 30% for emp. discount)
    Kwick Karb: Think two bottles where around thirty but they don't have the size i got anymore.

    I have one before picture but its not too amazing. Let me figure out how to upload it onto my computer.

  5. picture added (need to bulk up a little before definition will really come in i think)
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  6. Day 6 8/26/2008
    Weight: 176.0
    BF: 5.5


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