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  1. LG's T911

    I got my samples of this a few days ago, at 2/day. Funny enough this being my last week at my current job i've been spastic enough that I haven't worked out since sunday. So i'm itching for saturday to roll around to see what effect this has had on strength, and also to try an alternate dosing. So far i've been taking 2 a day, split by 12 hours, but next time i'm going to take an additional one preworkout.

    Things i've noticed so far: from the first dose, I noticed a short term libido hike from maybe 20 minutes after taking it, lasting about an hour. I've noticed overall light sides of higher testosterone - slightly oilier skin, good mood, good sleep. The taste is nice, and there is a short term relaxation effect from taking them as well.

    I'll post more here as I do my next workout, and anything else I notice

  2. I'm in.

  3. I'll be watching!

  4. keepin up with this one easy. youre an older guy too so im thinking its gonna hook you up with a teenage boy libido haha.

    Very curious on this product. How long will you be able to run it for?

    Effective from first dose...? Interesting.

  5. i've got about 3ish weeks worth as well, but if i'm dosing 3/day workout days it will be a little shorter.

    I think the immediate effect is from the yohimbe, but we'll see how it goes over time

  6. Nice I might give thisa try soon.

  7. it came at a good time for me, as I had run dry on proanabol/bad ass mass, but am waiting for assault/bulletproof to come in for a sponsored log. so the 3 weeks or so of this will be a perfect fill in, along with the x-factor + ebol

  8. What is in this?

    Sounds like a good pre-sex pill.

  9. search t911 tester thread or something like that. its like a sex aid, lh booster, test booster, along those lines. Great for addition to a PCT.

  10. subd!
    SFW and GFH

  11. In as always Easy. PS you really should add the supp facts into your first post, I think it's in Hank's thread but makes it easier for us to get into your log.

    Good luck!

  12. easy, i had the same mellow feelings after taking the first couple of days too. then at the end of day three i noticed a big bump in aggression, very similar to mmv2. btw the libido increase keeps getting better. everyone else is also reporting being relaxed the first couple of days, so far i am the only one that is getting the aggression. strength is also up on day 4. good luck.

  13. Noticed a little bit of facial acne starting today (day 5), nothing else too exotic to report

  14. Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    Noticed a little bit of facial acne starting today (day 5), nothing else too exotic to report
    a 40 year old man getting acne after 5 days is exotic enough.

  15. true, I think the only other naturalish supplement that was close was t-force (fadogia) and it took over a week I think

  16. Wash your face dirty man! lol jk

    Interesting supp.

  17. you still around 200?
    still bulking?

  18. right at 200, and recomping with maybe slight cutting. right at maintenance is what i am shooting for.

  19. Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    right at 200, and recomping with maybe slight cutting. right at maintenance is what i am shooting for.
    thats a big time improvement, easy. congratulations.

  20. So the acne is sort of spreading. its still very light acne in all the spots where it is hitting, but feeling a little starting up on biceps now as well. Libido is staying higher than normal around the clock. Not Cialis or Aspire36 high but higher than normal. like if normal is 5 on a 1-10 scale and Aspire36 is 10, around a 6-7.

    Sometime soon i'll start a good 6-8 week cut, and see if i can get to abs. this last few weeks i've just stuck at maintenance and am seeing some slight improvement in definition. Primarily can only tell the difference in my calves, but a little bit more definition there.

  21. i've been having far more sexual dreams than usual, that has been very noticeable the last few nites

  22. i love sexual dreams!!!! love it love it love it!

  23. For those of you still wondering what's in T-911, I just nicked this from Trauma's log.

    T-911 is a sublingual based product for PCT.
    Each Tablet Contains:
    98% standardized Resveratrol - Natural SERM (always had issues with bioavailability due to stomach enzymes)
    98% standardized Ellagic Acid - Natural SERM (could suffer from similar issues as Resveratrol)
    Androsterone (steroidal anti-aromatase also provides mental lift)
    yohimbine for the libido kick

  24. what's the good word?
    i think it's time for an update.
    don't go boxeman on us e.


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