Conquering the Stage... with Shred Matrix!

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  1. well when is your comp again?

  2. subbed. better late than never. good luck brotha!

  3. Damn Renovations!

    Sorry about the lack of updates,
    been having a renovation of the house
    and the internet was down the whole time.

    Im actually posting from a school computer right now.

    The week was awesome, and im flatter than a paper.
    Carb depletion isnt fun
    Been getting lightheaded just walking up the stairs (symptom of carb depleting)

    Workouts have been awesome
    Been taking two packs of shred matrix per day.

    I'll post more later as its forbidden to use forums on school computers.

  4. Looks like another flake

  5. yea i been waiting for this thread to get bump.

  6. He was logged on this morning....

  7. How did he get these logs then just ignore them? he stopped doing the flawless soap one too.

  8. ...
    SFW and GFH

  9. man....these peeps


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