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    hey just wanted to report my results on whats listed in the title. I have a norword type 2 "mature hairline and I would prefer my hairline to be lower and have the corners filled in better. my hairline recession is not bad but still i am looking for some improvement. I have been on this stack for about 4 months (april 14th 2008 to be exact). I have noticed some new hairs sprouting up in the corners and the hairline is starting to look more like a horizontal line instead of an 'M' shape. I love it and I will continue to use it and document my results. also I was thinking about adding toco8 but I have yet to see any sort of results posted. I hope this helps guys with mpb. retin-A is .05 just got some .1 to see if that changes anything at all. peace out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. If you're interested in a cheaper version of Toco8 check this out - it is _exactly_ the same (without the bad math calculating the total mg content that is on the Primordial site). I personally noticed nothing from it, but only ran one bottle and have a great head of hair for an old man.

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