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  1. Animal Pack Sample

    Hey, I got my animal pack sample Monday. And this morning I used it for lift. I was focused throughout most of the lift, had quite a lot of energy, my recovery time was good, and I didnt feel alot of soreness going up weights and after the lift. Only downside was that I had to take like 10 pills and my stomach was feeling a little strange. But it was pretty good. Thank you very much Universal for sending me over the samples! I will defiantly look forward in the future to buying some more.

  2. Not calling out Animal by any means, I believe they're a solid company. But this seems kind of crazy for one pak, one day.
    Celtic Labs Rep

  3. lol, I love animal pak, and have used it many times. But the whole "and I felt very little pain going up weights" is a little far fetched, and why would you feel any pain anyways?. I can vouche for the focus part tho, I always feel energized after I take my pak.

  4. Ya, sorry about that. After reading my original post, I feel like i might of made exaggerated Animal Pack and make it seem like the best thing ever with the usage of some words (especially adjectives and adverbs) so i edited it out. Timmo when i said little pain well one big thing that was different with Animal pack was that after my lift (an hour and half) and some condo I was not sore at all, non of my muscles were in pain. I mean I could feel my muscles being very tight and everything, but I had no soreness (which i usually get). My lifting partner however, was very sore after the lift. I mean there could be a few reasons for this rather than the animal pack, but i don't know. Also while I was lifting, i felt like I could add more weight with each set (until i stopped because I couldn't handle the weight) and I couldn't feel the strains of my muscle while lifting. That was how I felt. I mean a very bad analogy is I felt like I was high, I knew there was soreness and could feel why there would be soreness, but I didn't actually feel the soreness. If that makes sense

  5. We're talking about Animal Pump right and not Animal Pak?

    Your response to a single pack is atypical but not uncommon. There are some who respond extremely well to one dose--still, the majority do not.

    The core benefits begin to kick in around days 10-14. Anectodally and based on testing, the benefits appear to be cumulative.

  6. Ya I'm talking about Animal Pump. I haven't really used to many pre-workout supplements so that might also be a reason.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by ez25 View Post
    Ya I'm talking about Animal Pump. I haven't really used to many pre-workout supplements so that might also be a reason.
    This could have def contributed to it. Also, if you're not desensitized to stims, again, the "results" would be greater, for sure...

  8. Nice! Guess I had some ownage results from the lack of stim usage. Thanks again for the sample

  9. I thoguht this had to be pump. I just got mine in the mail today. Looking forward to taking it pre w/o tomorrow
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  10. Glad the samples are reaching you fellas...


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