IBE Epistane Pulse and ActiVate Xtreme

  1. IBE Epistane Pulse and ActiVate Xtreme

    Going for round 2 on Epi to finish off my bottle. Did a pulse back in January with good results. gained a solid 5-7 lbs of LBM while losing 5lbs of fat. Overall felt great... little sides to speak of. Did not need a serm as the cycle was mild.

    Here's the plan for round 2. This time I'm more detailed and on top of support supps and PCT supps. Going to tweak out the timing also. My goal will be about the same... to add lean mass and lose fat if possible, although this time I'm not opposed to gaining a few. I train MMA so I like to stay around 185-190 in case I decide to do a competition.

    Here's my cycle and supps. Feel free to drop and advice or feedback, I'm always open to it. This time I'm thinkin I'd like to stack with ActiVate because it's supposed to increased free test, which will be plentiful already because of the Epi. I've take Activate before and it seemed pretty good. I took it after my last cycle of epi as a natty test booster and it seemed to do the job. I have Nolva on hand but not sure if I'll use it since its only a pulse topping out at 30mg. I did feel mild symptoms of low test in the following months after the last cycle but nothing really major. Just a little libido drop and not as much an 'alpha' feeling... but thats to be expected. My libido was through the roof with epi the first time around.


    29 yrs old, 5' 11", 189lbs. about 7yrs lifting experience.

    Deads- 405x4, 315x15
    Bench- 240x4, 225x8
    Squat- 315x3, 275x8, 225x15
    Incline dumbell press- 90x6, 85x10
    Barbell Shrug- 315x12, 405x6

    Ok I think that is everything. Had to put these in two separate rows cuz of all the damn supps. I'm thinking of using 4 pill times for supports for better absorbtion... Breakfast, midmorn, evening, before bed. Epi wil be preWO+postWO. I'm thinkin maybe throw in 6-oxo post cycle... maybe even AFTER pct. what do you all think? Any and all feedback is appreciated...

  2. Damn that is about as organized as you can get. Looks great, I too, enjoy pulsing, it is close to the same gains overall but you tend to keep a higher percentage of them long term.

  3. Nice looking log Bro. Excellent detail. I have run Epi pulsed and liked it, and I'm currently running Activate Xtreme and this stuff is going well so far! Would make a KILLER stack.

  4. Thanks guys, saw the excel print screen in another log and thought it was a good idea. Wanted to get some feedback before I order the last of my supps. Should be a go in a few days...

  5. Ok so i think i'm changing this up. I have 45 pills so might as well use them all...

    10, 20, 30
    30, 30, 30
    30, 30, 30
    30, 30, 30
    40, 40, 40

    Also gonna use Nolva after. This should be done immediately right? I'm thinking 30, 20, 20, 10. I also have PCS, I3C, Liv52 as supports during pct. Is this overkill? I would think you can't be safe enough.

    I'm also hating the thought of a 3 day split. But I guess I have to...

  6. Looks like a very solid plan my man. I enjoyed my short stint with epi as well. Subd, will keep watching this one.


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