AMS stack

  1. AMS stack

    HI i am from Greece and i want to make this stack :
    5 caps 1-androsterone/day
    4 caps Decavol/day
    2 caps Dienedrone/day

    Do you think it is ok to do that?
    For how many weeks maximum should i run this cycle???
    I have Nolvadex for PCT.


  2. Good pct, but i would start at a lower dosage so your body gets accustomed to supplements, so go 3 cap 1-andro, 3caps of decavol, 2 caps dienedrone. Make sure to get fish oil, garlic extract, red yeast rice, hawthorne berry as well as l-theanine, you are going to need it. I should take no more than 4 weeeks.

  3. i was thinking about doing a decavol dienedrone stack with taking nocturnabol we will see how it turns out... by the way this is a goofy question, but what is PCT??

  4. One word: WOW!! First to the OP, I would post this one the AMS forum for some advice, Lazedragon is a good rep who can get you the answers, as well as others who frequent it. All the products form them I've tried worked well, but, I did my research first, which you should too, not trying to be rude, but know all you can before you do what you wanna do. How old are you anyways? What your diet like? Have you been at a progress stalemate for a long time? have you exhausted all other options? These are all important questions to ask. In regards to Andrew 732's comment about what ingredients to take additionally, you could simplify it and do Cycle Support, I recommend doing it for minimum 2 weeks before you start your cycle to give all the ingredients a chance to build up and do their job. I would also add Post Cycle Support in wiht your pct as well. Some question Nolvadex when using hormones which can instigate progestin issues, but again, do your research or ask others more knowledgeable than I. For BigCountry000, aside from the fact that your taking 2 known libido droppers AND no pro test support, you don't even know what pct is. If you have to ask, gather some ideas for at least 3 months, then ask yourself the same question. PCT= Post Cycle Therapy, and no, I don't mean the supplement above. What you do before, after and just before ending a cycle is as important if not more than what you do on cycle. Hope this helps all you guys some.

  5. could use rhiodola rosea, neuro ps, plcar, and suma as a more natural and easy on the liver alternative.

  6. pct means post cycle therapy, meaning you will need something to lift your **** up when your done. Also help with the shooting of blanks, and possible gyno or water. You will also need biotin to preserve hair loss with 1-andro.


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