My First Real Log - AP, pSARM, and Other Goodies

  1. My First Real Log - AP, pSARM, and Other Goodies

    This is my first log, so please bear with me. If anyone has any advice/tips along the way please feel free to chime in.

    Before I start on the details of the log, I'll throw in a little background information. I'm a pitcher at the D1 level. As such I make sure to take nothing that's a banned substance - everything is non-hormonal for me; that's why I chose my stack. I just finished up my college season and my summer league season. 121 games and a whole buttload of innings later my body is sore, worn down, and I need to get my strength back up. This is where my current stack comes in.

    My training is a bit different since I'm a pitcher. There are some days when I'll work completely on flexibility and pre-hab, and other days when I destroy the weights in the gym (usually lower body). Because of trying to maintain the most amount of flexibility I follow a modified Westside Barbell Program.

    Now for the fun stuff: My supplements. Since I only have a short time to get my strength/weight back up in time for college I've thrown a kitchen sink sort of stack together in order to help me get this back as fast as possible. My list includes

    Anabolic Pump
    Creatine Monohydrate
    Whole Foods Multi-Vitamin
    Xtend/Bulk BCAA Mix
    And of course, a bunch of protein.

    On workout days I'll be using...
    AP/pSARM w/Breakfast

    AP/pSARM/BA Pre-WO

    Xtend/BCAA's Peri-WO

    AP/Relentless/Creatine Post-WO

    Hope that looks good. I'll try and post diet along with macros, workout log, and weight with every post. Hope this goes well.

    EDIT: Just weighed myself. Bodyweight is down to 187! I was at 205 121 games ago. Time to start getting that back up!

  2. goodluck.... take it easy on chest workouts if you do them at all... very light weight for a lotta reps.... that's how my shoulder took a **** on me... i don't know why but i used to try and bench as much as possible...

  3. Day 1 (8/14):

    Weight: 188

    Workout plan: Prehab and Vinyasa Yoga.

    Dosages: 1 AP with ~70 g complex carbs in the morning. 2 pSARM before Yoga.

    Thoughts: Nothing to note as of yet. I was looking forward to feeling something from the AP, but nada. I'll give it time though. Nothing to note from the pSARM. It's nice that I don't get tweaked out like some users do from the Yohimbine.

    Will post my workout from today and notes on the effects in a few hours. Just gotta throw back some dinner first.

  4. Day 2 (8/15)

    Weight: 187 (-1lb)


    Please note, I don't add the weight of the bands on here, so if the numbers look a little low keep in mind I have two bands attached.

    Banded DB Bench (The band adds 30lbs at the bottom and I believe 55 at the top. I could be wrong, but I'll check the numbers for sure if someone is in dire need of knowing): 25x10, 45x5, 50x5, 55x3, 60x3x5

    Banded Bent Row (Same band, but the resistance at the top is a little less because I don't get a full stretch with it): 135x8x5.

    Face Pulls: 4x10

    Hanging Leg Raises: 4x10

    Hammer Curls: 25x10x3

    Band Tricep Pressdowns: 10x3 (weight is 30 at start of movement and ~55 at the bottom of the movement).

    Thoughts: I TORE through this workout! I'm not sure if it was the AP or the pSARM, but whatever it was I felt f-ing STRONG. Seriously, I was plowing through these reps like it was my job. I could/should have added more weight. I haven't really noticed a "pump" from the AP, but I definitely feel like my muscles stay fuller longer. I'm also really anxious to see the pounds start to come back on.

    So far I'm going to say that if on day TWO I'm having these sort of effects, these are two great products. I'm REALLY excited to see where I end up with on this stack.

    On a side note, has anyone noticed nausea with the AP? I'll pop one 15 minutes before a big carb meal, and I'll start feeling a little nausea come on right before I eat, and for a few minutes after. Just making sure it's normal.

  5. good luck dude gonna keep my eyes peeled

  6. Day 3 (8/16)

    Weight: 187 (-1lb)

    Workout: Pre-hab and Agility Work (I can post specifics if anyone needs it). Agility work consists of speed ladder and bands/plyotube exercises.

    Thoughts: Nothing new to report yet. I feel like these kind of workouts are going to show off the true power of these two supplements. It's also nice to see that I'm not getting the ill-effects from the Y in the pSARM. Hell, I popped two of them and took a nap a few minutes later.

    Also, I'm not sure if this is the pSARM, but last night I had a little "bedroom cardio" and the woman loved it. I can't remember the last time I was able to go for so long for so many times. Maybe I just got lucky, but I think the pSARM is my secret weapon in the bedroom ; ).

    EDIT: I have my Dynamic Leg Day tomorrow. VERY excited to see what I can do. DE days are always the ones that give me the most hell. F-ing pumped to get in there with the pSARM and AP in my system and see what I can do.

    EDIT 2: One more thing. The hunger on the AP is CRAZY! I bought 1.5 pounds of turkey meat and 1 lb of salmon yesterday night, and I've already polished it all off. AP is going to make me go broke! I can't afford to eat this much!

  7. So I've been off on vacation for a few days. Don't worry, I still got my lifting in.

    I've had 3 workouts since, and I don't think I'll be detailing them. However, I'm going to note a few thoughts so far...

    1. I really don't feel the pump from the AP. I mean, I almost feel nothing from it. Does that mean it's not working? Far from it, however, I think I'll need to run the full bottle before I know what it did for me.

    2. Strength is definitely up. I've already added 10 pounds to my ME squat day.

    3. I've been on the pSARM for a full week now and still no negative effects from the Y in it. Glad to hear that.

    I'll put my new weight up tomorrow. Pretty sure I'm up a few pounds.

  8. I am taking the pSARM and when i started it I got sick from the 2 pills so i cut it down to 1 pill 4x a day

    i figure after a week i will go to 2 pills 2x a day and see if i get sick or not

  9. Weight is way up!

    Current Weight: 193.5 (+5.5lbs)

    Thoughts: I'm getting quite strong in the gym. I've been able to rep the 65lb DB's for the same 5x3 I originally came in with, with a stronger band attached as well!

    My squat has gone up 10lbs as well, and I think it's poised to jump quite a bit in my next ME session.

    The woman went back to her college, so I won't be seeing her for a few months. Unfortunately I can't put the bedroom benefits of pSARM to good use for a while. However, if I keep on making gains in the weight room like I am now I won't care.

    I've found my right dosing for the AP. I need TONS of carbs with this thing. I've always been able to put carbs away with little to no fat gain, so I think upping it was the right course of action to take. I've also noticed that the "anabolic dumps" subside with an increased carb intake (it could also be my body adjusting to it).

    Sorry for not posting the workouts, I've just been getting lazy since I've been away and don't feel like copying them from my log (I normally keep them on my computer, but since I was on vacation I had to use my old notebook).

    One more thing I've noticed is that I'm far less sore after my flexibility work. Generally speaking, when I intensely stretch a muscle, it is often quite sore the next day. On this stack, though, it's not nearly as pronounced. Chances are it's unrelated, but the point of a log is to note any changes in how my body reacts.

  10. Weight: 194 (+6lbs)

    So I decided to mix it up a little yesterday.

    Back Squats (Haven't done THESE in a while): 135x10, 185x10, 225x8x4

    Sissy Squats: 25lbsx3x10

    RDL's: 225x10x4

    Felt great in the gym. Probably could have gone higher on the squats, but I haven't done back squats in a while so I kept them a bit lighter.

    Overall I'm feeling great. Weight is up, strength is up. I'm getting compliments saying that I'm looking a lot bigger. Can't wait to get back above 200 pounds again. I'm probably going to be shooting for 210 by the time this run is over - I'm fairly certain I can get it, since I feel like I should be able to get back to 200 fairly quickly.


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