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    For those of you still wondering what's in T-911, I just nicked this from Trauma's log.

    T-911 is a sublingual based product for PCT.
    Each Tablet Contains:
    98% standardized Resveratrol - Natural SERM (always had issues with bioavailability due to stomach enzymes)
    98% standardized Ellagic Acid - Natural SERM (could suffer from similar issues as Resveratrol)
    Androsterone (steroidal anti-aromatase also provides mental lift)
    yohimbine for the libido kick
    Thief!!!! "My Precious........"

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  2. Quote Originally Posted by Hank Vangut View Post
    what's the good word?
    i think it's time for an update.
    don't go boxeman on us e.
    Well, can I have some free stuff first?

    I just have had an off week. libido has stayed higher than normal. The oilyness is still there, a little lighter it seems and the facial acne has gone away. there is still the lightly raised bumps on the bis tho. i'm very curious as to what saturday's workout will be like

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Hank Vangut View Post
    don't go boxeman on us e.

  4. update?

  5. i'll be doing an update after todays workout, with starting the new job it ended up being an off week. libido is staying high, more sexual dreams than usual. Other than that no particular side effects, the acne + oily skin has died down

  6. welp shes all gone. my major observations are

    • Significant libido rise
    • Noticeable increase in sexual dreams
    • Morning wood
    • Overall well being immediately after taking, plus an hour or so

    I got noticeably oilier skin for a little bit, but it went away. When I got near the bottom of the supply, I decided to try something a little different. I took 3 tabs workout days, and none on non-workout days. it seemed like the effects worked almost the same dosing 3 every other day as 2 everyday. Makes a little sense, would be interesting to try that dosing scheme longer and see if the results peter out.

    A very nice supplement, I will definitely be getting more in the future. I'd like to try the 3 a day either everyday or every other day (or both to compare). I could definitely see using it as the test booster in PCT.

    Didn't particularly notice any recomp or strength gains, but at the same time it wasn't quite long enough of a time span for me to expect all that much either.


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