Jackellpets 'Running the USPLabs Rack' Log

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  1. Jackellpets 'Running the USPLabs Rack' Log


    Over the last four months have been going through a bulking phase – gains have been satisfactory; however have hit a level where fat gains are a little too much for comfort.

    After making adjustments to diet, adding in some light cardio, I sought advice from Mulletsolder on how to best utilise my stash to achieve my goals:

    *Continue to make lean muscle gains.
    *Minimising fat deposition, or optimally reduce body fat if possible.
    *No loss of strength, maintaining endurance.

    The programme of supplementation mirrors that of B5150, as that it is based on early morning fasted workout.

    Basically all USPLabs products have been utilised – with the exception of SuperCissus which is still to arrive.


    Has been up to 4,500 – 5,000 calorie day bulking diet for the last 4 months. No junk, but slightly dirty. Plenty of dairy, eggs, fruit etc. Food intake spread over 7 meals – two of which are small protein shakes.

    Recently reduced to 3,500 – 4,000 calorie range (maintenance approximately 3,000) to maintain growth.

    Diet and Supplementation:

    Differs between workout and non-workout days. Basically I do not take Zap or P-Slin on non-WO days, and restrict PowerFull to night time doses only.

    Below is a typical workout day with examples of meals. Im not a true calorie counter, rather an estimator that adjusts by results:

    1hr pre-WO: 3x PowerFull, 4x Zap, ½ dose of Poseidon with BCAAs
    0.5hr preWO: 2x ReCreate, 1x Anabolic Pump, ½ dose of Poseidon with BCAAs
    Peri-WO: 1 dose Poseidon with BCAAs

    During stretching: 1x P-Slin
    Post WO: 40g whey, 60g dextrose, 30g SizeOn, 5g Spirulina

    1hr postWO:
    (Oats, banana, whey, full cream milk)

    11pm Snack:
    (nuts, muesli bar etc

    1pm meal: 1x Anabolic Pump
    (2x roast beef or chicken snitzel sandwiches on whole meal bread with salad, or Asian stirfry etc)

    3pm: 1x ReCreate

    3.30pm Snack
    (nuts etc)

    5pm Meal:
    (30g whey with full cream milk)

    7.30pm meal: 1x Anabolic Pump
    (Steak, veg and sweet potato, chilli con carne w. brown rice, meat/veg omelette w. pasta etc.)

    9.30pm Meal:
    (Greek yoghurt with whey, fish oil, Vit C)

    10.30pm: 2x PowerFull

    General Stats:

    Height:188cm/6'2" Weight:104kg/228lb Age:34


    Early AM - 6am unless Sunday 9am

    Current 3-day split. Last 3 months have involved muscle endurance with tri-sets and supersets, changes every month. Weight has been increasing as reps decrease.

    Current is push/pull supersets on opposing muscle groups. eg squats/military press. Rep Range 10,10 with 2 minutes interest rest. Rep speed at pace maintaining control and range. Exercise type is dominated by compound movements.

    Sunday: Back/Chest
    Monday: HIIT (spin)
    Tuesday: Legs/Shoulders
    Wednesday: Off
    Thursday: Off
    Friday: Bi's/Tri's
    Warm up 5min light cardio, WO 30-40 minutes, Moderate Cardio: 30-45min, Stretching 10 minutes.


    After powering all my workouts to date by P-Slin meals, I was a little apprehensive of fasting. The following is from B5150’s log:

    To tell you the truth, fasted states in conjunction with products which induce, and following, utilize lipolysis are absolutely fantastic. If you are lifting immediately after waking, may I suggest forgoing the Pre-WO shake? Glucose provides only 1/3 of the energy for anaerobic cellular reactions, and the combination of both PowerFULL and ReCreate modulating lipolysis pathways produces very strong workouts.
    Whether we choose to utilize them or not, the process of lipolysis liberates stored fatty acids into our blood stream in the form of triglycerides - by engaging in anaerobic exercise, we use these newly liberated FFAs for cellular exertion (as I said, fatty acid oxidation comprises about 2/3 energy use in an anaerobic movement).
    This protocol merely utilizes energy which would have been wasted in a normal protocol, while ensuring that proper Post-WO nutrition is undertaken.
    I’ve got some big changes coming up in my training regime that lead to low reps, max weight, high sets in the upcoming 8 weeks – this log will look at the effects the new supplementation programme on aspects such as strength, endurance, mind-muscle connection, weight/Comp changes etc in a commentary format.

    All comments, critique etc more than welcome!

    So lets: Run the USPLabs Rack!

  2. Some other info of interest:

    Body Type:

    Your score is 2.

    Your body is closest to a Mesomorph. You have a naturally fit body but to maintain it or improve it you should exercise and diet correctly for your type. Strength training can be done more often and for longer sessions then would be good for an Ectomorph, but you must still be carefull not to overdo it. You should train with moderate to heavy weighs and at a moderate pace, not resting too long between sets. You will find you gain muscle quite easy (some women and even men might not want to get too bulky, but this won't happen suddenly. When you are happy with your muscle size simply train to maintain it). Stick to a good healthy diet to keep you lean and muscular, and watch for any slow creeping fat gains. Engage in and enjoy aerobic activities, sports, etc. but do not overdo.
    Carb Type:

    Type II Carb Reactives are similar to Carb Non-Responsives, save for the fact over consumption of carbohydrates can lead to what are known as ‘sugar-bellies’.
    I've found I still need to taper my carb intake throughout the day - especially for my evening meal.

    Metabolic Type: Type 2 Protein

    Try to eat according to the following ratios:

    45%-50% Protein (Proteins = Meat, Fowl, Seafood, Dairy)
    30%-35% Carbohydrates (Carbohydrates = Fruits, Vegetables, Grains)
    20% Oils/Natural Fats (Fats = Butter, Oils, Fatty Foods - ex. nuts, seeds, cheese, other fatty foods)
    Your metabolic type should do better with an overall higher percentage of proteins relative to carbohydrates and fats/oils

  3. Looks like you're planned for progress! Best of luck.

  4. Sweeeet start!
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  5. Week 2

    12 August 2008: Leg/Shoulders

    Woke up sore as hell from Sunday and Mondays sessions. Tried to postpone with my trainer until Wednesday but he couldn’t fit it in.

    Got a good night sleep in – 10hours, which is usually 4 more than I usually get.

    My forearm tendons still ache to hell after certain pull exercises – all part of the fun. They’re slowly coming good, but looking forward to the SuperCissus arriving.

    (all in kg – x2.2 for the metric-impaired):

    5 minutes Row Machine warmup.

    Squats superset with BB Military Press
    (10-10 reps, 100-50kg, 3 sets)

    Leg Press superset with Upright Rows
    (10-10 reps, 320-45kg, 3 sets)

    Single Leg DB Lunges superset with DB Lateral Raises
    (10-10 reps, 17.5-10kg, 3 sets)
    Lat Raise weight increased to 12.5kg on last set

    30 minutes moderate cardio on Cross-trainer
    10 minutes stretching

    Workout Notes:

    Although feeling tired, my strength was certainly up. This particular workout really shakes up my CNS – I generally take two days off training after this.

    The squats have only just come back into the regime after a 3 month hiatus. I’m finding I need to stretch more often than I’m used to.

    Increased lat raise weight on the last set – this has been a previous weakness I’ve been working on. Last 2 reps were assisted, but pretty stoked with myself.

    Supplementation Notes:

    I started this supplementation regime the beginning of last week. Naturally there is anticipation of an adjustment period which I thought would include some degree of strength loss or endurance.

    To date, have certainly noticed at slight loss of endurance in the first week. Not so much the second, with no loss of strength whatsoever.

    The inclusion of ReCreate has really jacked up my metabolism – like my previous experience my hunger levels are through the roof, however should subside in a week or so. I am eating more nuts in between meals to keep the cravings at bay, however they are not sugar or junkfood related.

    The inclusion of Anabolic Pump preWO without carbs has not induced any feeling of hypoglycemia – although Mullet Soldier assured me it wouldn’t, I still felt apprehensive about it.

    However, 15 minutes after taking the P-Slin at the end of the session, you need to have that large influx of carbs handy. I usually sip it during stretching, then neck the rest before hitting the shower. You can literally feel all the carbs, creatine etc getting sucked into your muscles – it’s quite a rush.

    The combo of ReCreate and Core Zap ensures my mental alertness remains high without being buzzed out (even if the body feels fatigued) – a large part of my workload is interpreting data and reporting to non-technical audiences so requires this edge.

    Also - my water intake has gone through the roof as well. I was already drinking approximately 5L - now it's about 7-8L.

    Coming Up: Bicep/Tricep Workout
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  6. How did I miss this. Following along bro.

    The Historic PES Legend

  7. Cheers - hope the format is not too lengthy - can adjust things on the hop.

  8. About bloody time - I've just run out of P-Slin as well!

    Label/Receipt Number: CJ21 xxxx xxxx S
    Status: Out of Foreign Customs

    Your item cleared customs in AUSTRALIA at 8:48 AM on August 11, 2008. Information, if available, is updated every evening. Please check again later.

  9. jumpin in.. looks saweeeet keep that water going bro
  10. countryboy
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    following with interest jak


  11. You know I'm in man! Nice layout and detail!

  12. Cheers CM!

    It's my virgin log, so I've bastardised bits and pieces from other logs into something that works for me.

    As mentioned earlier, if you find it a bit long-winded sing out.
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  13. great detail so far, I will be follwoing. Good luck!

  14. I am in

    Did you do that Body/Carb/Metabolic type test on bb.com?

  15. Need to put weight lifted in lbs LOL I'm from America... WHAT'S A KG?! lololol
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  16. Holla what!

  17. Quote Originally Posted by extremenergy3 View Post
    Need to put weight lifted in lbs LOL I'm from America... WHAT'S A KG?! lololol
    haha kg's are what the rest of the world use... catch up America :P

  18. Quote Originally Posted by Craigmatthew View Post
    haha kg's are what the rest of the world use... catch up America :P
    Stupid Americans...

    I should change my log numbers to kg then!

    225 = 2 plates on each side
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  19. Week 2

    Update: 14 August 2008 Notes

    My package from NP arrived today. Inside the long awaited SuperCissus and the unflavoured Nimbus Nutrition Swell I picked up on sale.

    The Swell I’m going to supplement as outlined previously as Poseidon.

    The SuperCissus I’m going to supplement as outlined for achieving an anabolic effect – hopefully this is going to sort out my forearm tendon issue.

    Also, had a good read through BoroBulker’s PowerFull FAQ. Check the link out below:

    USPlabs PowerFULL - F.A.Q and Info

    I have been taking PowerFull about 60 minutes preWO – this has been to previous supplementation programmes including carbs peri-WO.

    After reading the article going to bring it forward to 30 minutes preWO.

    My revised protocol is as follows:

    60min pre-WO: 4x Zap, ½ dose of Swell with BCAAs
    45min preWO: 2x ReCreate 1x SuperCissus
    30min preWO: 3x PowerFull, 1x Anabolic Pump, ½ dose of Swell with BCAAs
    Peri-WO: 1 dose Swell with BCAAs

    During stretching: 1x P-Slin
    Post WO: 40g whey, 60g dextrose, 30g SizeOn, 5g Spirulina

    1hr postWO: 1x SuperCissus
    (Oats, banana, whey, full cream milk)

    11pm Snack:
    (nuts, muesli bar etc)

    1pm meal: 1x Anabolic Pump 1x SuperCissus
    (2x roast beef or chicken snitzel sandwiches on whole meal bread with salad, or Asian stirfry etc)

    3pm: 1x ReCreate

    3.30pm Snack: 1x SuperCissus
    (nuts etc)

    5pm Meal:
    (30g whey with full cream milk)

    7.30pm meal: 1x Anabolic Pump, 1x SuperCissus
    (Steak, veg and sweet potato, chilli con carne w. brown rice, meat/veg omelette w. pasta etc.)

    9.30pm Meal:
    (Greek yoghurt with whey, fish oil, Vit C)

    10.30pm: 2x PowerFull

    Anyone care to comment on this – in particular the SuperCissus dosages?

    Also, I’ll be digging up my heart rate monitor for my Polar – get some baseline calorie expenditure readings.
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  20. I'll be starting my stack this weekend mate! look out!!!!

  21. How did i miss this til now??

    well i am in for the rest of this
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  22. Subbed!

  23. here to support a fellow kiwi, even if he does live in oz

    Here's a little taste of home bro - jugs, piss & buds

    Jake the Muss Heke, In da Pub

  24. haha excellent post B! that Jake Versus Uncle Bully (sp?) fight is sick!

  25. lol - quality stuff!

    too much weights, not enough speed work bro!
    thanks for the support b!


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