3-AD, Inhibit E, Trisorbagen and more log.

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  1. Good workouts, good log. Keep it up man. I am on day 8 of 3-AD and the stuff just kicked in, loving it so far.

    Have you gained any lean mass yet? Recomp?

    Good luck also for your show!


  2. Hey guys,
    Sorry I'm slackin on my pimpin' right now with this log, I promise tomorrow I will update. My show got postponed and combined with another show so it's not until September 20th! I am actually really glad because it will give me some time to GROW!!!! I will log everything tomorrow and my workouts have changed too!

  3. Day-12 Biceps and Triceps

    Back! Show was postponed until Sept 20th! Time to grow!

    This workout was on August 22nd.

    Still squeeze workout.

    Decline Skull Crusher 80/8 70/12 70/12 60/14

    Smith Drag Curl 50/12 60/10 70/10 90/8

    Overhead DB 80/8 80/10 80/10 80/10

    Barbell Curl 5/10 10/10 20/8 25/6

    V-bar Pressdown 140/8 120/12 130/12 160/8
    High-Arm Cable Curl 30/12 40/12 50/8 60/6

    1-Leg Leg Lift X/30 X/30 X/30 X/30

    Mental Notes

    Seeing new striations and separation of muscles during training.

    Aggression: Feeling great, a little snappy but that means the test is flowing!

    Strength: I am still squeezing so the strength is hard to gauge but the squeezing is still brutal!

    Focus: Had an awesome workout partner today, we both have great focus.

    Recovery: Kept rest times to a minimum and the pace was high!
  4. Day-13 Chest and Calves

    This is the day I found out my show was postponed. It was immediately after I attended a pre-judging for another show.

    I immediately have changed my workouts to regular speed reps 8-12 with heavy weight to illicit some gains....hopefully.

    DB Bench
    90/10 90/10 95/7 95/7

    Incline DB 70/11 75/9 80/8 65/12

    Wide Hammer Bench 180/15 270/10 270/10 300/8

    Iso-Hammer Bench 90/12 110/10 130/6 90/12

    Incline Hammer 90/15 110/12 130/10 90/15 80-drop to 60-drop to 40-drop to 20 all failure.

    Cybex Leg Press Calves 210/35 250/25 290/18 390/20 490/18

    Reverse Pec Dec Rear Delt 120/20 165/12 195/10 225/8

    Mental Notes

    All I felt was anger and frustration after already starting my sodium and water loading because I was supposed to be 7 days away from my show....so not a lot of good mental notes to put here today. I just decided to start growing over the next 30 days until the show.
  5. Day-15 Legs-With Quad Emphasis

    Emphasizing the Quads today....

    225/12 275/10 315/7 315/6

    Cybex Plate Leg Press 540/12 630/10 720/9 810/8 900/8

    Cybex Leg Press 290/12 370/10 410/8 430/8

    Hack Squat 25 pulls.... 230....3 super slows and one 25 gets pulled until no weight is left and then 10 fast bottom 1/3 reps.

    Seated Leg Curl
    90/20 130/16 150/10 190/10

    Prone Leg Curl 90/16 90/16 110/12 110/12

    Cybex Crunch With Dumbbell Between Feet 95/X/25 125/5/20 140/5/14 155/10/12

    Lying Leg Lift X/25 5/20 5/20 10/18

    Mental Notes

    I felt aggressive and strong today and my leg workout almost had me puking. It was an awesome workout.

    Focus: Determined to grow over the next few weeks.

    Little time to recover and the good ol puke feeling stayed with me a LOT!

  6. Day-16 Chest and Triceps

    I decided to do a Hammer Strength chest day.

    Iso-Hammer 110/12 140/10 180/8 210/6

    Wide Hammer 230/12 270/10 320/8 360/6

    Incline Hammer 140/14 180/11 210/9 230/8

    Decline Hammer 230/12 270/10 290/8 320/6

    Incline Skull Crusher 70/12 80/12 90/10 100/8

    Reverse Grip Pressdown 130/12 150/10 170/8 190/6
    Bar Pressdown 130/10 130/10 120/10 120/10

    Mental Notes

    My buddy spotted me for a few sets and said I am getting more and more vascular every day....that felt good to hear!
  7. Day-17 Shoulders and Calves

    VERY FRUSTRATED!! I pinched a nerve on my 3rd set of DB Shoulder Press and as we speak I am in a LOT of pain. I am pushing through it and doing back tomorrow though because I REFUSE to sacrifice and waste time because my show is too CLOSE to take a BREAK! I wanna scream.... but it hurts to breath so I'm sure screaming would hurt like hell too..... so those are my mental notes for this day!

    DB Shoulder Press 65/12 70/10 75/8

    Smith Shoulder Press 120/10 140/8 130/10 140/8

    Pec Dec Rear Delt 150/12 180/10 195/8 215/8 225/6

    Hammer Shoulder Press 110/15 140/12 180/8 180/8

    Hammer Belt Shoulder Press 100/8 110/8 120/7 130/6

    Standing Calf 100/16 100/16 200/10 240/9 260/8

    Rotary Calf Out 290/20 Straight 310/25 In 330/25 Straight 390/20 Out 390/15

    Ab Crunch + Twist 30 each set for 4 sets

    Scissors-Superset ankle touches 4 sets of 60 each.

  8. How is your nerve? Hope you get well soon!


  9. did you atleast see a doctor? make sure there's no other damage?

    Good Luck, Bro!
  10. Day-18 Back

    So my pinched nerve was killing me this day. I still worked through it and had a decent back workout.

    Lat Pulldown 90/18 90/18 165/12 180/10 195/8 210/6

    Reverse-Grip Straight Bar Lat Pulldown
    120/10 165/10 165/12 180/10 195/8

    Seated Straight Bar Cable Row 150/12 180/10 195/8 210/6

    1-Arm Freemotion Row 120/12 130/10 140/8 150/8
    Hammer High Cable Row 100/8 80/10 80/10 80/10

    Mental Notes

    I was overall satisfied with my workout even though I didn't hit lower back. The pinched nerve didn't hurt as much when I was lifting but after I cooled off and my blood stopped pumping the pain came back and it was pretty intense. I had trouble sleeping all night because of it.
  11. Day-19 Arms

    Took everything on time. I worked out earlier in the day because I have an Anatomy and Physiology lab on Fridays at a funky time. My back was still bothering me.

    Preacher Z-Bar Curl
    70/12 80/10 90/7 90/6

    BB Curl
    65/12 75/10 85/8 85/8

    Standing Incline Concentration Curl 25/10 25/10 25/10 30/8

    Overhead DB
    90/14 95/12 95/12 105/8

    Bar Pressdown 160/12 180/10 190/8 210/6
    1-Arm Cable Curl
    40/12 50/10 60/8 60/8

    Mental Notes

    I feel like my strength is starting to pick up more and I am recovered from doing the slow squeeze workouts.

    Aggression: A little mad, ornery, snappy, aggressive, dominant....basically I am a killer on the inside...lol kidding, but seriously I feel more aggressive than normal.

    I recovered well and I am trying to keep my body guessing by changing the reps, exercises, or order of body parts.
  12. Day-20 Chest and my B-day.

    Ahhh...today was my birthday and I must say that it royally sucked donkey nuts..... Just had to get that out there. I worked at the gym from 1-5 then worked out from 5:30-7:15 then I bartended at a club from 8pm-4am. And when I got home I was wide awake and didn't sleep til like 6. The good news is that I still ate every two hours. I count shakes as eating.

    Click Flye (see previous log for description)

    Flat 50/12 up 1-40/12 up 1-40/12 down 1-50/12
    Flat- 60/10 up 1-50/12 up 1-45/12 down 1-55/10
    Flat-65/8 up 1-60/8 up 1-55/8

    Pec Dec 120/12 135/10 150/6 90/17
    Seated Leg Curl
    110/12 130/10 150/8 170/8

    Prone Leg Curl
    110/12 130/10 150/8 170/6

    Leg Lifts
    X/30 X/30 X/30 X/30

    Mental Notes

    Today sucked, my back hurt from my pinched nerve, and I worked my face off all day and all night and to top it off it was my birthday! But on the bright side I am getting jacked and nobody can take that from me!
  13. Day 22-Legs (Quad Emphasis)

    Took everything on time. I focused this workout on serious compound moves and working my quads as much as possible.

    Smith Squat 180/12 270/9 320/5 320/6

    Leg Press 540/10 630/9 720/6 810/8

    1-Leg Leg Extension(Toes Out) 60/12 90/10 110/8 120/6

    Leg Curl 90/18 90/18 110/18 130/16

    Leg Extension 170/16 210/8

    Mental Notes

    Great leg workout today. I felt a great burn throughout the workout. My neck and back are still bothering me which is very frustrating because my show is coming up. I am impressed with the separation in my quads and also the separation from my hammy and quad. I am feeling the 3-AD in full effect and my "Alpha Male" is ready to pounce.....
  14. Day-23 Shoulders

    This pinched nerve will not go away...I am thinking I am going to have to get a massage for it to go away. We shall see.... I worked out with my boss today and she put me through a great shoulder workout.

    Cable Butterfly Cross 30/12 40/8 30/10 30/12 40/8
    DB Lateral Raise 20/12 30/10 30/10 35/10 40/8

    Upright DB Row 40/12 40/12 45/10 55/10 55/8

    Incline Front Delt BB Bench(Elbows In really hits the front delt) 85/15 85/15 95/15 135/8
    Bench Delt Push-Up
    X/10 X/8 X/10 X/9

    Pec Dec Rear Delt 195/12 195/12 210/10 225/8
    Bent Over Cable Rear Delt
    30/12 35/10 40/8 45/6 25/8 25/10

    Ronnie Rows (25/8 20/12 15/15 - 20/12 25/8)-1 set
    (25/8 20/12 15/15 - 20/12 25/8)-1 set

    Mental Notes

    Shoulders were BLOWIN up today...sometimes I looked like a monster because veins were popping out EVERYWHERE!!!!! My boss has been a competitor for over 6 years and has seen many bodybuilders and she said she is impressed with my physique and my progress. But...my neck is not getting better.
  15. Day-24 Chest and Hammy's

    I had a good workout today. My neck is feeling a tiny bit better and the pace of my workout was great. I upped my carbs after finding out my show was postponed but I think starting next monday I will regulate them heavily again because that will be two weeks out.

    Decline DB 90/12 95/10 100/8 105/6

    Iso-Lateral Bench 90/14 110/12 160/8 180/6

    Pec Dec Flye 225/12 240/10 255/6 270/6 300/4

    Cable Flye (High) 4/15 6/8 7/6
    (Medium) 5/12 6/10 7/6
    (Low) 4/12 5/10 5/10

    Smith Hammy Xplod X/15 X/15 10/12 15/10 15/10 20/8

    Incline Crunch-5-Twist-5 X/30 X/30 X/30 X/30
    Seated Leg Curl
    130/10 150/8 170/8 190/6

    Leg Lifts X/20 X/20
    Prone Leg Curl
    110/12 150/10

    Mental Notes

    Strength Strength felt good today, levels are back to normal and will hopefully rise in the coming weeks.

    Aggression Can we say road rage?.....yeah I had a case of that today, so the test must be flowin'

    RecoveryGreat recovery and an awesome pump today....I felt strong again within a minute of finishing the set.

    Focus I like compliments and people talking to me, but can't you see I'M TRAINING!!!!

  16. Neck is feeling a tiny bit better today! Whoohooo!!! Day two of less pain!
  17. Day 25- Arms

    Took everything on time today. I had a great workout, it was super short and very intense. This workout was completed in about 55 minutes give or take a few minutes.

    Hammer DB Curl 35/12 40/10 45/8 50/8
    Overhead DB
    90/12 95/10 100/10 105/8

    Smith Maching Drag Curl 90/12 110/10 130/8 130/8
    Close Grip Smith Machine Press
    110/12 130/10 150/8 150/8

    Cable Bar Curl 100/12 110/10 120/9 130/8
    Bar Pressdown
    160/12 170/10 180/9 190/8

    Rope Curl
    110/12 120/10 130/9 180/8
    Overhead Rope
    100/12 110/10 110/12 130/8

    Mental Notes

    Strength and Aggression: I am feeling very very strong lately and I am trying to control my aggression as much as possible. I am finding small things irritating but I remember it's the extra testosterone so I try and chill out for a second to bring my calmness back. I felt super strong today and tonight my arms feel like they had a great workout.

    My recovery times were basically zero today. Even though they were so short I still felt surprisingly strong throughout the whole workout!

    Trying to bring my focus back into where it needs to be. I am politely telling people I am in the middle of a workout and I am not able to show them how to do something or give them nutritional advice....besides, they should be paying me for that anyways!

    Tomorrow morning is back day and that is one group of muscles I really need to GROW.....
  18. Day 26- Back

    Took all supps on time. Had to workout in the morning because of my schedule for fridays.

    Smith Machine Pull-Up X/15 X/15 10/12 25/10 45/8 45/8

    Hammer High-Row 270/12 320/10 360/8 410/6

    Close Grip Pulldown
    138/10 163/9 188/7
    1-Arm Row 110/10 120/9 130/8 140/6

    Back Xtension 15/12 20/10 25/9 30/8
    Side 15/12 20/10 25/9 30/8
    Reverse Xtension 15/12 20/10 25/9 30/8

    Mental Notes

    My workout felt great today. I feel like I am gaining a bit of size and that I haven't sacrificed too much pudge gain as a result. I am hoping to come into my show nice and full and lean.
  19. Day 27-Chest

    Took everything on time today, had a LONGGG day of working.

    Click Flye Top-50/12 Down 1-55/12 Flat-60/12 Up 1-60/10 Top-55/10 Down 1-60/8 Flat-65/8

    Decline DB Flye 50/12 60/10 65/8

    Incline DB 60/10 Drop to 45/6
    50/12 Drop to 35/8
    40/15 Drop to 25/15

    Iso-Hammer 10lb Pulls Start at 120 and pull 10lbs from each side after each failure.

    Iso-Hammer 5lb Pulls Start at 80 and pull 5lbs from each side after failure.

    Incline 2.5lb Pulls Start at 55 and pull 2.5lbs from each side after failure.

    Medicine Ball Toss 6/25 6/25 6/25

    Incline Leg Lift X/20 15/10/x/10-3 sets.

    Mental Notes

    Worked out with someone today and we had a killer workout. Chest felt blasted after the workout and I was dog tired afterwards. I am going to start cutting back on carbs big time as I am 14 days out of the show. Probably going to add in some cardio next week also.
  20. Day 29-Legs

    Whew....this workout took it all out of me. Near puke stage basically the whole time! That's awesome in my eyes. OH yeah.....GO BRONCOS!!! And I must say I am happy to see that the Patriots lost a HUGE weapon yesterday!

    Leg Press 540/12 630/12 770/9 770/8 720/8 630/12 630-pull 1 plate from one side after every two reps until no weight was remaining. (Killer burn!!)

    Squat (Feet Way Apart and Toes Pointed Out) 135/10 135/10 135/10 135/10 135/10

    Sumo Squat (Nice and Slow and Light!) 55/10 55/10 55/10 55/10

    Leg Xtension 130/10 90/12 110/11 150/8

    Outer Sweep Leg Xtenson (1-leg) 35/12 40/12 50/10 60/8

    Mental Notes

    I worked out with my boss today who is a figure competitor and everytime we workout together we have an AWESOME workout! My legs already feel sore and it has been like 8 hours, which is crazy, I am not thinking that walking will be that easy tomorrow....it's going to be great!
  21. Day 30- Shoulders

    Took all my supps on time today. Had a hellacious workout and I felt great!!! I'm a monster!

    This one set is a Milo Sarcev type workout right here.

    Nipple Press 35/12
    Z-Bar Upright Row 60/12
    Bent Over DB Rear Delt 20/12

    I performed these exercises one after the other with ZERO rest for ten minutes straight. When all was said and done I completed that cycle 7 times.

    Between Leg Front Delt Rope Raise 22.5/12 25/10 30/8 35/8
    Freemotion Cable Shoulder Press 60/12 70/10 80/8 90/8

    Cybex X-Cross 3/12 4/12 4/8
    Behind Hip Cable Lateral Raise 12/12 12/12 12/12

    Cybex Leg Press Calves
    310/20 350/25 390/25 430/18 490/18
    Seated Calf Raise 90/20 90/20 90/20 90/20 90/20

    Rotary Calf 290/26 330/22 350/22 350/24 390/20

    Mental Notes

    I felt strong and swollen as hell today! My shoulders are out of control! Lots of comments today on how great my shoulders looked while I was working out, it was an amazing workout!
  22. Day 31-Chest & Hammy's

    Took everything on time today, had another amazing workout.

    Decline Flye
    45/12 50/10 55/8 60/6 65/5

    Incline DB Flye 45/12 50/10 55/8 60/6

    DB Bench 55/12 50/14 45/15 45/16
    Light DB Flye 30/12 25/14 20/15 20/16

    20-Minute Cybex 10-1 to 1-10 Notch Flye


    I performed a set on every notch for twelve reps with the pin at 3. I did notches from 10-1, 2-10, 9-1, 2-10 and that includes every single notch. It took twenty minutes and was a total of 37 sets in 20 minutes! Killer!!!

    Leg Lifts X/10 5/9 10/8 15/8

    Freemotion Stiff-Leg Deadlift 70/12 80/12 100/12 120/12 150/12
    Stability Ball Crunch 6/12 6/12 6/12 6/12 6/12
    Flutter Kicks X/60 X/60 X/60 X/60 X/60

    Mental Notes

    Another awesome workout today. When I did the 20 minute straight set that really really made my chest hurt. I was definitely addicted to the amount of blood flow I had in my chest after completing that huge set. I am disapoointed to have only 3 real workouts left until contest prep week starts. Still nervous as hell about this show. I think I will be okay though.


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