3-AD, Inhibit E, Trisorbagen and more log.

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  1. Lightbulb 3-AD, Inhibit E, Trisorbagen and more log.

    My second log here on Anabolic Minds. My first time I ran ephedra and 3-ad on a cut.

    This time I am running 3-AD, Trisorbagen, Inhibit E(anti-estrogen), Ephedra, and Atomic Meltdown to bring me into a fitness and muscle model show on August 30th(coincidentally my 25th birthday!). It's my first show and I am very excited/nervous. I am anxious to see the results I am able to obtain in the next month but particularly in the next 18 days leading up to the show. I will be running all supplements for at least the next thirty days except for the Atomic Meltdown which I will use until I run out.

    I wanted to post my first workout today and I will hopefully get some pictures done by wednesday so we can track my progress.

    If you would like to know about my nutrition I would be more than happy to get into detail if you ask but for now I will just say I am carb cycling as follows, 0 grams, 120 grams, 90 grams, 60 grams, and then repeat. I will be doing this for the next two weeks until the 25th which will be my competition week and my nutrition and hydration will drastically change.

    For the next few weeks I will also be doing a different type of repetition. It's the squeeze technique which means I will be basically doing 3-4 seconds on the positive and 3-4 seconds on the negative portion of the rep. I have been doing this for about a week and I must say that the blood flow to the target muscle group is insane!!! I'm doing this pre-competition in order to fill-out the muscles a little bit more and to get some more volume. When I change my reps and exercises I will be sure to let you all know.

  2. I will post my monday leg workout when I wake up tomorrow because I am dead tired and need sleep to G-R-O-W! I hope you guys are as excited as I am for this!

  3. In case you wanted to see my first log here is the link.

    3-AD/Ephedra Stack on a Cut Log

  4. I'm in for this man! Good luck!

  5. I'll be watching, good luck man!


  6. I'm in! Good luck!

  7. ANOTHER one! in!

    Good luck with the competition.

  8. Going in to do chest and triceps. Got my package with the Trisorbagen and Atomic Meltdown today. Started 3-AD and Inhibit E yesterday. Today is day two and when I get home tonight I will be taking some pictures and posting my first two workouts. Let it begin......

  9. Okay....Sorry I am running a bit behind with the beginning of this log but here I am and I am ready to update every day. It's been a little difficult lately because I am training for this show, getting ready for school to start, enrolling in a personal training certification program, working, and working on sponsors and my routine. So needless to say my life is a bit hectic right now but I am ready to commit to you guys so I can show my results and make another great log. I have an appointment this evening with my roommate to get some pictures taken so I will post them tonight for sure.

    Along with my daily workouts I will be logging my strength, aggression, focus, how well I recovered between sets, and if you guys think I should log any other stuff let me know and I will gladly do it.

    Until the show my diet will be the carb cycling diet of 0,120,90,60 and then repeat. I will be shooting for 6-8 meals per day with 50 grams of protein per meal. I will try to have around 15 grams of healthy dietary fat per meal except for pre and post workout. On zero carb days I will also try to take in as little fat as possible so the only time I will have any extra fat is when I dose the 3-AD and Inhibit E.

    Dosing-This will stay pretty consistent throughout the cycle because I am big on consistency and taking the same stuff pre-workout at the same times.

    Immeditely upon waking I will take three Orange Triad. About an hour before I work out I will have 15 grams of fat from fish oil with three 3-AD, one Trisorbagan, and one Inhibit E. I usually get to the gym around 1:30-2:30. A half an hour before I get to the gym I will take one baby aspirin with one Yellow Bullet(Ephedra). When I get to the gym I work in the nutrition shop in the gym so I will go there and take two scoops of SuperCharge Extreme N.O. and a few minutes after that I take 40 grams of whey protein with some complex carbs(depends on how many carbs I have on that cycle of the day I am on).

    I hope this is detailed enough for you guys to get a good grasp on exactly how I am running this.

  10. Sounds good bro! Good luck!
  11. Day 1- Legs - Slow Squeeze Reps.

    Took my doses of supps on time and as planned.

    Leg Press 360/10 450/8 540/8 630/8

    Smith Hammy Xplod 10/12 15/10 20/8 20/8

    Hack Squat on Toes 90/10 110/8 120/8 130/8

    Cybex Leg Press 270/10 310/8 350/8 390/8
    15 Slow Steps on toes with tight calf squeeze 4 sets

    1-Leg Extension(Toes Out) 40/10 40/10 50/9 60/8

    Prone Leg Curl 50/12 70/10 90/8 90/8

    Hip Abduction(Out) 70/12 90/10 110/8 130/8

    Hip Adduction(In) 110/12 130/10 150/8 170/8

    Mental Notes

    Strength:I felt strong throughout all the lifts even though I didn't do as much weigh as normal because of the intensity of the slow squeeze. I had an amazing pump in my leg from the slower reps.

    Aggression:I felt as agressive as any other day. I know in about a week it will be through the roof!

    Focus:I had great focus today, zero distractions, I strapped up and got it on.

    Recovery: I let myself a little over a minute recovery time today and it helped with my strength. The slow reps really take it out of you.

    I am super excited that I am starting all of this and can't wait to post some pics and show you guys some RESULTS!

    Oh yeah I will post daily when I use the Atomic Meltdown and how it felt and all that good stuff!

    Gotta hit the gym I will be back later to post tuesday to today's workout! Killin it!!!!!!!
  12. Day-2 Chest and Triceps

    All supps were dosed properly and I started using Atomic Meltdown today. I like this product, I got some good color and I hope I see some good results from the fat-burning formula that's incorporated. I have heard a lot of people complain about the smell but I like smelling like raspberry syrup....lol chicks dig it. HA!!!

    Remember I am doing the squeeze rep training scheme so don't hate on the weight!!

    DB Decline Flye 40/11 45/10 50/8 55/8

    DB Flye 35/12 40/10 45/8 50/7

    Incline Cable Flye 40/12 50/8 50/8 50/8 40/10-Drop Set to 20/40 fast reps.

    Incline DB 50/8 45/10 40/12 30/12

    Decline Skull Crusher 80/8 80/7 70/10 70/10 80/8

    Incline Skull Crusher 90/9 90/8 80/12 80/12

    Rope Pressdown 70/10 60/12 70/10 60/12-Drop Set to 40/40

    Reverse Grip Pressdown 90/12 120/12 120/9 150/7

    Mental Notes

    Strength:Strength felt great today and my workouts lately have been super intense.

    Aggression:Have not noticed increased aggression......yet.

    Focus:Good focus although I had to train my boss' client on triceps while I was doing triceps so it was a small distraction, but she's a hot stripper so it was a good distraction....lol

    Recovery: Recovery times today were short and the squeezing makes me take a little longer rest because it's so intense.
  13. Day-3 Back

    Took all supps on time today. Still smell like raspberries after two showers...lol I was a little rushed to do back today but it was still a great workout.

    Lat Pulldown (Front of Head) 120/10 120/10 135/8 105/12
    Lat Pulldown (Behind Head) 75/10 75/10 90/8 60/12

    T-Bar Row(out) 70/12 80/10 90/8-Drop set to 45/30
    T-Bar Row(In) 70/12 80/10 90/8-Drop set to 45/20

    Back Xtension 10/12 15/10 20/8 25/8
    Back Xtension Side Bends 10/15 15/12 20/10 25/10
    Reverse Back Xtension Abs 10/15 15/12 20/10 25/10

    Cybex Row 110/8 110/8 110/8 110/8
    Nautilus Back Xtension 125/10 125/15 140/12 140/12

    Mental Notes

    Strength:This back workout was great and I think the type of workouts I am doing will help my strength in a different way.

    Aggression:It's starting to creep up on me...I can feel it. I growl like a monster on some sets...lol for real I have been doing that.

    Focus:I was very focused today and my workout was fast and efficient.

    Recovery: I had very little recovery time today and my back felt so blood-rushed during the whole time. It was great.
  14. Day-4 Shoulders and Calves

    Took all supps on time today starting to feel the 3-AD bringing my inner monster to life. I love the superhuman like feeling that you start to get with this stuff. I used the Atomic Meltdown again today and I have showered twice since then and still smell like raspberries....HA!

    I'm still squeezing remember....

    Behind Head Shoulder Press 70/12 80/10 90/8 100/6

    Hammer Shoulder Press 140/12 160/10 170/8 180/7-Drop set to 140/12 fast reps.
    Seated Calves 90/12 100/10 110/10 135/8 160/6

    Incline Rear Delt DB 20/12 20/12 20/12 20/12
    Cable Front Raise 30/10 30/10 30/10 30/10
    Seated DB Calves 90/14 90/12 90/12 90/12

    Cable Rear Delt 30/12 30/12 40/8 40/8
    Nipple Press 30/10 30/10 30/10 30/10
    X-Front Raise 20/8 20/8 20/8 20/8

    Standing Calf Raise 140/8 160/8 180/6 200/6

    Mental Notes

    Strength:Felt nice and strong today and had a very fast workout that used great weight and I was very very controlled with the ROM I was using with the weights.

    Aggression: Aggression is starting to come up. Today was a zero carb day so after I worked out my energy level was zapped.

    Focus:. I had no distractions and I feel very very motivated becuase my show is 16 days away.

    Recovery: Shoulders always recovery well...however I should note that since I started this slow squeeze workout then next day or two that muscle group has been really sore, which to me is a great thing because it means my body is shocked!!!

  15. Cardio this week has been 20-30 minutes on the stairmill on Tuesday, Wednesday, and today. I put it on speed intervals for 20 mins and fat burner for 10. I have done abs every day this week also but some of them were nighttime ab workouts so they aren't written in my journal.

  16. Here come the pics kids.........
  17. Pics.....

    :bb3: Similar?? lol

  18. Lookin lean there bro! Keep up the good work!
  19. Day-5 Biceps and Triceps

    Took all my supps on time today. Today was a 120 carb day so my body was lovin me......

    I used the Atomic Meltdown again today and the scent never washes off!!! Seriously people.......

    I did a little variation of my planned squeeze technique today. I supersetted every exercies and alternated between normal speed reps and slow reps. So when you see a F next to the set that means normal speed and a S indicates a slow rep set.

    Hammer Bicep S 70/10 F 75/12 S 80/8 F 90/10
    Skull Crusher F 70/18 S 70/10 F 80/18 S 80/9

    BB Curl F X/25 S 10/8 F 15/15 S 15/8
    Overhead DB S 75/8 F 75/20 S 80/8 F 80/18

    Close Grip Cable Bar Curl F 80/16 S 90/8 F 100/14 S 90/8
    Bar Cable Pressdown S 120/12 F 130/20 S 150/8 F 170/10

    Cybex Cable Curl S 3/8 F 4/10 S 3/8 F 3/10
    Cybex Cable Pressdown F 3/30 S 5/10 F 6/10 S 5/8

    Mental Notes

    Strength: I really enjoyed this variation of my workout and I feel that it will help me increase my strength. I felt super strong today.

    Aggression:Ahhhh...I have not forgotten how great it feels to be irritable!! I think it was from lack of sleep. I couldn't sleep to save my life last night. The 3-AD is starting to defiinitely amp up my aggression though.

    Focus:I had an intense workout with amazing focus. The only time I was stopped was for someone to compliment me. It feels good to see your hard work is paying off!

    Recovery: My recovery time was great and I feel I was able to maximize the time I had with the rep scheme I did today.

  20. I am seriously considering running 3-AD for the full six weeks or possibly even eight but in order for me to do that I would need Anabolic Extreme to send me a box....or two, and some post cycle therapy as well would be nice.
  21. Day-6 Chest, Traps, Abs, Rear Delt.

    Today I did a regular rep pace workout. No squeezing reps or anything. Saturdays are my days to kinda work on the stuff that needs working on so I usually do chest again and lately I have been doing some rear delt too just to create that separation from the rest of the shoulder and tricep.

    I used the Atomic Meltdown again today and I am convinced my skin is permanently that scent.

    Decline DB 85/10 95/8 100/6 105/6

    DB Flye 50/10 55/8 60/6 65/4

    Incline Hammer 140/15 180/8 190/6 200/4

    Pec Dec Flye 165/15 225/10 255/8 300/10

    DB Shrug 80/28 90/26 100/18 110/14
    Incline Rear Delt 15/15 15/15 20/12 20/12

    Cable Rear Delt 40/12 50/10 60/8 40/12
    Seated Shrugs 180/15 230/12 270/10 270/11

    Freemotion Cable Shrugs 100/26 110/20 120/18 130/16
    Cybex X-Cross 3/15 4/12 5/10 6/6

    Incline Leg Lifts X/70 X/70 X/70 X/70 X/70 X/70
    Incline Medicine Ball Side-to-Side Twist 4/25 4/25 4/25 4/25 6/20

    Mental Notes

    Strength: I am glad that the 3-AD is helping me keep my strength because typically when you do squeeze workouts for a few weeks you tend to lose some strength. Saturdays are a good measurement of that for me because I do a more regular paced workout. My strength is staying which makes me very pleased.

    Aggression: I felt aggressive in the gym today but not any more than I usually feel. I think that there may be a few small things that are bothering me more easily.

    Focus: I had a great focused workout and had an excellend mind-muscle connection today.

    Recovery: Since Saturdays are a bonus workout day for me I typically take longer rest periods and chat it up with a few people more often. I had ample time between most sets and recovery was fantastic.

    Exactly two weeks from today is my show........

  22. Today was a well deserved and much needed rest day. I worked but have done as little activity as possible to help my body recover.

  23. workouts are lookin solid bro! keep it up!

  24. Outstanding log! Those abs are looking good.. best of luck
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  25. Day-8 Legs

    Took all my supps on time today and used the Atomic Syrup(Meltdown) while tanning. I feel like I am becoming more vascular and my strength feels great. I am a bit frustrated because there is Tropical Storm Fay heading our way here in Orlando. I am still going to the gym and I told them I am breaking in if they close........

    Another Slow Squeeze Day

    Smith Squat 140/12 180/10 230/8 250/6

    Front Squat 90/12 110/10 130/8 150/6

    DB Lunges 45/16 45/16 45/16 45/16

    Leg Xtension 110/8 90/10 70/12 130/8-Drop Set to 50/25
    Leg Curl 90/10 100/8 100/8 110/8

    Abs 8/25 8/25 8/25 8/25

    Mental Notes

    Strength: The 3-AD is starting to definitely kick in and I can feel my strength increasing.

    Aggression:Feeling more aggressive than normal but I am becoming a master at controlling my aggression and channeling it for positive use.

    Focus: Very focused today while I was working out and at work. I concentrated very hard on the squeeze and the speed of the reps today. My squats and front squats were soooo slowwwww.

    Recovery: Recovery time today was kept at a minimum. I felt I could have did a few more exercises but I had to get to work


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