Pre work out supps/shakes...

  1. Question Pre work out supps/shakes...

    In your opinion, what's the best pre-workout supplements/shakes that someone should be taking?

  2. probably something like nos ether, jp8, etc. and a protein shake. whey preferably due to how much quicker it absorbs

  3. Quote Originally Posted by johnegq22 View Post
    In your opinion, what's the best pre-workout supplements/shakes that someone should be taking?
    They arent necessary for me. I get a natural rush of energy. I also use a combination of 30 G complex/simple carbs as my Pre-wo seems to do the trick. If need be i throw in some RPM. But i am naturally intense.

  4. u may want to try noshotgun just becasue of its complete ingredient profile....
    some favs include

    but there are alot out there that are great preworkout products

  5. Definitely White Flood by Controlled Labs. Just check out my avatar and sig.

  6. Cellucor M5, Beta-Alanine, ON Whey protein...

  7. Austin, I'm jealous. Hopefully soon bro, hopefully

  8. This is what i 'use'...

    45mins pre-workout
    = 2 USPlabs ReCreate, ALCAR

    10mins pre-workout
    = 3 USPlabs PowerFULL, 1 USPlabs Pslin

    Intra-Workout = 6 Scoops Scivation Xtend, 1 Scoop Isopure WPI, 30g Waxy Maize Starch (NutraPlanet Kwik Karb), 10g Maltodextrin, 2g Taurine, 4g Beta-Alanine, 6g Glutamine

    * I used this BEFORE i was a rep...
    \\ USPlabs Alpha Ginger //

  9. I heard great things about white flood and jp8
    I've experienced great things with Assault.

  10. I think I'm leaning towards white good things


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