trifecta stack suppin mmv2 for the liquid

  1. trifecta stack suppin mmv2 for the liquid

    im going to be running this stack and when i use up all my mmv2 im going to implament the liquid and run the cycle for 6 weeks. than pct with psarm and formadrol. Would i be wise to run psarm or formadrol while on the cycle to? or wait until the pct ?

    what kind of results should i expect from this stack ?
    (i eat heavy and train like and animal usally in the gym for atleast 2 hours)
    And what is the percent of getting the puffiness in the nipple and breast area ? what are the most common side effects ?

    And what support supplements should i run if any ? because i see methyl 1-d has milk thistle in it ?

    currently take multi-vitamin, glucoseimine, calcium, fish oil, and protein shakes.

    feedback is extremely welcome as to information on these products

  2. Hello

    I'm about to start a Trifecta Cycle ,along with the lquid Masterdrol I also ordered a bottle of MMV2 wich I'm planing to use on week 4-6 (should I just take the MMV2 on training days only?) , I'm looking to do a 6 weeks cycle, for PCT I will run Formadrol and Psarm for 4 weeks. I'm 5 10" 168 lbs, and would like to know what would be the best possible dose. Thank you so much for all your help!

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