Renegade Reviews Incarnate

  1. Renegade Reviews Incarnate

    Hello all,

    I'm almost done with a bottle of Incarnate I have here. I wanted to give you my impressions.

    (other stuff to take into account)
    WF - 1-2 scoops on workout days
    GM - 1 scoop everyday

    Initial Thoughts
    A simple and effective product. Combines Cissus, a great recovery and joint element with beta alanine, the hot new thing on the block. First couple times I dosed it I felt that nice parathesia feeling (tingles.) I've actually noticed some 'puffy' look when I've dosed cissus in the past. This time I haven't noticed it. Big bottle, 3 caps pre and 3 caps post. 3/3 on non workout days which I'm sorry to say I haven't been religious with dosing (more concerned about protein, cals etc)

    Performance, Effects, Etc
    The first week I noticed the BA kick in with the tingles. I had better endurance. I also started White FLOOD a few days after, and this further added to the parathesia and endurance of course. Overall I think the BA in this formula is working well. I don't experience the tingles anymore but I know it's working. I get almost a warm feeling over me and my endurance kicks up a notch. I don't actually realize it during my workout because I'm 'in the zone', but when I look back at this previous week and see the numbers I put up, and the stamina I've had, the combination of WF/GM/Incarnate has been working well.

    The Cissus part is cool as well. Like I said I haven't noticed any puffiness on this, unlike other products containing cissus. About 2 months ago I experienced some nasty shoulder pain. I started dosing Glucosamine/Chondrontin caps and well, it didn't do much. I then started on a Incarnate/Orange TRIad regimen and I'm able to lift for my 1,2,3 Rep max and experience no shoulder pain. THIS IS WHILE ON X-FACTOR as well. So I know the cissus + the joint formula in orange triad is a winning combination.

    Final Thoughts
    All in all I was very pleasantly surprised at this product. It's simplicity in combining a muscle enhancer and a joint compound/regeneration like Cissus is a winner. I went ahead and got me another bottle. Maybe the second time around I'll try and get every non-workout day dosed as well. But even dosing 4-5 times per week only on workout days I've experienced less joint pain and better endurance in the gym. Thanks PAL!
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  2. nice review, I have heard some good things about Incarnate

  3. If its good enough for you I'll for sure have to try it. Great review! I'm taking some pointers,you might see some of this used in next

  4. Quote Originally Posted by JOHNJESSICA20 View Post
    If its good enough for you I'll for sure have to try it. Great review! I'm taking some pointers,you might see some of this used in next
    Thank you for your vote of confidence brother!!.

  5. Stacking White Flood with Incarnate. Hmmmm... That might just be insane enough to actually work!! I already know what White Flood does, so based on your review Incarnate can only enhance it and make my workouts even better!

  6. Thanks, RR. Nice, to the point review bro.

  7. best supplement for an athlete

  8. I've gone through two bottles Incarnate myself. Healed a seperated shoulder joint in no time, and got me hooked on Beta Alanine. LOVED IT, myself !

    Awesome review, bro !

  9. Yes it's a simple product, two effective ingredients. When stacked with something like White FLOOD, as me and my partner say, "Beast Mode!!!"

  10. "Beast Mode"... Awesome.

  11. Hey RR, when you say increased endurance do you mean cardiovascular or muscular (more reps for example)?

    I ask because I experienced more cardiovascular endurance when using a BA product, but I was hoping for muscular endurance.

    Also when you experienced "puffiness" from past cissus use do you mean water retention? I'm using some basic bulk cissus in the last few weeks of a cut and just trying to see if its something similar or different to what I might be experiencing.

    Good review though!

  12. It really is a fantastic supplement. Palo Alot nailed it with this one!

    Nice review RR!

    Evolutionary Muse - Inspire to Evolve

  13. Solid review RR, can't say I'm suprised at all that it was positive for Incarnate! An outstanding supplement for endurance. I'm looking forward to their new "Anabolic Edge" product... alongside Incarnate, I think it will prove to be an excellent stack.

    And then some White Flood on top for the kill!

  14. Great review!!! Incarnate/Anabolic Edge stack would do wonders for endurance.


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