My review of Clear Shot

  1. My review of Clear Shot

    I am very pleased with this product, i just drank one full one before my back/bis/forearms workout and had one of the best workouts in ages.
    the spiced apple taste itself was pleasant, but the burn afterward was a bit harsh, but i can definitely tolerate it.
    the energy is very clean, but strong. i drank this 2 and a half hours ago and im still hyper, but not jittery. this energy did allow me to do alot of extra weight and volume though.
    My mood was elevated greatly, im as careless as could be right now. extremely happy, and a bit numb. a good numb of course.

    Overall: 8/10
    The energy and mood elevation this product is definitely worth the slight burning from the taste and the 3.75 per bottle. i am definitely going to buy a case of this once i get my paycheck. i would recommend this to anybody who needs an extra kick preworkout, and doesnt mind having quite a bit of stims. i probably would have gotten great results on only half of the bottle.

    once the effects start to ware off i will come and report of there is a crash, or if the energy tapers off.

  2. I'm glad you liked the spiced apple. I picked the flavor for PA and thought it would go well with the clear shot "burn" . It is an awesome product.

  3. Also works great as something to drink before going out to have a great, alert time and cut down on need for alcohol.
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  4. Nice review.... something I'd like to try sometime, for sure. Sounds like it could bring some fun times! I attempted to order just a few hours ago with my recent NP order, but caught them at the wrong time. Out-of-stock.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by dsade View Post
    Also works great as something to drink before going out to have a great, alert time and cut down on need for alcohol.
    sounds like a good plan. i dont go out drinking often, but i got lucky with a genetically high alcohol tolerance, so when i drink i usually drink more than i should. ill definitely try it out for that. i noticed it really enhanced that high you get while lifting. the come down so far isnt like a crash, its steadily fading away.



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