WilteredFire's eForm + AP cycle For One Badass Recomp

  1. Smile WilteredFire's eForm + AP cycle For One Badass Recomp

    Im fairly new here although I had been lurking for quite a while reading silently and learning from many of your posts, I finally decided to log one of my favourite supplements stacked with another one. I will try add as many useful details in this log as I can, it will be updated only 2-3 times per week.

    This is my first log, so please bear with me guys, A little bit about me, Have a deep passion for studying about Bodybuilding and the Science behind it, before I started lifting and eating proper seriously, Trained often for almost 2years on and off, didn't have the best diet, hardly made any gains or progress, been doing it properly and seriously since December last year, made fantastic gains month after month.


    Supplements: eForm + Anabolic Pump
    Cycle Length: 30 days on average, tapering into eForm as well as tapering down, tapering into AP to avoid potential gastric issues.

    Cycle start date: 10th July (i'm currently on 2day of tapering into my e-form)

    I've ran a cycle of eForm around 3months ago, dosage used was around 5sprays daily, 3morning, 2evening (100mg), although my weight went up by 8pounds that month, I had no solid noticable effects from the form apart from increased mental clarity the first few days, I KNOW it works this is why im doing it again, and at a higher dosage, I will be tapering higher during next few days to find my sweet spot.

    Log updates will include effects marked on the following:
    Endurance, Strength, Libido, Vascularity, Appetite, Aggression, Mood, Muscle Hardening/Density as well as an overview.

    ---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+ Stats ---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+

    Last Weight: 150pounds
    Current Weight: 155pounds (+5lbs in last 30 days) Height: 5'10
    Bodyfat: around 13%
    Current Calorie intake: Around 2600-2700cals per day, with 160ish grams of protein.
    Workouts: 2x workouts only per week, really wish I could increase this, but I would rather listen to my body, it seems this is best for me as im quite slow in recovering, regardless, ive not had a single month since ive been eating properly and lifting serious that I have gained less then 5pounds in a single month.

    Problem areas: Love handles, lower abs (bum could do with losing bit of extra fat lol haha)

    ---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+ Goals ---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+

    Ultimate goal: Recomp
    Details: my expectations are high for this stack, but ideally I would like to see a gain in 4-5+pounds or more, whilst dropping 2-3pounds or more of fat and/or any excess water retention. I know form on its own can take care of this, for me, AP is just a big bonus.

    Looking for a solid increase in libido and wood, strength gains, As i've been making PR's in the gym every single week now for the past 2months on my current stack which is ending in 2-3 days, looking to cut up noticably particularly around the abs and waist, and looking for a definate increase in Appetite as I dont have the best appetite. Would like to be able to add in some clean 200-300calories more per day through AP. Also will be paying extra attention to muscle hardening/density as well as any changes in the look of my chest, looking for any extra fat and water to be cleared out of my chest hopefully from the Form.

    Stack Reasons: eForm...I think no explanation is necessary here, reason for this is because this is an AI in a class of its own as im sure those who have used it would agree, looking to find my AI sweet spot to "control" my Estrogen levels so I can have the best edge in my training. Anabolic Pump because of lots of positive results, but more for health reasons and I love the idea of Insulin Sensitization and Nutrition partitioning and Im looking for some appetite increase from this.

    ---+---+---+---+---+---+---+ Other Supplements ---+---+---+---+---+---+---+

    Time released multi-vitamin, Alcar + Taurine (only workout days), Ginkgo Biloba (blood circulation), May add in Beta alanine pre-workout, Pro-biotics.

    ---+---+---+---+---+---+---+ Final Notes ---+---+---+---+---+---+---+

    Im Lactose intolerant as far as I know, taken the time to read up all i Can in regards to using AP, and i will be supplementing with 2 probiotic pills daily to avoid the 'anabolic dump' symptoms as I wont tolerate anything messing up my sweet Form cycle. My log isn't as good as other peoples, but I will try best to be honest and update this log with a final review. One downside, no before/after pics for the reason that I dont want to ruin my dream of posting my "skinny transformation" that ive almost gone through this past few months, at the end of the year I WILL reach my goal and would like to post final pics then.

    Note to any Usp Lab reps: I will post my current meal plan if you like incase I could get any advice on with which meals it would be best to take my AP pill with? This is the only help I think im gunna need for my log.

    Thanks, I hope somebody finds this log useful

  2. Very nice looking log bro. Ive used 2 bottles of AP and couldn't be happier. Just keep your carb intake high, and you won't get that lethargic hypoglycemic feeling. As far as e-form, ive heard great things about it, but maybe i missed it in your log, but where did you find it at? Ive been looking all over for it, and only found ways to mix straight powdered formestane with their matrix spray.

  3. Thanks bro for the kind comments and the advice. As for where i got it from, around 6months ago I was reading about it going constantly out of stock, I knew the best thing to do was stock up, bought 4 bottles from a bulk company in the states (im in the UK). Glad i bought them lol

    Im pretty hopeful AP will treat me right, i've read what Mullet says, Carb timing, Amount and Quality of carbs are the main things I need to go by to make AP work for me.

    Log Note: Just a quick note to say I took 2 sprays of eForm yesterday early afternoon, when I went bed, i had some hard wood that was harder then normal, I know its the form working as its not normal for me. This is just the start. Will start my log properly on the 10th after my workout.

  4. Got any extra eform? hehe

  5. nope! wish I had more Im gunna try and source out some more though, need to keep some just incase lol. Hope your log's going well Rugger!

  6. ---=[Day 1]=---

    Workout: Biceps

    3 x 8 Barbell Curls 44lb's
    3 x 8 Dumbell Curls 20lb's each arm
    3 x 8 Hammer Curls 20lb's each arm

    Pump: Pretty Good pump, better then my last bicep workout
    Strength: Slightly up from last bicep workout
    Libido: Increased slightly 2 days ago, normal right now
    Vascularity: Good, steadily improving...
    Appetite: Increasing over the last few days from eForm
    Aggression: Slightly more aggression then normal, great!
    Mood: Feel light headed, stress free, slightly aggressive
    Muscle Hardness/Density:normal


    Popped one AP pill 30minutes before my pre-workout protein shake, Protein shake has 100grams of Oats with 1 serving of Whey and one whole banana (no milk, only water). Didn't notice anything just yet from the AP, stomach seems fine, but my probiotics are arriving tomorrow so I will start that soon as it arrives just to be safe. Im on Day 5 today of tapering into my eForm, for those of you who dont know, eForm is a powerful transdermal AI, the best AI out there IMHO, currently on 3sprays morning, and will do 3sprays before bedtime. After my first day of tapering into eForm i noticed I had significantly better appetite and could eat more food without that nasty sick full up feeling, and felt hungry much quicker.

    Bicep workouts I currently do at home with free weights, Bicep workouts are always dull as I hardly progress strength wise although they do grow in size, so i will be expecting some strength breakthrough in my next bicep workout from the Form im taking. Pump felt pretty good, will be keeping a strong eye on Vascularity. Stack i've just finished is Rpm/Drive/Igf-2, up 5lb's in weight while lowering bodyfat slightly, vascularity has increased from this.

    Next update will be on Wednesday after my Shoulders workout unless I notice anything significant to write about, I will post an immediate update here, till then, heres WilteredFire starting his Recomp journey with Formestane + AP and telling his estrogen, fat, and any water retention to go screw itself.

  7. ---=[Final Review]=---

    Apologies for lack of updates in the thread guys, Im not letting my thread die, completing my current Stack today, thought I would post final results so you all know...

    1 week into the cycle I came down with a stomach bug or something, could barely down my food or finish my plate with some occassional vomiting, regardless I only let my daily calories slip by 200-300 at the max, no skipped meals, no shortcuts, and no cheatmeals. I've been dedicated but haven't got results to write home about, so heres my final thoughts....

    Starting Weight: 155lbs
    Current Weight: 157lbs

    BodyFat appears to have dropped by 0.5% I reckon, this is just a guesstimate, I have definately gone leaner mostly on my upper body, waistline has slimmed a little and abs gone flatter somewhat, but nothing exciting unfortunately...There has been definate fatloss, But i attribute this to the Formestane.

    Chest has gone leaner while putting on some size for definate, guessing theres been a loss of extra fat/water gone from the Chest area which im very happy about. Libido was a little low after starting the form, returned to normal shortly after dropping sprays to 2sprays per day, Increased Acne on week 3, which is always a good sign, Muscle density has definately increased and hardness somewhat, Aggression went up slightly...

    What im very happy about is strength increases every workout in the gym and at home, bicep strength increases have been the least with only 4-5pounds increase, these Im finding hard to increase my lifts on for the moment.

    Overall, decent strength increases, increased libido towards the end, slight fatloss, vascularity has definately increased as I can see a couple of veins wanting to come out in my shoulders and arms, just need to drop some BF first

    Final Comments On Anabolic Pump:

    Changed timings for this product from 20minutes to 45minutes, tried to even eat 1hour after taking the pill, didn't notice any dizzyness or anything funny by not eating in time from popping the pill, overall, I have eaten the right type of carbs around 40-45minutes consistently through the cycle. What I can say is i increased slight anabolic dumps more then I noticed pumps in the gym. Rpm/Drive stack gave me much more better pumps in the workouts compared to AP. Not bashing it, but not noticed muscle fullness after taking AP, only slight vascularity increases at times, Maybe i will try this again in the near future.

    Until then, im off to a solid Testosterone stack to grab some solid gains.

    Thanks for reading my log.


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